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Forex Course: Advanced Equity and Risk Management

Watch this 1-hour lesson on the equity and risk management to learn the advanced techniques of position sizing that would allow you to enhance your existing trading strategy and even transform a losing strategy into a profitable one.

Ichimoku Retracements

This video talks about the phenomenon of Ichimoku retracements — the price may deviate from the Kumo cloud of the indicator and then retrace back, offering a nice trading opportunity with a favorable risk/reward ratio.

Inherent Risks of Forex Trading

Unfortunately, Forex trading isn't all about profits, it's a very risky endeavor. You are risking by trading using the margin account and also by relying on the past performance to forecast your future performance. Knowing your risks and trying to limit them is an important step to success in currency trading.

Van K. Tharp on R-Multiples

In this educational video a famous trading author and mentor, Van K. Tharp, talks about importance of a proper risk management, which can be attained by using the R-multiples in your position sizing. Forex traders should stick to such rules to create a higher expectancy from their trades. In general it means using the take-profit which is bigger than your stop-loss. The concept of R-multiples is a major topic of Tharp's book — […]

Forex Risk-to-Reward Ratio

Casey Stubbs talks about risk-to-reward ratio in Forex trading and the consequences of using different ratios of take-profit and stop-loss. The effect on your overall results will impress you, if you still haven't thought about risk management.

Risk/Reward Ratio in Forex Trading

Risk and reward ratio is explained in this educational video, using the chart examples and several types of Forex trading strategies — aggressive, moderate and risk-wise. The basics of the good money management can't exist without a proper understanding of the risk/reward ratio and the impact of its value on your trading results. That's why […]