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What Could Replace the Dollar? Potential USD Alternatives (Gold, Currencies, etc.) in One Minute

The dollar is considered the most dominant currency in the world. When you look at history, this status tends to be temporary. So, what could eventually replace the dollar? With European Union facing political issues and China facing political problems, there do not seem to be another currency, which could replace the dollar. A basket of currencies such as the International Monetary Fund, which is represented by five currencies such […]

US Dollar Crisis vs. Dollar Strength After a Crisis in the United States: One Minute, Two Scenarios

There are two groups among investors when it comes to the US dollar. The first group of people believe that due to climate of uncertainty and economic crisis, the dollar will appreciate in value due to its status of being a safe haven. The second group of people believe that a dollar crisis is coming due to overly aggressive monetary and fiscal policy choices and the value of the dollar will go down in value and inflation will […]

USD Broadens Its Appeal

As it was widely expected, the US dollar was gaining ground against the Japanese yen since the early Asian trade. The US dollar pushed above 114 Japanese yen in the Asian trade. Having reached a 2-month high, the USD/JPY pair is currently making a correction. The greenback received a boost from solid US Non-Farm Payrolls as investors picked up hints that the US Fed could be serious about the soonest […]

Market on Edge Ahead of US Labor Data

It is a busy day for traders of the American currency. Market participants await the report from the US Labor Department that will define the sentiment of the traders on the greenback. Today, the US dollar index stays flat at 97.24. However, the greenback shows signs of growth after the release of the US statistics yesterday. Now, while traders await official numbers, it is time to focus on the movement of the US dollar against its major counterparts. […]

USD Struggles to Gain Ground

The US dollar showed a slight upward trend. Traders are on edge amid the release of the US statistics and the results of the G7 meeting. The US dollar index decreased once again after the FOMC revealed their plans to keep the funds rate unchanged at the June meeting. In addition, uncertainty over the Donald Trump's policy puts pressure on the American currency. Today, the US dollar index is close to 97.10. Today, the G7 summit starts in Italy. […]

USD to Close Week in Red Zone

Investors are gradually overcoming distrust in the US dollar. However, they are still taking it with a pinch of salt, so the greenback is trading under pressure. In the Asian trade today, the USD/JPY pair rebounded from a Thursday's low of 110.50. Today, the pair is trading at 111.25. Analysts foresee a downward correction to 111.00. Meanwhile, the US dollar index is trading flat. In the early session today, the US dollar index […]

USD to Be in Demand Again?

The trading range of the US dollar narrowed during the yesterday session. The US dollar index entered sideways trading consolidating near 100.30 levels. Political uncertainty in Europe and the United States made market participants cautious. Soon, the greenback could resume its traders as investors do not want to buy the European currencies. Besides, expectations for monetary tightening by the Fed also boost demand for the US dollar. Every day investors receive more […]

Dollar Finds Reason for Correction

Donald Trump's victory caused a sharp rise of the US assets. The greenback and the American stock indices hit all time highs in the last months of 2016. But first days of the new United States administration dented the enthusiasm of the buyers and corrected the US dollar index. Donald Trump believes that cheap national currency is good for the US economy, since one of the main promises of his campaign trail was to bring back American […]

US Dollar Falls After Trump's Inauguration Speech

The inauguration of Donald Trump on Friday had a strong influence on the currency market. Many investors responded quite negatively, noting pomposity of Trump's speech, during which he said little about the future of the US economy. As a result, the US dollar edged down against the majors and now is trading at 100.29. However, the greenback is expected to gain ground by the end of the trading day. Judging by the recent actions of the US president, he is getting […]

US Dollar Trading Lower Today

As expected, the greenback is trading with high volatility ahead of Trump's inauguration. The first downward swing was made after Fed's chairperson Janet Yellen hinted that the monetary policy would be adjusted gradually. The AUD/USD pair performs well today trading higher on the back of upbeat reports from China. Thus, the Australian dollar is trading at 0.7560, against the greenback, pulling away from the daily peak above 0.7580. […]