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Forex Trading — Setting Targets and Stop-Loss

In this video you will learn about how to set targets and stop-losses. Let us start with risk management. One of the common things all successful traders do is that they cut their losses and let profits run. It is not easy and very difficult to practice. In fact historical data shows that the EUR/USD trades close at profit 61% of time. Average loss was 70% more […]

Trading Forex — Candlesticks or Technical Indicators for Exits

Many of us have our own unique style of trading the market. Often those who use technical analysis, most likely will be using candlestick charts, which provide much more information and are pictured easily for traders to identify candlestick patterns. These candlestick patterns allow traders to spot turns before potentially large moves take place. For technical indicators, it is a reflection of the movement of the past candles […]

What Is a Profit Target?

In this video we will learn what a Profit target is. A Profit target is an ideal location where you want to exit your trade. Should your trade go in favour, you want to have an idea in mind of where is the best location in your chart you want to exit your trade. For example, lets look at the daily chart of USD/JPY. Assume you have taken a long position marked from […]

Forex Trading — Importance Of Using Profit Targets

Most traders would agree that taking profits on a winning position to be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experience as a trader can have. On the other hand, having what was initially a winning position turn into a losing one can be a very disappointing experience for a trader. These emotional ups and downs make learning how to take profits using take profit orders crucial for a novice Forex trader. Furthermore as an old […]

Calculating Take Profit

If you calculate your targets based on the average daily range, you can increase your take profit by at least 30%. Usually you set fixed take profit order at your profit target point or you use a trailing stop if you expect more from the current trend. Both method results in profit reduction. I suggest you place your take profit order at a daily range for the currency pair. […]

What Is a Take-Profit?

Along with the stop-loss, take-profit is also a very important type of orders in the currency trading specifically and in financial trading in general. Take-profit allows you to automatically capture the profits before the price bounces back from the favorable market point. This video thoroughly explains the concept of take-profit in Forex.

Executing Orders in MetaTrader 4

This educational Forex video shows us the basic principles of trading via the MetaTrader 4 platform. You can learn how to execute the buy and sell orders in MT4, how to set stop-loss and take-profit levels and how to modify their values.

Placing Stop-Loss and Take-Profit in MetaTrader

A very short yet informative video that explains and hows how to set up the stop-loss and take-profit levels in MetaTrader Forex trading platform.

Why Do Traders Move Stops and Targets?

This motivational video explains why so many traders keep moving their stop-loss and take-profit levels when the order is opened and the market conditions change. According to this video the answer is in the lack of the actual trading system and the will to adhere to some trading principles.