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Exploring Parallel Channels

In this video, you will learn about using price channels in forex trading. You will learn how to draw channels to identify potential support and resistance levels on the chart. Before exploring channels, you should learn how to draw trendlines. You can draw an uptrend line by connecting higher lows. To draw a downtrend line, you need to look for lower highs. Trendlines can give you a better picture of an existing […]

Forex Strategy: How to Trade a Channel

In this video, you will learn a forex trading strategy using price channels. You can use a price channel not just to trade forex, but also stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and futures. It is an excellent way to analyze price action on a chart. For example, look at the USD/CAD chart. As you can see, the price is in an uptrend, and bouncing off this trendline. You can use trendlines to make entries in the direction […]

Beginner’s Guide to Trend Channels

In this video, you will learn about using trend channels, and how to use it to find the&nbsptake-profit level. Channels are obtained by drawing a parallel line to your existing trendline. They show you when the next possible resistance will occur, so that you can use it to buy or sell in the direction of the trend. First thing you need to do is to draw a trendline. For an uptrend, you connect two […]

Support and Resistance — Price Channel

Trendlines are drawn using a single line. However, channels comprise of two lines which are drawn parallel, whether it is a rising, falling trend, or a trading range. Channels provide us with the upper and lower boundaries of a trading range in order to find suitable entry and exit points. Ascending channels captures the slope and price range for an uptrend. Descending channel tells us about the slope and price range of a downtrend. A flat […]

How to Trade in Price Channels

In this video, you will learn: What are channels? The different types of channels. How do you identify channels? Why channels work? How to use channels to find trades? How to use channels in multi-timeframe analysis? Whenever the price of an asset is moving within the boundaries of two trendlines, it is said to be trading within a channel. When the price moves up between two trendlines, it is called […]

Price Channels

In this video we will learn about Price Channels. Price Channel is a set of parallel lines below and above prices that form a horizontal flat ascending or descending channel. On a very general level prices close above and below the Price channel it is said that prices are breaking out of the range. By specifying a specific number of periods Price channels are created in the chart with specified periods, high […]