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The Moving Averages Webinar

This video webinar is dedicated to moving average indicator. It's more than 46 minutes long and features many trading and analysis techniques involving the MAs. The webinar is conducted by Andrei Knight with the use of MetaTrader 4 Forex platform.

How To Trade the News

This video webinar by David Song will show you how to trade the Forex news correctly. The video is more than 30 minutes long and contains a lot of real examples of potentially profitable Forex news trading set-ups.

Fibonacci for Beginners

This 24 minutes long Forex webinar is dedicated to Fibonacci numbers (extensions and retracements) and their application in trading. John Rivera talks about the origin of the Fibonacci numbers, shows how to calculated them and demonstrates the examples of how the Fibonacci ratios are used in trend extensions and retracements.

Elliott Waves for Beginners

In this free Forex webinar, Jamie Saettele (technical analyst of DailyFX) gives an hour long talk on introduction to Elliott Wave theory for the beginners. He explains the concept of the waves, shows the most common patterns of the Elliott Waves. Many examples of applying this analytical technique are provided. Counting the waves may be a rather tricky process, but with some basic knowledge given by Jamie it will be much easier.

Top 10 Basic Forex Indicators

In this hour-long video, Thomas Long talks about the top 10 popular technical indicators used by the Forex market traders. Tom describes the principles of these indicators, how they work and how they are calculated and also talks about their advantages and disadvantages. This webinar will be good to the newbie and intermediate Forex traders that wish to learn more about the indicators they are using or will use in the future.

Forex Chart Reading 101

In this 60-minute Forex webinar, Thomas Long talks about the basics of chart reading and interpretations. First, he's showing how to spot the trading opportunities when some currency pair offers them and the he's explaining how to take advantage by using such opportunities in your trading.

Supply and Demand Strategy Application

This Forex webinar video offers some insights regarding trading the currencies using the supply and demand factors as the main analytical material. The offered supply and demand strategy can be something fresh for many Forex traders that are tired of the more popular methods.

John Jagerson on Profiting from Forex News Events

This Forex webinar, consisting of 7 full-time videos, features John Jagerson (Forex author and trader), explaining how to consistently get profit from the Forex news. He'll help you to understand the impacts of the fundamentals on the currency market, will teach you to react properly on various events and will show how to hedge the risks associated with Forex trading, using the currency options.

Steve Nison on Using Candlesticks to Profit from Currency Moves

In this Forex webinar composed of 7 videos Steve Nison, the famous trader and author, explains his candlestick techniques in respect to the Forex market. If you want to learn more about using the Japanese candlesticks in trading then Steve Nison is the right person to get the information from.

Using Indicators to Identify Swing Trading Opportunities

This series of 5 Forex videos comprises a webinar on the topic of using the indicators in swing trading. This is a great webinar, which explains a lot about the swing trading in general — what characterizes this trading style, how it is done, etc. It also shows how an average Forex trader may successfully use swing trading with the help of the standard chart indicators.