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Support and Resistance — Single Trend Lines

In technical analysis, trendlines are the basic tool to located support and resistance levels. There are 4 basic types of trendlines. Up or down trendlines Channels, which are comprised of two parallel lines that captures price movements, when price is rising, falling, or remains flat. Moving Averages Bollinger Bands, a variation on MAs. Trendlines are subjective. Trendlines show the view of an overall trend, either uptrend or downtrend. Without […]

Forex Trading Using Trendlines

Trendlines are one of the favorite trading tools, reliable, and always easy to use. Trendlines are used when the market is moving up or down. They can be used over a larger period of time, or over a shorter period of time. Trendlines are counter-trend in nature. When the price is dropping, a trendline will help us decide to take a long trade, and when the price is rising, a trendline will help us […]

Forex Trading — Basic Trading Concepts

Technical analysis involves the uses of charts as a tool to identify patterns or trends in a currency market. It focuses on the effects of market movements, rather than the causes. Technical analysis will look at a currency's past price to determine what might happen in the future. Some examples of technical analysis include support and resistance, fibonacci retracements and metatrader 4 indicators. Technical analysis is more of a short-term mathematical approach to the market by taking a look at what has […]

Forex Trading — Basic Technical Analysis

While support and resistance are a good basis for various technical analysis studies, these concepts can evolve into variations including trend lines, channels and fibonacci retracements. Trendline: A trendline is a joining line that is drawn between the rising highs or decreasing lows. It is often accurate to predict support or resistance. As you can see on the chart, the trend line can be drawn to connect multiple points on the chart […]