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Forex Trading — Forex Leverage

A lesson about the margin leverage in the Forex trading is shown in this free Forex video.

Forex Set-Ups Analysis Video — August 13th 2008

This video shows the best Forex set-ups for successful trading positions to be opened on August 13.

Forex Trading Video Report — August 12th 2008

This video report will show you the interesting trading opportunities based on the market analysis for the Forex day trading session on August 12.

Forex Video Set-Ups Analysis — August 11th 2008

This Forex video offers a free trading set-ups analysis for August 11 Forex trading session.

Triangle Reversal Pattern

The triangle reversal pattern of the technical analysis in Forex trading is described in this free video. Trend reversal has a very high potential for profitable trade, so spotting it at a right moment is vital.

Triangles — Ascending and Descending

This video explains the ascending and descending triangles patterns and shows how to spot them on your chart and how to use them to guess the next trend movement in Forex trading.

Triangles — Correction And Impulse Waves

This Forex video will show you how the triangles patterns work in the technical analysis. You'll learn more about correction and impulse waves that for the triangle patterns and how to use them to make your Forex trading more profitable.

Forex Video Daily Trading Update — August 7th 2008

Watch the latest daily trading session preview for August 7. This video includes technical and fundamental analysis and also possible entry signals that can be used in your Forex trading.

Forex Video Analysis and Set-Ups — August 6th 2008

This free Forex video will show you the good trading set-ups and analysis for the upcoming August 6 Forex trading session.

Emotional Intelligence for Traders

Trading Forex can be a real emotional challenge for the majority of traders. Protecting yourself from your own emotions is a vital step in reaching the success in Forex. This video will show you how your intelligence can save you from fear and greed.