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Liquidity, Price Action and Trading

We are using liquidity to determine what kind of instruments we trade. So liquidity refers to the amount of contracts that are traded or the amount of buy and sell orders that are traded for that particular instrument. If an instrument has a high amount of contract that are traded it refers to high liquidity, but it also has implications for the price action. What does that generally means is that […]

Price Action Trading

Price action is the movement of the price of a security. It encompasses technical and chart pattern analysis which attempt to find ordering the seemingly random movement of price. Swings, resistance and consolidation are some examples of price action. The candlestick and price bar are important tools for analyzing price action since they help traders visualize price movement. Candlesticks such as Harami, Engulfing pattern are examples of visually interpreted price action. […]

Forex Trading Tip

Price action is one of the first concept that a Forex trader be able to identify and understand how to manage. The fact is that a Currency pair do not behave the same way as Stocks or Futures. The primary reason for this is the Central bank intervention. With currency pairs we find sideways conditions the majority of the time. Often the new Forex trader is looking for some type of trend driven activity when […]

General Trading — Part 1: Intro to Price Action

Price Action is naked trading, no indicators, no bull shit and trading what you see. And what exactly are you supposed to be seeing. What type of market it is, Ranging market or trending market. In order to assess the market, switch to a higher timeframe chart, to get the overall market sentiment for what the big picture is doing. Support and Resistance levels are basically invisible levels where price […]

Price Action Trading

In this video we will learn about a Forex trading strategy that identifies potential trend reversals in the market. It is called Twin peak reversal. As the name suggests, this is a strategy used to identify a potential trend reversal. The strategy has four very simple steps to follow: We look for a trend line break. Then we look for the break of the last low, which is called the base. Then we […]

Trading the Pinbar Within a Trend — Price Action

Jonathan Fox in this video explains a live trade setup using the Pinbar in the AUD/USD 12 hour chart. We look for the next move up in the direction of the existing trend and mark it with horizontal level and we enter long at the break of the top of the Pin bar. Our target is the second horizontal line at the recent highs as shown in the chart and take 50% profit at this level. With this strategy all we are […]

Forex School — Price Action Trading

This video speaks about Price action in Forex trading using the GBP/USD daily chart. The Price action this video talks about is the Pin bar, which closes with in the previous bar. With this stratey we make entries in line with the current trend and not against the trend. We expect price to roll back up and also we have our horizontal level marked as shown in this video. […]

Price Action Trading — Finding the Right Direction

Chris Capre in this Price action video speaks about breakout in rejection and acceptance in value for any pair using an example in the GBP/USD 1 minute chart. We can calculate the value area for any pair based on the most number of touches it has. So the more time it spends in an area and more touches it has on a price level the acceptance of the value is agreed upon between the market. The longer the market spends […]

Moving Averages Lag When Used Improperly

So you have been told Moving averages lag, it is right and the people who say are right. The real trick is we use Moving average correctly so that the lag does not affect and adversely affect your trades. This video looks at an example in which the Moving average is not lagging and actually provide a level of confluence — With Price action showing resistance and confirmed […]

Price Action Trading — Getting Into Trends

Chris Capre talks in this video talks about Price action technique a you can apply on any timeframe that you can use to get into trends. He takes a look at a with—trend setup using the EUR/JPY 5 min chart. It makes use of 20 period EMA to gain entries in the direction of the trend. This strategy involves looking for Price action of price making double bottom after falling below […]