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European Assets Respond Differently to USD Correction

The European trading assets are trying to show strong resilience to their American counterpart, despite the greenback's downward correction. Struggling for gains against the US currency, the euro is still trading steadily at 1.1560. The minutes of the latest ECB policy meeting, posted yesterday, made a little impact on trading sentiment. Moreover, today, traders took little notice of economic data from Germany. On a yearly basis, GDP advanced at a faster pace of 2.3% […]

US Dollar Extends Losses in European Trades

Though the Eurozone did not release any significant macroeconomic reports today, the EUR/USD pair managed to reach the highest level in one and half weeks. The most popular currency pair was trading near 1.1540. Technical analysts predict that the price may rise further, targeting the level of 1.1630. The US dollar weakened across the board after Donald Trump criticized the Fed monetary policy and Jerome Powell. This factor provided […]

Low Demand for Greenback During European Trading Session

During the European session, the recovery of the US dollar has been suspended. Safe assets are also in demand. So, for example, the Swiss franc today has prevented an upward rally in the US currency. The USD/CHF pair is trading near the level of 0.9930. Today, Switzerland revealed its unemployment data, which signaled the stability of the labor market. In July, the unemployment rate remained at the same level of 2.4%. Meanwhile, the seasonally adjusted jobless rate […]

USD Holding Higher in European Trade

The US dollar remains strong against its counterparts during the European session. First, the EUR/USD pair is definitely worth attention today. It came off 1.19 level, getting close to the 5-month lows and trading near 1.1880 level. Investors did not react to the macroeconomic statistics from Germany that showed a 1% increase in the industrial production in March, up from expectations for a rise of 0.8%. In February, the output decreased by 1.7%. […]

European Assets Moving Lower

The greenback keeps rising during the European session. The EUR/USD pair is gradually coming close to the 5-month low. The single European currency lost over 0.20% against the greenback, falling to 1.1920. The main reasons for the decline are the strong US dollar and difference between the monetary policies of the Fed and the ECB. Besides, the macroeconomic statistics from the eurozone have been weak. Today, Germany has reported on its factory orders that dropped by 0.9% […]

European Assets Keep Rising Despite Empty Calendar

As the economic calendar today is almost empty, traders have turned their attention to the political arena. Market participants keep an eye on the British pound that managed to breach the psychological level of 1.42 above against the greenback. Last time, the pair stood at these levels in January. Trading spirits have been soaring high after the Friday comments of Theresa May. The UK Prime Minister pointed out that the Brexit negotiations were […]

Political News Absorbs the Attention of Traders

Today, European traders are selling the most popular currency pair. The investor sentiment was shaped by yesterday's speech of ECB President Mario Draghi. The central banker said that the regulator dismissed the idea of tapering the quantitative easing program in the near future. He added that no monetary changes should be done until the inflation reaches the target level of 2% and holds steady there. Tomorrow, the inflation data will be […]

Swiss Franc Lacks Demand

Trading sentiment during the European session was mixed. While the euro is trying to recoup losses, the British pound is gaining momentum. Traders switched their attention to another European currency, the Swiss franc. Despite the weak US dollar and increased demand for safe haven assets, the Swiss national currency is not popular among traders. The USD/CHF pair almost touched 0.9420, but immediately started correction, staying near […]

Not All Safe-Haven Assets in Demand

It looks like the yen is the only safe haven asset that is able to stand up against the US dollar. Another major currency, which rarely draws the attention of the investors, does not even try to resist. The USD/CHF pair broke through the level of 0.9410. Judging by the pair dynamics, the bulls remain active. Experts are sure that the speech of Fed Chair Jerome Powell still provides support to the US […]

Euro Strengthens Ahead of ECB Meeting

Today, traders focus on the meetings of the ECB and the Bank of England. Experts note that the ECB will have more influence on the forex market than the BOE. Although investors do not expect the ECB to change its monetary policy, they are still waiting for hints about the future of the QE program, which determine the movement of the single European currency. Meanwhile, the euro is growing against the US dollar. Yesterday, the US dollar weakened […]