Forex Broker Interviews

Getting to know your Forex broker is very important if you want to trade with a large amount of money, or if you cannot decide between two or more brokers. Interviews with the Forex brokers help to understand the broker's structure and its vision on the traders. If you are already trading actively with some broker, reading its answers on important questions will help you to get some insight on its future plans. Anyway, it is always interesting to know what some Forex broker thinks about what it is doing.

Interview with AMarkets (June 18, 2018) — Alex Melkumyants, Head of International Partnerships at AMarkets, answered our questions about the broker's role in today's retail trading industry and regulation.

Interview with HYCM (August 7, 2017) — Stavros Lambouris, executive director of HYCM, spoke to us about the company's history, his views on the industry's regulation, and the future of the retail Forex brokers.

Interview with Grand Capital (March 26, 2015) — Stanislav Vaneev the CEO of Grand Capital, talked to us about his company and its advance into the Western online FX market; we also discussed some of the important events in the industry, and the state of the Forex market regulation in Russia.

Interview with Trading Point (December 6, 2011) — Trading Point's CEO is answering questions related to company, CySEC and the current state of the foreign exchange industry.

Interview with TFI FX (June 15, 2010) — CEO of TFI FX answers some questions about the company and their vision of the future of the retail Forex market.

Interview with InstaForex (April 25, 2010) — one of the most popular MetaTrader Forex brokers answers some important questions regarding the company's trading conditions and the state of the retail Forex market. The questions are answered by Vladimir Syrov, Director for Business Development of InstaForex.

Interview with Azurite Markets (September 29, 2009) — a rather new Forex broker with multiple-market trading services shares its view on the industry, the relations between the traders and the broker and its future plans.

Interview with FxCompany (July 16, 2009) — this interview with a rather new (at that time) MetaTrader broker goes about regulation, new features in trading and the competitiveness of the Forex brokers.

Interview with FXCM (February 19, 2008) — my first interview with such a large broker, it's mainly about various issues with FXCM, including managed accounts, Refco bankruptcy and other topics.

Interview with eToro (December 26, 2007) — this interview is about eToro innovative Forex trading platform, which offers some of the most original ways to make money via Forex market combined with the intuitive interface.

Interview with FXOpen Forex Broker (October 8, 2007) — questions to FXOpen head manager generally were about their rebranding, Islamic Forex trading and some other Forex related issues.

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