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Technical Analysis — How to Read Charts?

How to spot market trends by reading charts? Get to know the trend lines. Values, lines, charts, indexes — financial analysis seems to confuse you? You think all those graphs are too complicated? This video shows you the simple steps to figure it all out. Let's start with our first lesson in which we will show how to identify market trends. Learn how to draw the trend […]

Confirming Support and Resistance

Erich Senft in this video explains about confirming support and resistance in a chart. You will often hear about the confirmation of support or the confirmation of resistance and all that really means is learning to recognize when the market is showing you support and when it is showing you resistance. You might ask how in the world do I do that. Let's for example, look at the Soyabean chart. We have a market which […]

Support and Resistance Trend Lines — Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands are essentially the SMA in the shape of a channel rather than a single line. Because they combine the traits of both channels and simple Moving Averages, they tell us about both support and resistance, and momentum. What are the advantages of BBAs over channels? They are better for anticipating the crowd moves. Like momentum averages, they are plotted by an objective calculation. They tell us about potential support and resistance […]

Understanding Price Movement — Forex Trading

Being able to gauge the strength of the support and resistance levels is the basic for predicting price movements. The stronger the SR level is, the more likely it is that the price will halt to reverse that level. If price makes a sustained break beyond that SR level, it is a signal that the trend is strong and the price will probably continue to the next SR level. To gauge the strength of a given SR level […]

How to Study Support & Resistance Single Trend Lines — Forex Trading

Along with price levels, trendlines are one of the most basic kinds of support and resistance. We will look at the basic four types of trend lines. 1. Simple, single up or down trendlines. 2. Channels which are comprised of two parallel lines, that capture most of the rising, falling, or the flat price range for a given period. 3. Moving Averages. 4. Bollinger Bands, a variation of Moving Averages. The goal of all […]

Forex Trading — Fibonacci strategy

In this video you will learn how to use the Fibonacci retracement tool for trading forex. This strategy can be used for trading multiple currencies. The first step is to identify the support and resistance levels. As the market hits the support levels, it bounces and after hitting the resistance level, it comes down. Try to identify the trend. The trend in this case is an uptrend. Draw the trendline through all the support levels. Now […]

Forex Trading — Basic Trading Concepts

Technical analysis involves the uses of charts as a tool to identify patterns or trends in a currency market. It focuses on the effects of market movements, rather than the causes. Technical analysis will look at a currency's past price to determine what might happen in the future. Some examples of technical analysis include support and resistance, fibonacci retracements and metatrader 4 indicators. Technical analysis is more of a short-term mathematical approach to the market by taking a look at what has […]

Support and Resistance — An Explanation

Forex traders use tools to help them navigate through the market. Some of these include charts, maps and indicators. There are various methods of reading chart data that became an early sign indicator for any further currency pair tracking. The techniques used for identifying emerging trends are the first source for any trader entering the market. Traders refer to methods of reading chart data as technical analysis. The most important technique […]

Support and Resistance Levels in Trading

In this video, you will learn: What are support and resistance levels? How can we identify support and resistance in different market conditions? How to draw support and resistance on your chart? What are support and resistance zones? How to trade support and resistance? What is a false breakout? Support and resistance are one of the most important tools in trading. They identify prices where buyers and sellers have previously entered […]

Stop-Loss Strategy Using Technical Analysis

In this video you will learn how to place a stop-loss correctly using: Support and resistance Trendlines and channels Moving Averages. We will also look at what is time-based stop-losses? And trailing stops. Stop-losses are an essential tool in protecting your trading account. Technical analysis is extensively used for stop-loss placement. We will explore a number of ways in which technical analysis can be used to place a stop-loss. Support […]