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Bearish Shooting Star — Candlestick Pattern

In this video, you will learn about one of the most popular candlestick reversal pattern, which is the bearish shooting star. This is a bearish reversal pattern, which occurs at the end of an uptrend. This is a single candlestick pattern, unlike other patterns, which consist of two or three candlesticks that make the pattern. This pattern consists of a bearish candlestick with a small body and a long upper wick. The length of the upper […]

Candlestick Pattern Trading — What Is a Shooting Star

In this video, we will discuss about the shooting star candlestick. The shooting star looks something like this. It is basically the opposite of a hammer. First, the price opens, then the buyers come in, and push the price all the way high, then the sellers come in, and reverse all the gains, and eventually closing near the lows over here. So, based on this visualization, it is quite straightforward to know that […]

Shooting Star and Inverted Hammer Candlesticks

Shooting star is a bearish reversal signal which has a small real body with very small or no lower shadow and a long upper shadow. For it to be a proper shooting star upper shadow needs to be atleast twice the size of the real body. The shooting star occuring at the end of a downtrend is called a inverted hammer. The inverted hammer is often considered a bullish reversal signal. Once again I would like […]

Tricky candles

This is a video on 2 Candlestick patterns — Hammer and Shooting star pattern. This video teaches you how to recognise them and to utilise them to your trading.

Candlesticks — Vol. 5 — Shooting Star

This is the fifth video on candlestick tutorial. This video explains about Shooting star candlestick reversal pattern with examples. This is a bearish reversal pattern occuring at the top of the uptrend.