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  • Trading by telephone
  • Segregated accounts
  • Affiliate program
  • Islamic accounts available
  • Company TopFX Ltd
  • Founded in 2010
  • Online since 2017
  • Offices in
    • Cyprus
  • Payment options
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  • Demo platforms
    • cTrader
  • Account currencies
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  • Currency pairs
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  • Regulated by
    • CySEC, 138/11
    • FSA (Seychelles), 8424819-1
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  • Support available in
    • Arabic
    • English
    • French
    • Greek
    • Russian
  • Support methods
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    • Phone
    • Web form
  • Trading server time zone GMT
  • Hedging
  • Trailing stop
  • Pending orders
  • One-click trading
  • Browser-based platform
  • Trading via API
  • Minimum account size $250
  • Minimum position size 0.01 lot
  • Spread type Variable
  • Typical spread on EUR/USD, pips 0.3
  • Minimum spread on EUR/USD, pips 0
  • Commission (one-way) per 1 std. lot $2.50
  • Scalping Allowed
  • Expert advisors Allowed
  • Trading instruments
    • Forex1:30
    • Gold & silver1:10
    • Indexes1:20
    • ETF1:5
    • Cryptocurrencies1:2
  • Trading platforms
    • cTrader
  • Digits after dot 5
  • Stop-out level 5%
  • Number of currency pairs 77
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34 reviews of Fondex are presented here. All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

, Ghana.

They write there is no minimal deposit amount. But actually, there is. Because the minimal trading volume is 0.01 lot here. And a standard lot on Forex is 100 000 USD, so, 0.01 lot = 1000 USD. Given that the broker offers a leverage up to 1:500, a minimal investing in one order is about 2$. Risk per order should not be more than 1 – 3%, as any smart trader knows. So, the minimal deposit amount you need to open trades in strict compliance with the principles of risk-management is 67 to 200$. Add to that, commissions and spreads and you get really minimal deposit about 85-250$. It`s not much. Other companies offer even 500$ minimal deposit amount. But why write no minimal deposit if there are some requirements anyway?

, Spain.

I am convinced that a trader has his own preferences and requirements to the conditions in which he wants to work. But I think that all of us (regardless of the choice of strategy and other trading parameters) strive for freedom. And in this case, the quality of the trading terminal is important for us.

Here you can get acquainted with cTrader platform, which I strongly recommend to consider. Automated trading strategies are allowed here, so you can try what you've wanted for a long time.

, Malaysia.

Working with a brokerage is okay, it understands what I need and what I want to get from trading. I have an account with floating spreads, and it's cool that the broker offers some transparency here shoing how they change realtime on the website.

, Indonesia.

I've had enough hearing about cTrader platform. That`s why I didn't doubt for a second when saw what platform this broker is offering. Well, also, I liked small commission and tight spread here.

With respect to the company it offers many useful features such as Copy strategies or using cBots. But in fairness building your own robot is still better in Metatrader. However, this broker constantly improves its service. Way to go, men!

, India.

I was really tired of trading, tired of Forex and tired of Metatrader. You know, I think each person has depression sometimes. I handle with mine in so easy way - I just changed brokerage to that one. It was challenging, especially taking in account that this brokerage offer cTrader trading platform but now I've no regrets. cTrader is really great trading platform, I've read as one trader compared it to 'next gen MT" and I can agree. It offers almost the same features but is much easier to use. Btw, brokerage itself has nothing special, just good. It's everything about platform.

, Egypt.

Why do people start to trade?

Probably because they strive for a certain freedom and want to change something in their lives. And I'm really attracted by this courage because it opens up new perspectives for people and gives them the opportunity to work in comfortable conditions (as much as possible).

Here I realized that it's difficult, but possible. And I chose the following conditions for myself - working with currency pairs (commission of $2.5), scalping (there are no restrictions in this direction) and demo to test my hypotheses in practice.


Working with a broker turned out to be a great experience, which gave me a lot. I learned a great number of things with it, and gained experience. And I also liked the broker's trading conditions, they are very profitable. The only thing that slightly ruined the impression about the broker is the fact that it has an uncomfortable training, only not very useful articles, and that's all. This isn't quite suitable for beginners.

, Vietnam.

Great enough brokerage with unusual trading platform. I didn't know nothing about cTrader so for me that was hard to get used to this trading platform but after a month of trading I understood that it's one of the best platforms.

First of all, because it has many features copy-trading, automated trading and so on. Also, cTrader design is much better than MT4 design. It's more native and easy-to-use.

Secondly, it still supports algotrading and Expert Advisors (that are called cBots)

, France.

Oh, well, I can talk about trading for a long time, because firstly, I have been doing it for a huge amount of time, and secondly, it has become some new stage in my life, thanks to which I feel more confident and began to earn as much as I want, rather than limiting myself to what I can do.

I've come all the way through and I'm going through in this company, because I've seen the harsh but competent working conditions here.

Here I learned how to scalp, it turned out that this is optimal for me.

Variable spreads have also become a certain help here, because it immediately teaches you to work independently and correctly. So I think you can learn everything.

, Italy.

Fondex is a normal broker. I didn't really like its approach to trading (personal feelings), but I'm just delighted with its trading conditions.

Because if you like cTrader trading platform, I have good news for you! This brokerage has the best trading conditions for this trading platform.

My favorite thing lately is to trade with cryptocurrencies. And the broker's trading conditions for them - no commission and $10 spread on BTC/USD (which is quite profitable).

I also like that a broker has floating spreads, and there is no confusion. And all by the fact that real time spreads are displayed on the brokerage website, you can see how spreads change during the day. That sounds pretty cool to me, and it makes the broker stand out.

But if you're new, or if you'd like a broker to help you with your training, then that's the minus of a broker. cTrader doesn't have a lot of training opportunities, which I think is not cool.


I'm 100% satisfied that I changed my broker and started trading with this one.

In fact, I had several reasons to do this:

1. Low spreads. Broker charges commission + spreads and in general it's quite profitable, especially if you trade large volumes

2. cTrader platform is one of the best platforms I have ever traded with.

3. Algotrading is allowed

, Hong Kong.

I have been interested in trading for a long time precisely because there is always room for experiments and something new and really right. And it seems interesting to me and I try to enjoy it.

Now let's talk about the company. I don't know how it meets all the modern requirements. It's okay for me here. I've heard other opinions, but it's okay, we're all too different on the market.

I work here both on a demo to test the strategies and on a live account. There are different assets here, over 1000 in total. Withdrawals are non-problematic, yet at the moment the amount of the funds withdrawn does not exceed the initial deposit. so the info is not 100% reliable.

, France.

I think that every person in this business strives to trade in the most optimal, I would even say calm conditions. We also have enough dynamics from the market side.

That's why I chose this company for example. That is why the conditions that are presented here seemed to me to be optimal. First of all, I was interested in working with algorithms and low spreads, and the leverage up to 1:500 - this is really cool for me and my strategy.

, Germany.

Overall good brokerage, I like cTrader platform, it's much better than MT4. The only one reason why I'm trading there is platform actually. Look, it has everything I want to have, including cBots, EAs for cTrader.

What else I like so much are tight spreads, here they're 20-25% lower than with other cTrader brokers...

, Hong Kong.

There are several reasons why I started trading with Fondex and so far I am completely satisfied with trading. At least, I got everything I expected, even a little better.

1. A handy cTrader platform. Many traders compare it with MT4, but I don't think this comparison is appropriate as cTrader is much more naive and ready-to-use. Yes, it is not as popular as MT4, but it is more convenient and does not tire you out, so you can trade more, which means you will earn more.

2. The spreads in Fondex are lower than the average in the market. Don't forget that I compare it with other cTrader brokers. Of course, if you compare with MT4 brokers, you can find a broker with spreads lower than Fondex offers. However, among cTrader brokers, Fondex is out of competition.

3. many assets and various ways to withdraw funds. I made only one withdrawal, but I liked the way it works.

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