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What Is Price Action in Forex Trading

Price action is a term, which is extremely popular among forex traders. So, what is price action? In simple terms, you use price action in technical analysis to analyze an asset's movement over time,. A rising market is considered bullish and a falling market as bearish. For example, look at this chart. This market has been in a downtrend. Now, look at this chart. In this case, you conclude that […]

Price Action Analysis and Pitchforks

In this video, you will learn about price action analysis using pitchforks. Market conditions are dynamic, which means that the price is non-linear. Hence, you need to adapt according to market conditions. A way to do that is to use a tool called frequency shifting. It is a good idea to draw pitchforks on market extremes. You need to understand the intentions of the market before making a trading decision. You […]

Master the Pin Bar Reversal & Forex Price Action

In this video, you will look at the pin bar candlestick formations. You can use the pin bar candlestick to look for short-term reversals in price. This is a single candlestick pattern. It consists of a small body with very long wick, which is twice the size of the actual body. A bearish pin bar indicates price rejection at higher levels and a subsequent reversal to the downside. A bullish pin bar indicates price rejection […]

Forex Triangle Formations (Mastering Price Action)

In this video, you will learn about the triangle formations, and how you can use them in forex trading. The triangle patterns are formed when the market briefly enters into a period of consolidation before reversing or continue in the direction of the trend. Due to the shift in supply and demand of the asset involved, the price finally breaks out of the triangle pattern. Here are the types of triangle patterns. Ascending Triangle: This pattern is made of flat […]

Price Action and the Butterfly Effect

In this video, you will learn about the butterfly effect using the chaos theory and its reflection on the price chart. It gives you a counterintuitive situation when applied on the price chart. A chaotic system can be formed by the combination of two deterministic systems. Chaotic systems are very sensitive to the initial conditions. So, very small variations in the initial state of a chaotic system will produce different effects in the future. For example, a single […]

Understand the Battle of Buyers and Sellers with This Price Action Strategy

In this video, you will look at a price action trading strategy involving the battle between buyers and sellers. The price movements in the market affects the psychology of the traders and this psychology controls those price movements. For example, look at this chart. At point 1, the market makes a low. At point 2, the market makes a higher low. At some point, the trend loses force, and then changes direction. At point 3, the market makes a higher low. […]

Forex Trading — Price Action — Part 7

This is a free forex course aimed for the beginners and is part 7 of the series. In this video, you will learn about the price action in forex trading. In simple terms, the price action can be explained as two coordinates on a chart. The X coordinate represents the time and the Y coordinate represents the price. Some traders like to study the details of price movement and do their price action analysis and like to come to conclusions before […]

How to Spot Wedges in Price Action

In this video, you will learn a forex trading strategy of how to spot wedges in price action. Chart patterns are more reliable as they give you an edge in determining the market direction. Wedges are chart patterns that are extremely popular among forex traders and you can easily spot them on the chart. For example, look at this chart. As you can see, the highs are getting lower, and the lows are […]

How to Use Fibonacci Retracements with Price Action

In this video, you will learn about the Fibonacci retracement with price action. You can draw Fibonacci tool on your MetaTrader platform. If you want to draw the retracement levels in an uptrend, you need to start from a swing low to swing high. You will have the retracements level drawn for you. The key levels to note are the 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, and the 61.8% level. You can trade long entries […]

Price Action Strategy: How to Find Reversal Points in Forex

In this video, you will learn about finding high probability reversal points in forex trading. For example, look at the USD/CAD chart. With this strategy, you will be aiming to find high probable points using support and resistance levels. Look at this point. As you can see, the market finds resistance here, moves down, and breaks to the upside. Now, you can draw a horizontal line using the tool on the MetaTrader […]