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Price Action Analysis and Pitchforks

In this video, you will learn about price action analysis using pitchforks. Market conditions are dynamic, which means that the price is non-linear. Hence, you need to adapt according to market conditions. A way to do that is to use a tool called frequency shifting. It is a good idea to draw pitchforks on market extremes. You need to understand the intentions of the market before making a trading decision. You […]

The Power and Accuracy of Pitchforks

In this video, you will learn about the power and accuracy of the pitchfork indicator. For example, look at the USD/JPY daily chart. Looking at the price action, you have the market forming a low, a high, and followed by another lower low. So, you have three alternating market extremes. Now you can add two pitchforks to these price extremes, a standard pitchfork, and a modified pitchfork. Price touches the middle line of the first pitchfork and then […]

Quintuple Intersection with Pitchforks & More

In this video, you will learn a forex trading strategy of how to find multiple intersections in a price chart You will look at the rare quintuple intersection in the EUR/NZD daily chart In order to do so, you must be able to do price action analysis. The first step in this technique starts by drawing a turning point line. You can find the upper and lower limits of supply and demand zones using these lines. […]

Trading the Markets — Median Lines

Learn how to trade using median lines from expert trader Tim Morge. Discover how median lines and technical analysis can improve your trading.