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Does Risk Tone Affect the EUR & GBP?

The euro and the pound are not considered as the safe haven or high beta currencies. The yen and the franc are considered safe haven currencies. The Australian and the New Zealand dollar are considered as high beta commodity linked currencies. So, the euro, and the pound are not affected by the risk-on or risk-off sentiment in the market. Sometimes, the US dollar act as a safe haven currency. Currently, due to global growth concerns, the dollar is acting as a safe haven […]

How to Trade Risk On & Risk Off Sentiment in Forex

In this video, you will learn how to trade using the risk-on, risk-off sentiment in forex trading. It represents the mood of the market. A risk-on sentiment indicates that the traders are in a positive mood. Traders are willing to take risk in order to invest and make money from the markets. They look for a higher yield. They invest in high beta currencies and commodities. When the traders are in a negative mood, then the market is said […]

Risk-On and Risk-Off (Safe Haven) Assets Explained: From Bonds (US Treasuries) to CryptoCurrencies

Assume Joe as an average investor. He has purchased a house on a reasonable mortgage payment. He has also invested in a $5,000 US stock portfolio. He has invested in international stocks worth $2,500. Finally, he has invested in US Treasuries worth $5,000. As the economy is doing well, Joe is said to be in a risk-on mode. He is perceiving about the economy in an optimistic manner. Now, he also considers […]