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  • Trading platforms
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  • Number of currency pairs 64
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  • Pending orders
  • One-click trading
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  • Minimum account size $200
  • Minimum position size 0.01 lot
  • Spread type Variable
  • Typical spread on EUR/USD, pips 0.1
  • Minimum spread on EUR/USD, pips 0
  • Commission (one-way) per 1 std. lot $3.50
  • Scalping Allowed
  • Expert advisors Allowed
  • Trading instruments
    • Forex1:500
    • CFD1:500
    • Bonds1:500
    • Cryptocurrencies1:20
  • Trading platforms
    • MetaTrader 4
    • MetaTrader 5
  • Digits after dot 5
  • Stop-out level 50%
  • Number of currency pairs 64
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IC Markets Reviews

37 reviews of IC Markets are presented here. All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

, Birmingham.

I didn't like the spread widening during rollover and the slippages I saw on my friends account that was using Scalper EA. Started fine and after some gains, execution got worse.

, Russia.

The customer support service is very bad, because they were answering for a long time. The platform very often freezes and I can't be able to trade, to open and close positions.

, United Kingdom.

A good all-round broker but ive had issues with their customer support. spreads and leverage are good

, Turkey.

ICMarkets increased spread to 9600 pips (bid 5.43xx - ask 6.40xx) on Aug 15, 2018 when real lowest price was 5.9211 on investing com .I have proof if anyone needs. Stay away from them. Even if you win, they will increase spread as much as they need and stop out all your positions one day. If anyone interested file a lawsuit, please contact me. I started prepping case to file lawsuit.

, Ireland.

I have been using ICM since April of this year and I have only praise for them, really easy to be with and fast withdrawals, maybe the comments are easier when you are happy and making a profit?!!!

Also, I plan to take out a second account to trade in Bitcoin in the very near future!!

, Romania.

I would definetly say IC Markets is a scam, after my experience with them. I traded on their cTrader platform between March and May 2015 and I found myself with my account closed and all my trades voided in the 11th of May. IC Markets first said I had been using latency arbitrage (my arguments proved I had not), then they said I had breached their T&Cs for electronic tradin (again I had proved that I did not) and finaly IC Markets found the laimest excuse: the cTrader platform had technical isuues . Wow! can you believe this??? technical issues for 2 months without them knowing??! hmmm...this is the broker you want to trade with! NOT!!!They even got an official letter from the CEO of Spotware (cTrader) where he aknowledges that cTrader had tehnical issues in that period. So you have to know guys, if you will make money with IC Markets they will figure out something so they can void your trades and can are not liable in any way (read their most pennible T&Cs). IC Markets scam with me goes even further as they failed to prove that they are 100% ECN broker as they pretend. I have evidence (an excel file sent by IC Markets) that shows that all my trades were placed on B Book (not the ECn you would expect huh?). Moreover, IC Markets failed to send me the confirmations for all my orders from their LP (as other ECN brokers do). So...it is clear that IC Markets is not an ECN broker and your profits will not br their goal.

, London.

The broker worst I've had.

A minute before important data blocks the platform!

Really seems a scam!

I suggest you to close all your accounts!!!!

, indonesia.

icmarket is a true scammer ,manipulating price chf/jpy to wipe out my account . It happened exactly at 05-12-2014 15:30 .at that moment 15:29 I saw the price chf / jpy fell to 123 400 and i know definitely this pair is going to bullish after swing low. .Then I wait until the price rises a back again . exactly on 15:30:00 I buy total 2 lots (1 lot for hedging my previous trade) at price 123.659 with ticket no: 6.956600 . my equity still have +/- 800 usd at that time . when i click buy order and the trade executed , within 2 seconds precisely at 15:30:02 all trade close and margin call .and my order is closed at position 123 400 with 1208.50 usd losses. Then I look back at my order history,i am very surprised apparently my buy order execution price jump above 471 pip .and executed at 124.130 and close at 123.400 but i did not see the price fall again and not exist in 1 minute graph . I then do a comparison chart chf / jpy on my computer with my server in the usa which I also run mt4 software. I see two different charts ( i attach screen capture for evidence ).I had repeatedly sent email to icmarket ,why this could happen but Mr sun choi can not answer technicaly ,Why my trade can closed at the position that did not exist in their graph .i also have a evidence that ICM mt4 server at hongkong dc and main server display different price at the same time and chf/jpy pair show different price at different time frame at the same time .As icmarkets mention their server located at equixnix newyork,but i found actually the have bridge server at hongkong dc , moskow and new jersey. all their server performance is very bad,lag, latency very high , lost connection bla bla. And they let you trade with their rubbish server.

, India.

More Surprisingly to the clients that are on the right and wrong side are both looses hence no one can book profit and also suffer loss. Now small losses they will compensate but i saw a post of someone not compensated 500 ok that's just sad.... big losses well he said to me on the phone many things one I will share here I have never compensated anyone 8000$ so well you guys all that have been cheated have to Google this thread hopefully you read this god willing good luck to you.

Now my simple questions are as follows why doesn't server crash happen during other volatile announcements such as FOMC, or the Australian Governor speech which happened that day which was even more volatile than the NFP as I was short AUD/USD from the start of the recent correction the highest price, and funnily why does the price they know giving you 500-1 to leverage as any aggressive trader or well after being in the industry for long realizes how to use it to your advantage and we all know the broker even wants you to; hence opens positions since these guys only make movements in milliseconds are so quick they stop you out since smartly set they have set it at 80%, ok fine cant argue the stop-out percent; but why other honest sites that you have had tick history such as the biggest brokers not naming any until the time is asked they never even reached their prices now I am talking about real ECN brokers as these guys claim to be the biggest in the world, these are just one of many of their tricks. I can prove all this! Just waited for the right time to catch them. The company erased my trade log from my MT4 log history for July 3rd in my computer folder showing no trade proof i have screen shots of this which i will post shortly as well as surprisingly have been caught doing this simply because they are real nitwits to send proof of an account statement which shows me trading on this day; since no one will believe me posting mine so I will post that email or forward it or whatever a senior FPA membor advice's me to do now as it contains their company email from one of their employees showing me trading on this day. This is just the start of the craziness which I am going to expose one by one. A lot of clients can gain compensation from this good luck to all.

, Singapore.

My experience in the forex markets is about 2 years plus. There are so many broker around the Internet I've tried before. So far my experience with IC Markets is the most satisfy one. They are best of the best!!! I'am very satisfy with their trading platform, price feed, quote, spread, money deposit/withdraw process etc. Strongly recognize for new trader or any serious trader from the world. Keep it on IC Markets, you are the best!!!

, Switzerland.

I have a very good experience with IC Markets, their spreads, commission rate, service and execution speeds are the best in the market. I didn't find a comparable ECN FX Broker in Europe.

Perfect choice for me, because I use Scalping EAs. Highly beneficial to trade with a discounted commission of $5.50 per round turn lot. I can recommend ICMarketsForexRebates.com to get the discount. Account opening was very fast and uncomplicated.

I also experienced reliable customer support and helpful staff. So far, ICM is the best FX Broker I have dealt with in the last years.

Best regards,


, Indonesia.

This is and excellent broker, I have an account for 3 months. Deposit money is very easy so is withrawal. For withdrwal the money back on my credit card in 2 day max. I like spreads most, they are low. I dont think that any broker is better than IC Markets.

, Cyprus.

I have been using this broker for about a month and thought that I would leave a review here. I know one month is not a long time, nut they have been a good broker. This is my experience with them so far:

1. No re-quotes

2. No trade delays

3. Fast withdrawals and deposits

4. Excellent customer service

I have been using EAs and they are ok with this kind of trading.

They are a great broker and I hope they stay like this.


, Bulgaria.

Very strange review below, everybody knows that broker spreads widen over end of day and at market close NY on Friday. This must be a new trader with no experience using ECN brokers, very sad that they are allowed to post. I have a good experience with IC Markets, their spreads, service and execution speeds are the best in the market, nothing negative to say. My personal account manager always calls me at least 1 time each month to check on my trading and see how I am, this is the best service I have had from any broker. I just wished they had a webtrader that’s the only negative. Highly recommended.

, Brussels (writing the review in France as onfamily visit).

Here is a a truth about IC markets after a number of calls that I made to them due to their inefficiencies they responded as follows:

1. In the beginning when I started with them and called several times for platform freezing issues (Thanks God I kept every possible means of proof for that write chat messages, screenshots and

video recordings etc.....They said platform doesn't freeze and that it is yourmy end and internet connection and at a moment they convinced me and I changed internet provider...;they also mentioned

to me to get VPS for an additional cost or a minimum trading volume.

2. when I continued with them and encounter problems I was always the one with fault, not to mention that as I was interested to have a MAM account Angus (the only responsable for this!!!

becareful!) told me it's fine tomigrate to them as I was in another broker before (who didn't had mt4 platform)....and when I was ready to board to their firm...Angus told me they need minimum 5

accounts and around 20000 usd.....hmmm!

3. after my complaints about freezes at the end they accused me that all is because I don't know how forex market works and CFDS (hmmmm!!!! this is my 3rd broker and only reason to affiliate tothem

was the mt4i platform).....As Angus said

....ok Angus so if I don't complain for issues I 'm a good client...and know about forex check yourself images in live thread and soon video and tell here at the crowd....that I invented also this

images........(jumpshare.com/b/3JA9uPQawgqrxWkjp9bK) inthese images you may see some truths that may arrive but are not mentioned anywhere the worse is when you see the mini terminal showing

another price thanthe current candle)....I incite traders to have camrecorder - lightscreen - skype recording for proofs like the one that I got and keep track of all chat and email messages from


3. After I became a real burden for them as always was sending proofs etc and calling for inefficiencies...videos do proove this (soon youtube)....and asked for a refund after their no feed (no

price feed-inactive platform for more than an hour)......Angus send to me an email saying that my continuation with them entails a risk for their business.....and so our agreement takes an end and

have time to close my positions that are in drawdown in seven days.......(hmmmm......I must speed up Angus lose or win time presses me).....and mentioned that I can't publish any email prior to

their consent.....(Hmmm what are you affraid of ?)....


-I 'm not working against this GUYS but that's what I experienced with them

I hope earnforex doesn't censure the truth and here as a court of internet democracy is only truth that has beeen stated and in any dought all possible means of evidences are available written,

audio, video, images

- very suspicious for me and as stated also from another member here in reviews of Ic markets all their 'PERFECT REviEWS' are 90 - 95% from australia have the same writting style and expression

(probably all these writting them went to the same school)....and if you see other reviews mostly outside Australia they are terribly different 'WORST POSSIBLE REVIEWS' they mention words like

freeze, no connection, during news problems, communication difficulties etc I agree with you guys and I embrace the internet democracy

I was with 2 other brokers the only time I had called them was only I send administrative papers to board on or when I did now something. but migrated as they were (1dealing desk, no MT4 platform)

On 2013-05-14.....(in brief mentioning an interruption of feed of ic markets platform for those who want to check...the story goes as Follows....)....

1) I wrote at first an email to Angus

(the only responsible for such cases the only!!!!! as I had tried to contact even someone else as I was upset for the incovenience....who told me sorry he can't doanything only Angus can do)

here is my email:

Hello Mr Angus,

after the disaster of server no feed of 09:53:28 gmt + 1 = 11:53:28 platform time ( ([09:53:28] *** Call to IC Markets, duration 05:36. ***) herewith the loss that I sustained without being able to

do anything as

mentioned and recorded on skype voice recording my prior to this event price as found in that times feed was 0.9961 (I had mentioned to you about 0.9961-0.9966 on the call) so actual price as

platform started working again (feed) is 0.9908 time 11:42 gmt + 1 so For the positions I had opened I want to get refunded for the total amount, as the moment I had no feed I was somehow obliged

to a passif drawdown (in other case I would revendicate refund) . Thank you for you reaction to this matter

With regards,


Angus:replies and asks for positions that were affected and here is my email

I think I was very clear. I have mentioned since our call what was the price. There is a skype recording of our conversation 0.9960-0.9966

Trade ID:4530902,45838310, 4538396,4540431, 4540431, 4540465,4540580,4540848,4554375,4554463

Currency:AUDUSD all

Quantity:total 4.70 lots

Open time:2013/5/09 16:25,2013/05/09 17:24:18,

2013/05/09 17::26:00,2013/05/09 20:12:53,2013/05/09 20:15:07,2013/05/09, 20:22:26, 2013/05/09 21:03:39, 05:53:26, 2013/05/09 06:00:06

Close time: they were not closed bad baddly affected by drawdown since connection interruption until reconnection when check the time that you mention

12:53 the price was 0.9926 (but actually when the platform started functioning again to my end as a client the price was 0.9908)

I prompt you to refund accounts proportionally for this drawndowns with the pip loss of 0.9960 - 0.9926 or better price closer to the 0.9908 or even current price favorable for you compared to


-----On the phone when I had called Not Angus but Jean Paul Du Toit had answered and I do have this recording mentioning to him that no action was possible and now the actual price is 0.9960 -

0.9966 AUDUSD....he confirms that we check things later and now they have to establish connection which takes more than an 1 hour -----------------------

then Angus comes with a solution to refund the drawdown during the no feed from icmarkets platform....!!!!!I say no feed ...;you trade with no feed (perhaps praying for market direction)

and mentions the list of position and a potential refund.


then he comes again later and says...The positions were in drawdown before the no feed....anyway and ic markets wont refund me the 1100 +- usd something Angus had concluded...

for God sake you keep me with opened positions in inactivity and you Angus the professional comes to say that you are not responsible for the additional drawdown during YOUR NO FEED??where I my

accounts suffered from a passif drawdown due to no feed- Dead platform?????? YOUR PLATFORM INEFFICIENCY?....as you may know and if you don't know you may maintain positions in drawdown for a life

time as long as you hedge and release upon your judgement.-------------------------------------------

then he comes with an email saying that many of the problems...freeze of platform (which other clients also protested the same day......are due to..as he writes: ( Many of the problems that you

have brought to our attention have not actually been problems, rather you do not understand the MT4 platform and how forex and CFDs work )........


In his emails he says that these emails are confidential and are protected by privacy laws and I should not post them here prior to their consent......

I dare you Mr. Angus we put here all of our emails concerning technical problems with your platform.....and show what the real services and face of ic markets looks like.....

I will put in the discussion forum images of spreads and....image of platform freeze....videos showing different price feed in mini terminal and different in price bar chart....NO ONE IS

BLIND....IMAGES DON'T VIDEOS DON'T LIE.....correct Angus?...If I 'm a liar are images lying too?


Bottom Line

---- loss for mr Angus obviously is only the closed positions and not the disaster you may occur of passif drawdown (money loss) when IC MARKET PLATFORM FREEZES OR GOES OFFLINE FOR MORE THAN AN


the event occured on 2013-05-14 to mention that it was not the only time that had problems with freeze and other issues that day I was trading fine until 9:53 gmt + 1 time then suddenly no

connection with ic markets platform. Neither any feed from the MAM account. I relogged in and the same...no feed situation. I called immediately ic markets and got Mr Angus on the phone telling me

that they have a problem with the server ..;and it will be resolved soon...forex is not about charity everything going on with the broker must be put here trasparently....so just to mention that I

had 4.70 lots position and during this problem I 'm having a drawdown of 0.9960-0.9965 before the server no feed situation until the moment I 'm writing 40 pips drawdown ( price now 0.9920) in us

dollars = 4.70 lots x 10 usd/lot x 40 = 1880 usd loss and can't do anything one star is for the performance normally it should be -2 stars....Mr Angus said on the phone that we will discuss for

losses later after they fix the problem.....I invite him to give here an answer....

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