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Pin Bar Forex Trading Strategy — Pin Bar Definition » Learn to Trade Price Action

For this example, you are looking at the CAD/JPY daily chart. At the end of this rally, you have this nice bearish pin bar formation. It is also a bearish engulfing candlestick. This is formed just below this broken uptrend line, previously acting as support. Price touched several times to obtain support and at some point, price broke below it. Now, it should act like resistance. […]

Master the Pin Bar Reversal & Forex Price Action

In this video, you will look at the pin bar candlestick formations. You can use the pin bar candlestick to look for short-term reversals in price. This is a single candlestick pattern. It consists of a small body with very long wick, which is twice the size of the actual body. A bearish pin bar indicates price rejection at higher levels and a subsequent reversal to the downside. A bullish pin bar indicates price rejection […]

Trading Strategies: How to Trade Reversals with Pin Bars

In this video, how to trade reversals with pin bars. To trade trend reversals, you should be able to identify an existing trend, and then wait for the market to change the direction. An uptrend consists of higher highs and higher lows. A downtrend consists of lower highs and lower lows. Hence, you should focus on reversal patterns to identify a potential reversal before it happens in the market. A pin bar is one of the most popular reversal […]

Forex Pin Bar Trading Strategy

In this video, you will learn the forex pin bar trading strategy. For example, look at this chart. The price is in an uptrend as evident from the combination of these two moving averages. Now, look at this pin bar candlestick. It is followed by this bullish pin bar. However, this pin bar is with the uptrend, with the two moving averages providing dynamic support. At this level, previously, a resistance […]

Pin Bar Forex Trading Strategy 2019 | How to Trade Pin Bar Bullish and Bearish

In this video, you will learn about a forex trading strategy using pin bar. For example, look at the chart. As you can see, this is a bearish pin bar. Also, this pin bar was formed inside this uptrend. You have also the combination of these two moving averages providing support. However, you do not want to trade against this trend. So, look at the next pin […]

Pin Bars — Forex Day Trading — Basic Price Action Technique

A Pin bar is a candlestick that has fairly a small body with a long wick. Unlike engulfing candles where we focus more on body of the candle we focus more on the long wick of the Pin bar. So what the pin bar tells us. A Pin bar with a long wick upwards tells that there is a great selling pressure in the market. A Pin bar with a long wick downwards tells […]

Forex Strategy — Pin Bar Setup

This video explains a Forex strategy using a simple Pin bar setup in a daily chart. It explains a reversal strategy making entries using Inside bar and explains this strategy in the context of trend trading.

Forex Strategy — Power of Pin Bars

This video tutorial offers a free Forex trading strategy based on the Pin Bar chart patterns. The video explains everything in details, providing a real market example of such trade.

How To Trade Pin Bar Reversal Properly

This video tutorial will explain to you how to trade the reversals based on the pin bar chart pattern (more precisely, Japanese candlestick pattern).

Forex Technical Analysis — May 18th 2010

The major currency pairs are reviewed in this technical Forex analysis video. The author sees many pin bar patterns on the charts, which are suggesting the trend reversals. Traders should be cautious in their trading today and should wait for the pattern confirmation.