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Top & Bottom Indicator in MT5 — Aroon Up & Down

November 23, 2009 (Last updated on January 25, 2018) by

Converted Aroon Up & Down indicator to MT5 today. It was an easy conversion but I’ve encountered a very strange piece of MQL code in the.mq4 version and had to rewrite both MT4 and MT5 code to remove two unnecessary indicator buffers and other code, connected with them. Why the author of the original version used the indicator buffers in a place, where temporary variables would work, is beyond my understanding. Extra indicator buffers impose additional load on the MetaTrader processing engine and add more lag to the execution, which isn’t a good thing for the Forex traders.

Comparing, the code of MT5 version to MT4 — I can’t say that it looks better or that there are any advantages added by the new platform. In fact, such simple indicators are better to be implemented in MT4 — the code will be much simpler.

A side note to the indicator developers for MT5: don’t forget to set #property indicator_minimum 0 for your separate window indicators if you don’t explicitly set some indicator levels. Otherwise you’ll have two minimums on the chart, which will look ugly.

You can get the code of MT5 version or read more info about the indicator.

If you find some bugs in this MT5 indicator or want to make a suggestion regarding its functionality or what should be my next MT4->MT5 conversion, please, use the commentary form below.

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