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Stop-Loss Strategy Using Technical Analysis

In this video you will learn how to place a stop-loss correctly using: Support and resistance Trendlines and channels Moving Averages. We will also look at what is time-based stop-losses? And trailing stops. Stop-losses are an essential tool in protecting your trading account. Technical analysis is extensively used for stop-loss placement. We will explore a number of ways in which technical analysis can be used to place a stop-loss. Support […]

Forex Trading — What Is a Trailing Stop

Trailing stops are very popular among longer term trend traders. Since they often accumulate substantial profits on nsuccessful positions that might be left open to run for weeks, months or even years in some cases as Forex market trend progresses over time. In essence using a trailing stop strategy involves moving initial stop loss order level on a winning position closer to the current market level. This […]

MetaTrader Tutorial — Pending Orders and Trailing Stop

This part of the video tutorial series on the MetaTrader 4 Forex trading platform concerns the placement and modification of the pending orders as well as adding the trailing stop order for your positions.

How To Place a Trailing Stop — MT4 Tutorial

This 3-minute video will show you a detailed tutorial on how to set up a trailing stop order for your positions in MetaTrader 4 correctly.

Heiken Ashi

Learn to trade Forex using Heiken Ashi charting technique. It's similar to the traditional Japanese candlesticks but can be more helpful in certain cases. This particular video demonstrates how to use Heiken Ashi Forex charts to effectively set trailing stop.

SRX Trading Method

This video presentations features a Forex trading method that can be used to apply a trailing stop-loss to your trades, improving your results.

Volatility-Based Trailing Stop (Chandelier Trailing Stop)

This video tutorial shows how to base your trailing stop on the volatility of the last few bars. The volatility here is determined as the difference between High and Low of the bars. The stops of your positions widen when the volatility increases and tighten when it goes down, allowing for a more accurate trading in all market conditions. This method of setting the trailing stop is also called Chandelier trailing stop.

Parabolic SAR for Trailing Stop

This short Forex video tutorial will show you how to use Parabolic SAR indicator as a trailing stop for your positions. Parabolic SAR is always moving up or down with the trend, making it a good candidate for the Forex trailing stop.

MetaTrader Tutorial — Trailing Stops

This video lasts less than 2 minutes but it will show you how to add a trailing stop to your positions in MetaTrader 4 platform, including the default trailing stop values in pips and the custom trailing stop values.

Why Use Trailing Stop-Loss?

This video uses chart trading examples to explain the differences between using the trailing stop and the fixed stop-loss level in Forex. You should understand all the advantages and disadvantages of the both methods that serve to help traders to avoid the unnecessary losses.