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, Germany.

Hi all,

I’ve been notified that the SFBC - Swiss Federal Banking Commission - appointed special investigators for Crown Forex SA.

You can read the excerpt of the Commercial Register dated December 18, 2008 of Crown Forex SA, which is published by the Money House and the Swiss Official Gazzete of Commerce.

It’s in French but I’ll translate here the first sentence:

The (Swiss) Federal Banking Commission, by a superprovisional decision of 09.12.2008, has appointed Laurent Winkelmann, from Geneva, in Chêne-Bougeries and Philippe von Bredow, from Lausanne, in Céligny, responsible for investigation of Crown Forex SA.

I’m not sure where this is going to lead us but we will remain expectant for any outcome of the investigation.

, greece.


I would like to tell me some information in order to open an account. I don’t speak English good. Please, answer to me in simple English.

1) The spreads which I look, is stable price.

2) Which it is the security of my money? Are you join of FSA? What will happens if your company fail?

3) Which are they others debit which I will be charged by your company? For example rollover, swaps etc.

4) If I do withdrawal from my account, how long time will you send me my money? Is this service free?

5) Send me, the document to open an account in which account I will deposit my money. If you can find bank of European union.

Thanks George

, Canada.

I originally trade with market price and requote me like nuts. its almost impossible to open any market price in MT4 platform.

But I found out a better way of doing things, is to set limit/stop orders. Its work very good and they all instantly executed without requotes.

An EA is now developed based on their low spread and limit/stop order.

, new zealand.

very poor trading execution... i agree with Richard... it is so hard to place an order with all the requotes...

, Indonesia.

Crown Forex have different Account no Bank and IBAN no Bank..Please check it first,. so becareful to write form for first deposit via their wire transfer. Sometimes it makes confused for our Teller Bank.

, San Jose, Northern of California..

This broker is realy a dealing desk broker, even recently it advertised "no dealing desk". I personaly suffered a lots when trading with it. Almost every single trade, you will receive "requote" massage from it. You will be never have any change to win.

, Nigeria.

i was suprise to view the little commet about this broker. does it mean they are not active or they have few client or their clients have comment or what?

i have practiced their demo before; though they 1pip on E/U but the platfor hangs most of the time and that makes you receive "requote' messege often ang again

, italy.

good demo account

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