MetaTrader Scripts for Forex

On this page, you can find MT4 and MT5 Forex scripts available for free download. The listed scripts can be run on the MetaTrader platform to perform some of the functions that can help you achieve your FX trading goals.

All MetaTrader scripts presented here have open source code, and you can modify them to change their behavior, add new features, or integrate in some other MetaTrader programs (indicators or expert advisors).

To use these scripts, you will need a trading account (at least a demo one) with some of the MT4 or MT5 Forex brokers.

Please see our guide on installing MetaTrader products for detailed installation instructions for these scripts.

ChannelPattern (MT4) — this MetaTrader script lets you automatically create entry and target lines based on a channel pattern for a breakout trading setup.

Close All Orders (MT4) — this MetaTrader script offers a simple solution to the problem of closing multiple orders with just a few clicks.

Delete All Pending (MT4) — this MetaTrader script provides a simple interface to quickly delete multiple pending orders at a time.

Open All Charts (MT4) — opens charts for all currency pairs provided by your MetaTrader platform. You can specify the timeframe.

Open Order (MT4) — a simple MT4 script to open order with automatically calculated position size and magic number.

Set Fixed SL and TP (MT4) — a quick method for setting SL and TP to all orders at once. Useful when there are many orders to edit.

Do you want us to share your own custom MetaTrader script on this page? Or do you simply have some comments or questions regarding any of the scripts presented here? Please visit our forum on MetaTrader Scripts for a discussion.

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