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Forex Channel Stop-Loss Placing

In this video, you will learn about placing a stop-loss after the price breaks out of a channel. There are two ways to enter a short position after a channel breakout. You can enter after the candle that breaks the support or the lower line of the channel. A better way to place the trade which offers a great risk-to-reward ratio is to wait for a retrace to the upside and retest of the broken support or the lower line of the channel. An aggressive way […]

Forex Trading Strategy: How to Trail Your Stop-Loss Effectively?

This video discusses about the pros and cons of trailing stops in forex trading. So, trading is not only about controlling risk, but also about controlling winning trades. Consider an example. Assume that you take a short position with your initial stop-loss above the highs. In this case, the market moves in your favour, and moves to the downside. Now, you can set your take-profit level. Move your […]

How the Correct Stop-Loss Order Can Save You

In this video, you will realize the peculiarities of trading with technical analysis, using the AUD/USD daily chart. Technical analysis is not about finding a holy grail method that results always in profits. Losses are inevitable. But you can try to save your trades from being stopped out by using additional tools. For example, look at this chart. At point 3, the market creates a lower low indicating […]

How to Set a Stop-Loss & Where to Set Stop-Loss?

In this video, you will learn about stop-loss in forex trading and where to place it after you have entered a position. Stop-loss is very important in forex trading, because you can limit your loss whenever the market goes against you and your open position is immediately closed at the level you set. For example, look at the USD/CAD chart. As you can see, this is a pin bar setup […]

What Are Stop-Losses and How They Help Traders

A stop-loss is a way of closing an existing open position at a set level, when the market goes against you. It prevents from taking further losses, hence protecting your capital. If you are taking a long position, it is a good idea to place your stop-loss below the support level. When you trade a head and shoulders pattern and take a short position, you can set your stop above […]

How to Remove Risk in Forex Trading by Using Breakeven Point

In this video, you will understand about how to use breakeven point in forex trading. Assume you have entered on a long position in the EUR/USD pair at 1.1750. Your stop-loss is at 1.1700. Now, the price moves to 1.1800. You can adjust your stop-loss level to 1.1750, which is your entry level. In case when the price reaches back to this level, then you neither make a profit or a loss. But […]

Forex Trading — Setting Targets and Stop-Loss

In this video you will learn about how to set targets and stop-losses. Let us start with risk management. One of the common things all successful traders do is that they cut their losses and let profits run. It is not easy and very difficult to practice. In fact historical data shows that the EUR/USD trades close at profit 61% of time. Average loss was 70% more […]

Stop-Loss Strategy Using Technical Analysis

In this video you will learn how to place a stop-loss correctly using: Support and resistance Trendlines and channels Moving Averages. We will also look at what is time-based stop-losses? And trailing stops. Stop-losses are an essential tool in protecting your trading account. Technical analysis is extensively used for stop-loss placement. We will explore a number of ways in which technical analysis can be used to place a stop-loss. Support […]

Trading Forex — Candlesticks or Technical Indicators for Exits

Many of us have our own unique style of trading the market. Often those who use technical analysis, most likely will be using candlestick charts, which provide much more information and are pictured easily for traders to identify candlestick patterns. These candlestick patterns allow traders to spot turns before potentially large moves take place. For technical indicators, it is a reflection of the movement of the past candles […]

The Stop Loss Order

A Stoploss order is a market order that helps limit investors losses. It works by providing a broker with instructions to sell a security once it reaches a certain price level. For example Jacob buys 100 shares at $20 from Ed's Carpets. He is going on vacation for 3 months and wont be able to monitor the stocks. So he enters a stop loss orders for $18 to limit the losses while he […]