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USDX Has Slim Chance to Recover

It looks like the rally in the US dollar is coming to an end. It is because of the inflation data released in the US. Also, the trade tensions between the US and China are limiting the growth of the greenback. The US dollar index is trading at 95.00. The USD/JPY pair is trading at 112.50 level. The Aussie is supported by the macroeconomic data released as it is the main supplier of raw materials to China. The AUD/USD pair is trading […]

Shocking Day for Investors

The US stock market is seeing sell-offs at the moment. The US dollar index is trading at 95.40. The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates three times this year and this is now being criticized by Donald Trump. The stock market is China is also seeing a decline. This is causing investors to look for safe haven assets. In spite of the trade war between the US and China, the yen is appreciating. […]

US President Again Targets FOMC

The Federal Reserve is maintaining a hawkish tone at the moment in terms of monetary policy. The comments from the US President, Donald Trump has caused a bearish sentiment for the greenback. A rate hike in the near future looks unlikely. The US dollar index is trading at 95.60. The USD/JPY pair is trading at 113.00. The trade dispute between the US and China is only worsening further due to the new tariffs imposed on Chinese imports. The Aussie is […]

Why USD Dipping Against JPY in Asian Trade

Due to the currency manipulation by the central bank of China and the trade dispute between the US and China, the greenback is suffering losses. The US dollar index is trading at 95.90. The USD/JPY pair is trading at 112.80. The AUD/USD pair is trading at 0.7070. The Chinese economy is facing a slowdown and this has contributed to the bearish sentiment in the AUD/USD pair. The Federal Reserve is hawkish in its stance in terms of monetary policy. Investors await macroeconomic […]

USD Bulls Holding Upper Hand

The US dollar is now developing a bullish sentiment. The US dollar index is trading at 95.00. The macroeconomic data released brought about a positive sentiment for the US dollar. The USD/CAD is trading at 1.3020. The comments from Stephen Poloz, the Governor of Bank of Canada, boosted the demand for the Canadian dollar. The central bank concluded that an interest rate hike is necessary when the economy needs it. There are two more factors […]

FOMC Assembling for Policy Meeting

As a Fed meeting scheduled for tomorrow, it provided support for the US dollar index. Market participants anticipate a rate hike from the Federal Reserve. With the ongoing trade war and trade negotiations between the US and China, the investors have chosen to take a careful approach to trading in the markets, when it comes to taking long positions in the greenback. Due to the punishing trade tariffs from the US, China has called off the trade negotiations with […]

USD/JPY and AUD/USD Forecast — September 24th 2018

In this video, the Trader Guy looks at the currency pairs USD/JPY and AUD/USD for the September 24th session. USD/JPY — The market made some interesting move on Friday session. As you can see on the daily chart, the pair formed a shooting star candlestick, right at this symmetric triangle pattern. This is a bearish sign. So, a pullback is expected towards the 112.00 level. In case the market breaks above the top of this shooting star, […]

USD Again Caught in Trump’s Trap

The greenback is trying to strengthen in the backdrop of continuing trade tensions between the United States and China. At the moment, the US dollar is facing less demand from investors. The US dollar index is going through a consolidation and hovering around the 94.50 level. The way the USD/JPY pair has been moving, this indicates the market is experiencing risk appetite shown by the traders. The USD/JPY pair is trading at around 112.20. The Australian dollar […]

Investors Braced for New Tariffs on China

Last Friday saw the market close with a positive sentiment for the US dollar. This week has opened with the consolidation for the greenback The US dollar index is trading at around 95.00. The index strengthened due to the positive comments from the members of the FOMC. The meeting concluded favoring a monetary tightening in September. For 2019, nearly 4 rate hikes are expected. The central bank expressed a hawkish stance, which has contributed to the value of the US […]

USD Struggling to Keep Up with Gains

The US dollar is struggling to keep up with gains, as market participants did not support the greenback today. The US dollar index is hovering near 94.90 and looks likely to reach the 95.00 level. Due to the escalating trade tensions between the US and China, bearish sentiment persists over the US dollar. Due to the increase in risk appetite among traders, the AUD/USD pair managed to rose above the 0.7180 level. The Australian jobs […]