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Precious Metals and Commodities Trading

In this video, you will learn about trading the precious metals and commodities. Precious metals and commodities are traded against the US dollar. Two important precious metals are gold and silver. Online trading of precious metals and commodities are similar to online forex trading. You do not have to do a physical purchase of the asset involved. For example, you buy gold at a lower price, and then sell it at a higher price […]

Trading Goals — Trading Money Management

This video shows Stuart McPhee talking about setting up your trading goals and applying the Forex money management system to perform and reach these goals.

Forex Market Weekly Focus — October 13th to 17th 2008

The coming trading week in the focus in this free Forex trading video. Both technical and fundamental outlooks are given for the best apprehension of the coming trading session during October 13th to 17th.

Forex Video Set-Ups Analysis — September 18th 2008

Latest Forex market analysis video — watch this free video to find the best trading set-ups that can be used on September 18 trading session.

Forex Trading Example Video — 2 Forex Trades

Watch these two Forex trades in video to gain some first-hand real trading experience. All trading examples are described detailedly, so you won't need to guess why something happened that way or another. Watching videos is one of the best ways to learn trading.

Forex Trading Basics

The basics of the Forex trading are easy to understand, especially if you watch this introductory Forex video. Getting into Forex without knowing the simple facts about this market is a really bad idea.

Forex Video Analysis — September 11th 2008

FXDD offers another free daily video analysis of the Forex market made for September 11. Follow the latest EUR/USD and AUD/USD trends to gain the currency trading advantage.

Channel Trading — Video Tutorial

This video tutorial will show you how the channel trading method works, how to build channels on the chart and how to apply this technique in your Forex trading.

Daily Forex Market Report — August 21st 2008

Prepare yourself for the best daily trading opportunity after watching this Forex market report that will show you good set-ups for the upcoming August 21 trading session.

Forex Set-Ups Analysis — August 18th 2008

This Forex video shows the analysis of the technical situation on the Forex market before the August 18 trading session.