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Risk Management Rules When Trading

In this video, you will learn how to practice discipline in forex trading? Any trading strategy will fail over time, if you lack the discipline to follow it. So, without discipline, a trading system, and money management rules will have no meaning. Beginners in forex trading may find it difficult to stay with discipline. But you can learn to be disciplined over time by means to practice. […]

From Demo Trading to Real Trading in Forex

If you are practicing forex using a demo account, you may ask when you might want to switch to a real account. Watch this video to make your conclusions. It is not about 6 months of practice and then jumping fast to a real account. You should make sure of a few things. The reason is, there is no room for mistakes in a real account. You cannot learn by your […]

The Importance of Risk Management

Risk management is the key element in forex trading that divides between winners and losers. In the absence of risk management, even a good forex trading strategy will fail. Risk management comes in the form of limiting your lot size, using stop-loss, trading during certain trading session, and hedging. A good forex trader should first learn risk management besides exploring strategies. Making profits is not important, but […]

What Is Risk Management — Forex Trading

Risk management is vital to bring success in forex trading. Trading without proper risk management can cause you to lose all your money. Risk management is the term that divides between gambling and trading. In the long run, you will be able to succeed, never mind a few consecutive losing trades, because trading is a risky thing, and you are bound to take losses. As a general rule, do […]

Managing Risk

We all want to be right. But it is not possible to be right all the time, which is why managing risk is so important in forex trading. There are 6 steps involved in managing risk. Work out your risk tolerance. This is the total value of your account, you would be prepared to lose on each trade. A low risk position is about 1%. […]

How to Manage Risk

A risk management plan is often the difference between success and failure. You could have the best trading platform in the world, but without proper risk management, you could still fail. So, here are 5 steps to help you trade with confidence. Step 1: Know all the potential risks. These are just some of them. Take currency risk for example. A company in Australia that depends on imports […]

Forex Trading — Setting Targets and Stop-Loss

In this video you will learn about how to set targets and stop-losses. Let us start with risk management. One of the common things all successful traders do is that they cut their losses and let profits run. It is not easy and very difficult to practice. In fact historical data shows that the EUR/USD trades close at profit 61% of time. Average loss was 70% more […]

Risk Management Strategies for Forex Traders

The difference between a successful investor and one who loses everything is rarely defined by luck. On the contrary, the successful investor will approach each trade with the caution of a professional mountain climber trying to predict each and every possible mishap and trying to take every step to avoid it. In Forex trading, this is divided into 3 basic elements, know your asset, know your limitations and set a win to loss ratio. […]

Risk Management

Risk Management is a process of identification, analysis of either acceptance or litigation of uncertainity in Investment decision making. Essentially Risk management occurs anytime an Investor or Fund manager analyzes and attempts to quantify potential for losses in an Investment and then takes the appropriate action given their Investment objectives and risk tolerance. Inadequate Risk management can result in severe consequences for companies as well as individuals. For example the recession that begain 2008 was caused by loose […]

Managing Risks in Forex

All trading and investing have inherent risks. However if you are properly trained you will learn how to avoid those risks and limit your losses. With proper Money management strategies you can ensure that your losses are minimized. Every trader has losses. The point is always lose less than you win. If you do this you have a 50% winning […]