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6.1/10 (14 qualified reviews)
Company FxPro Financial Services Limited
Founded in 2006
Online since 2007
Offices in Cyprus
Russian Federation
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
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Demo platforms
  • MetaTrader 4
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Regulated by CySEC, 078/07
FCA (UK), 509956
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Trading server time zone GMT+3
Rebates on stop orders per 1 std. lot $2.50
Special notes Rebates for ECN accounts.

Account Types

Minimum account size $100
Minimum position size 0.01 lot
Spread type Variable
Typical spread on EUR/USD, pips 1.3
Minimum spread on EUR/USD, pips 0.9
Scalping Allowed
Expert advisors Allowed
Trading instruments ShowMinimize
Trading platforms MetaTrader 4
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Margin call level 25%
Stop-out level 20%
Minimum distance to stop/limit orders, pips 1
Number of currency pairs (of which exotic) 69 (57)
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77 reviews of FxPro are presented here. All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

 Tom from Czechia. Trading account #3XXXX6
Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm testing the MT4 account with a small deposit for 2 weeks now.. I'm quite impressed by the fills and overall perceived neutrality (not usual with MT4.

Today, right before RBA rate announcement, I've been long AUD/USD with stop set to the entry (B/E); the price almost touched my stop, went to 0.1 pip proximity few secs after the news - then the aussie started to rally, my stop remained intact, and I made nice 60 pips on that trade.

I also made two PayPal withdrawals - took 30-40 minutes and the funds were in my account.

Stops and limits are filled exactly and requotes are few and far inbetween. Can't see the point why there seems to be a lot of complaints. The only thing I'd like to see improve are the spreads (MT4).

I din't test the cTrader variant yet.

  Carlos Pires from Portugal. Trading account #0XXXXX0
Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I tested both CTrader and MT4 at same time, and on the min Charts, the ECN was going UP, and the MT4 going DOWN. Also, they wanted a copy of my credit Card, I wasnt gonna use for nothinh, but also a copy from the back of the Card, saying my name didnt shown in the fron??? Need more?? Anyway, read the contract about the ECN!!! It says orders go to Broker 1st, then to Market. Its all but an ECN. I tried on DEMO, made almost 2.000 USD in 30min with the 1.000USD Deposit only. Would they ever pay me that? In 3 days I would have more then 5000USD. Bull****!!! Anyway, I never read any review about anyone who got any redraw from them. Any brokr related with Russia is for loosing money. Russians are Ex-Changers for Nature. All major Exchanges in USD goes by Russia Tunneling. Even Dukascopy is related with Russia, wich is why I dont use them. Anyway, theres no good Broker ecept Banks. And even them if theyre related with saxo Bank they bull****!!! Deutsche Bank is the Best, but only for Institutions. Anyway, who can expect to pay spreads of 1.6, when I pay sometimes 15pips on eurusd, and believe the broker has money to pay you 500: Leverage???Get real. If you get 100 to 200 leverage, and spreads pf 10pips, its quite good, if they pay you of course. Im trying XTRADE Brokers, XTB now..big spreads, but they pay, and leverage is only 200. Before was Saxo Partner Banco BEST whos 3.0 aledge spreads went up to 20pips sometimes plus slipage. Faceit, if they pay theyre good...Spreads must be high, cos thats how they get Profits. If the rest goes well. Also avoid, FXCM, Alpari, IBFX, Activtraders (Bug in the MT4), and also Barclays who uses FXCM Platform and can delegate theyre resposabilities to FXCM if they wish so!!! Get a Broker who pays...thats all that methers. Dukascopy pays, but they ask 5000usd for the Swiss Bank, and g

 kumar from india. Trading account #2XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX1
Saturday, May 11, 2013

I had a very good experience with Fxpro !!

I was very new to forex, does not know anything about it and deposited 300 dollars opened the trade without any indicators or anything and lost all the money in 2 hours...after dew months again i deposited around 400 dollars, same story again ...but this time i was left with 130 dollars, i learned my lesson my lesson ..i was greedy , no technical knowledge or did not even use a Bollinger band... so i thought im not ready to trade till i learn technical analysis ...

so withdrew 130 but fxpro credited by account with 200 dollars.. They were so nice to me , may be because i'm a stupid young guy who lost money ...

after few years , i came back , deposited $100, recovered all the losses i had back then and cashed out..


withdrawls are processed very quick.

They don't interfere with your trades.


High spreads..not really suitable for scalpers..

I love fxpro but cannot trade with them because of high spreads..


 Janne O from Sweden. Trading account #2XXXX6
Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hello !

There is alot of BS here....

I´ve been trading with them for 5 or 6 years and I never had any kind of problem.

There is alot strict rules about everything, but if you do everything by the book, there is no problem.

Funding, withdrawls is made within hours and I have lots of friends who trade with them as well ... No one has ever had a problem, so I would say that previous speeker is full of ... (you know what I mean)

He doesn´t go by the rules, end of story ...

Best // Janne

 Muhammad Sana Ullah Salfi from Pakistan. Trading account #8XXXXX8
Sunday, December 30, 2012

I have been trading at FXPRO since last 3 month, it is an excellent broker, the support is an excellent and i have no complain with this broker because support solve the problems at spot.

  Devang Surti from Nigeria. Trading account #8XXXXX0
Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dear Aspirant / Exciting trader of FXPRO,

I want to share my experiences ( in fact nightmare). I open an ECN account with them on 19 Nov 2012 ( yes just before 2 days) with their FXPRO C TRADER platform. On 1st day it worked alright but on next day real face of FXPRO came.On tuesday night i have short position on EURJPY on 104.60 but on next day i open the platform , I came to know that my capital has been washed out and only $7.11usd is in my account. I shocked and looked for the high of that time .CTRADE show the high of 105.067 but in actual it is 104.90 ( i have checked bloomberg, forexpros,FBS at that time) So it is clear case that their price has vast differance from the market ( yes 16 pips is not acceptable in forex market). I agree different liquidity provider has price difference which is 1 or 2 pips .So point no 1. Their prices are not at par with the market and they are not ready to even accept it.

Second Issue,

Now they realise that client is smart and will do something against them so Amy Pepper( customer support of FXPRO) assure me that over the phone that they are investigating in the issue and it is hand over to management ( I surprised that for the matter of small amount,they are disturbing management). When i told her that i don't have trust on them , she assure me that they will revert ASAP and convince me to deposit again.I again come to their trick and I deposited $100 more with moneybookers. on the flip of the eye ,my MB account debited but my FXPRO trading account not credited till time.They said they don't receive money.I provide them even MB transaction id,my account details which clearly shows that $100 is debited from my account and transaction status is "completed".FXPRO reject both my claim (though i have enough evidence to prove my stand)Now i am looking to file a case in FSA too.

Third thing i forget to mention earlier is that .They are saying that stop out will happen when margin fall below 30% but in my stop out case it is 15% .FXPRO even not ready to accept their on CTRADER platform error. So finally i withdraw my remaining amount of $7.11usd ( yes just $7.11 usd) and realise my mistake which i made to open an account with them on 19-nov-12

My wise word to all exciting or willing to become client of FXPRO client to think twise as "HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF"

PS: I FXPRO Representative to open forum

  TEH from Malaysia. Trading account #4XXXXX2
Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hi, I have read all your comment about the Fxpro, I am trade with Fxpro also for 6 to 7years, at 1st i dont have the problem about the earning cost there offer the lower spreads 0.8pip, but now i dont think so I can see now the EUR/USD spreads has gone up to 1.8 to 2.2pip ...never go down below 1.8pip at all....

  Danial from Malaysia. Trading account #2XXXXXXXX2
Monday, October 1, 2012

I know FXPro is operating in Malaysia but i do not know where the office is. In terms of my experience in a group i am with, so far i have seen bad comments coming out of Malaysia however, even if they are an ECN, charges can apply in many format, either in the form of commission charges or markeup on the spreads. Though i do not know the history about FXPro, my my point of view this company, i dont i want to open with them because i look at the website is pretty vague. There is nothing to really determine if this is an ECN or a Market Maker. Those doing scalping, of course i have tried plent of brokers and you do get requotes because of volitility but there you go and that how the industry works. Extreme volitility can be difficult to capture price but then again you can be lucky. If you have a financial instituion selling at a certain price, you will have thousands of traders eyeing for a buy or sell and this also depend on the volume. If a local bank can offer certain amount, others will get it, while some will get a requote. I am using FXCM. losing but now gaining some profits back so i need to test our their withdrawal system. What i have been told by friends is withdraw small amount. I find it stupid. Anyhow, look at the logical side of it. I rather by with an ECN and get requotes than with a Market Maker who goes against your trades!

  FXEnjoyment from Netherlands.
Sunday, September 2, 2012

Message to Sohail from UK.

Dear Sohail, you should report this issue to Forex Peace Army. They can help you and start a SCAM procedure against FXPro. Good luck !!!

  Sohail from United Kingdom.
Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I started trading with FXpro. I deposited £500 in an MT4 account.

I managed to double my money within 3 days. I closed all my positions at profit.

Logged into my account to process a withdrawal and my account was £20 in balance, I left it with a balance of £1,240.

I checked my account and 2 trades I closed at profit (and I have print outs confirming so) were closed at £0.00 and -£1,220. I contacted support in the hope that I could get this issued resolved, I informed them of the error.

The head of customer services then contact me and said the trades were executed correctly. I sent him the print outs and informed him of when I closed the trades etc. He then passed this onto management.

I have yet to hear from them and I have had to start a chargeback with American Express and PayPal. I have managed to get my £500 deposit back.

Support is now ignoring my emails/calls/chats and are hoping this will blow over. It won't, I am going to take legal action and I shall report this to the relevant authorities.

  Manash from india.
Sunday, April 29, 2012

I am in search of a reasonable broker to start trading, i have been going through the reviews to decide on a broker. It looks likes that many of the contributors from Nigeria are paid to write good words specially Mr joe's review. If he is a millionaire trader he should not be wasting time writing this review. can he show his trading details which testify that he earned million dollar by trading?

Can anybody suggest a few really good brokers please?


 Joe from Nigeria. Trading account #4XXX4
Monday, April 9, 2012

I Agree to the fact that most positive comments about fxpro are from nigerians. this is simply because fxpro then northfinance was like the first broker nigerians got to know about. So majority of nigerians that started trading about 5/4 years ago know about fxpro or northfinance. i have been with fxpro for over 4yrs while they were still northfinance. no body paid me to say this. They might not be the best to you but for me, they are the best. i traded a big account with them about 3yrs ago and made a withdrawal of over $1million dollars as profit. though they limited my leverage to 1:50 cos of my success rate. i don't hold that against them. i can boldly say that if you know what you are doing in fxpro, you will make and withdraw real profit. As for their affiliation with a football team, i don't see anything wrong with it. it simply tells me that their capital base has grown enough to do that. For requotes, yes you get it once in a while expecially doing news does not affect me in any way. other broker i use and have used requote too. However, i will be pleased with the company if they have other easy method of deposit/witdrawal like liberty reserve and also if they can have micro lot like 0.01. i am not saying this for myself alone but for most of my friends over here too. thanks

  patrick from bahamas.
Tuesday, January 3, 2012

i must agree with this brokers there are requotes sadly thats with most brokers and some times the platform even shuts off dont know if its thier fault or my connection to internet,so what i use know is pending orders on the mt4 with sl and goes straight through instantly with no problem..have never tried a widthdrawal yet so i cant comment on that part been with this broker few months

  Elsha from Glasgow.
Friday, December 16, 2011

Is it just me or is this fxpro changing candle sticks to cheat and fool people? I have been with them for 2 year and had a lot bad experiences like, charted related problems, the terminal freezing and price error during high volatility, but the video shown below just take the ****.

I contacted them about it and this was their excuse [QUOTE]

Please note that although demo accounts present real market prices and as far as possible market conditions, they are simulations only, predominantly used as a learning tool for inexperienced investors or for testing new trading strategies. During highly volatile or illiquid periods (market openings, news announcements, e.t.c.) demo accounts may not behave in the same manner as a real accounts. Similar trades requested on real and demo accounts maybe treated differently during such periods.[/QUOTE]. No mention about about the real account candle stick, which makes me thing they done it on purpose.

I checked the bar today and they have changed it,, do they have the right to change bar when ever they feel like it?

  terry from malaysia.
Monday, November 28, 2011

Hi guys, I am testing the fxpro metatrader and fxpro ctrader. I understand that the ctrader is ECN so does that mean fxpro cannot manipulate their spreads or that they can't trade against us (the traders). but i also noted that fxpro does not charge a commission for ECN accounts - this would simply mean that they still charge "something" on the spreads and I read somewhere that would basically mean fxpro can still trade against us thus is not a good idea. the fxpro software is nice to use, the Ctrader less, somehow i noted when i do similar trades, the MT4 spread is a bit higher or that may be due to my fault. Besides this, since both programs i am using are from FXPRO - does that simply mean they can control the ask/bid prices / spreads and etc and is irrelevant whether its ECN or market maker? Thanks for your feedback guys.

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