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MetaTrader 4 Tutorial for Beginners in Forex

Let's get to know the platform. The MT4 platform offers professional and fast financial market trading. Let's take a closer look at it. The platform consists of 4 distinct regions — Market watch, navigation, charts, and terminal. At the top of the screen, you will find main menu offering you access to most of the wide range of features which the platform offers. You can login to your account and open trades, and access charts and indicators all […]

Trading Strategies — How to Trade Moving Averages (Part 2)

This is part 2 of the series. This video covers how to use moving averages to identify the direction of a trend, how they can be used to enter and exit a trade, and how to trade moving average crossover. To determine the direction of a trend using moving average, you must take into account the set timeperiod. Why is it important to be aware of the time period of the moving average. Looking at the chart, when we […]

How to Add Fibonacci Tool on MT4 Platform

Chris from elite currency, in this video tutorial shows you how to place the Fibonacci tool in MetaTrader 4. So, it is a simple video to show you how to insert it on your chart. After you open your MT4 platform, look for the Fibonacci tool, then choose Fibonacci, Retracement and click on it. Now, choose a swing low, click your left mouse button, drag it, find your […]

Understanding Candlestick Charts (Tutorial For Beginners) — Trading Basics

Candlesticks are the most commonly used method of displaying the price movement of a market on a chart. Each candlestick chart will have the time scale on the horizontal axis and the price scale on the vertical axis. Each candlestick chart you see will display candles in a particular time interval. These intervals can be anything such as 5-minutes, 1-hour, 4-hour, 1-day, etc. So, for example, here we are looking at a 5-minute chart, so […]

CCI Commodity Channel Index Video Tutorial

The CCI indicator was originally based upon analysis and buying and selling commodities, but you can actually use for any of the markets like stocks, ETF, Forex, commodities, and futures. It can be used in two different ways, one is overbought and oversold. The other way is really more of a trend based indicator, when we are looking for big moves or big trends in the market. So, down below, if […]

Important Candlestick Types — Part 2 — Forex Trading

This is part 2 of the series. In this video we will look at the engulfing bar and the doji. The Engulfing Bar This is a candle whose real body engulfs or swallows up and reverses the real body of the candle just before it. This means that a bullish engulfing bar may only form after a bearish bar. That is a candle that closes lower than it opens. Bearish engulfing bar […]

Learn to Read Candlestick Patterns Effectively — Candlestick Training Part — 1

In this video we’ll show you the basics of candlestick patterns and how use them to trade profitably in the markets. This is part 1 of the series. When you first start out on your trading journey, there is an overwhelming amount of information to learn and figure out where to start can be very hard. This video will show you, the complete beginner, how to understand the basics of candlestick charts. When looking […]

Forex Candlestick Tutorial — Part 19 — Dark Cloud Trading Research

This is part 19 of the tutorial. In this video, you will look at  the  dark cloud pattern trading research. Looking at the chart, we have an uptrend with a series of green candles. The Stochastics indicator is in overbought condition. The price open higher above the previous day close. And the bears take the price way down, more than half way down the previous day candle. This is the indication that the bears […]

Forex Candlestick Tutorial — Part 18 — Dark Cloud Pattern

This is part 18 of the tutorial. In this video, you will look at  the  dark cloud pattern. The dark cloud pattern is formed at the top of an uptrend or after a series of green candles. The pattern is made of two candles. The first candle of the dark cloud pattern should be green. The second candle should be red. The price of the second candle should open above the closing price of the first candle. The second candle […]

Forex Candlestick Tutorial — Part 17 — Bearish Engulfing Trading Research

This is part 17 of the tutorial. In this video, you will look at  the bearish engulfing trading research. Looking at the chart, we are seeing a bearish engulfing signal, after an uptrend with a series of green candles. The price opens above the previous day close and closes way down below the previous day open. So, this is a classical signal. Bears are gaining control over the price to sell. If you […]