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Account Protector Gets New Conditions, Actions, and Control

April 17, 2020 by

Our Account Protector is a powerful expert advisor, but not in the sense it is often understood by online Forex traders. It doesn’t trade for you by opening buy or sell positions automatically. Account Protector manages your trading account’s risk by enabling you to select a set of actions to trigger when certain conditions are met. This can be anything from an emergency termination of all orders to disabling auto-trading altogether. Version 1.04 of Account Protector released today introduces some new features for this tool:

  • The Actions tab now lets you choose which positions to close — losing, profitable, or all. Also, there are new actions on the tab — Enable autotrading and Recapture snapshots.

Account Protector - New Actions

  • New conditions have been added to the Conditions tab — floating profit/loss can now be checked for decreasing against some value: percentage of the account balance, currency units, or pips.

Account Protector - New Conditions

  • New input parameters allow disabling and hiding up to 12 floating profit/loss conditions.

Account Protector - New Input Parameters

  • Execution logs now use platform’s local time for timestamping (previously, they used trading server’s time).
  • Some logging messages became more informative.

Most of these new changes have been suggested by the beloved members of our forum. And do you know what is the best thing about Account Protector? It is completely free! You can simply download it, install it on your MT4 or MT5, and start using it whenever you want.

If you find any bugs in this account management tool for MetaTrader or if you have some feature suggestions, please use the commentary form below to let us know.

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