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USD Halts Its Rally

The US dollar's rally came to a halt after the Wall Street trade had closed. The rally was trapped by the news from Washington. Donald Trump softened his stance on China's investment in the US. The President backed away from a threat to target directly China's investors. The US leader said on Wednesday that he wants the Congress to strengthen the mandate of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US to spot violations of US intellectual property rights by China's […]

USD Could Extend Gains Today

The US dollar held steady against a basket of currencies after overnight gains. The escalating trade conflict between the US and China remains the main source of market turbulence. The parties of the trade dispute have not made any sensational statements today, but investors are braced for any unpredictable development. Beijing has already warned all China's officials to get ready for a full blown trade war. The cautious sentiment among investors […]

Rising Yields of US Treasuries Prop Up USD

In the Asian trade, the US dollar rebounded to an almost 11-month high against a basket of currencies, supported by rising yields of US Treasuries. Today, the USD/JPY pair recovered to 110.60. Investors put aside their concerns about a trade dispute between US and China, shifting focus to macroeconomic events. Apart from Treasuries, the US dollar found support from a speech of Jerome Powell at the annual ECB symposium in Sintra. The Fed Chair confirmed the readiness […]

USD Picking Up Steam

The safe haven yen failed to retain the interest of investors and gave in to the US dollar in the Asian trade. The USD/JPY pair rose above 110.00. Investors have shrugged off fears about a looming trade war between the US and China. Meanwhile, yields of the US Treasuries are gradually climbing that provides the US dollar with support. Nevertheless, demand for risky assets is still low. For example, the New Zealand dollar is still […]

USD Hits Fresh High of 2018

On Monday, investors cheered the news that the US and China may be putting an end to a month-long trade dispute. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Sunday that Trump's administration was able to put the trade war with China on hold. Last week, the two countries made a deal, but they did not specify details. On the other hand, a US trade representative said that the US may still resort […]

USD Extends Strength Against Asian Rivals

Though the US dollar index is still trading under pressure, the US currency gained ground against its rival currencies in the Asian trade. The USD/JPY pair is trading at 109.88. Experts say the Japanese yen has lost favor with investors. However, market participants are in no hurry to choose a trading instrument to buy, monitoring macroeconomic data. Japan's current account surplus widened to 3.12 trillion yen in March […]

USD/JPY and NZD/USD Forecast — November 27th 2017

In this video, the Trader Guy looks at the currency pairs USD/JPY and NZD/USD for the November 27th session. USD/JPY — As you can see that, we did rally a bit and found this area here, of interest. I think at the 112.00 level, we have a lot of exhaustion just waiting to happen. So, if we roll over, I think it is a selling opportunity down to 108.00. Now, on the other hand, if we can […]

Asian Traders Nudge USD Down amid Risk Aversion Sentiment

The global trading day started with interesting market moves on Forex. The tensions on the Korean peninsula again rattled the market. Having touched the resistance level of 114.00, the USD/JPY pair retraced to 113.50, the lower border of the trading range. China's leader Xi Jinping stated that cooperation between Beijing and Washington is a crucial matter to ensure peace, stability, and development both in the Pacific region and worldwide. Besides, Donald Trump and Xi Jinping came […]

Asian Traders Remain Active

The US dollar is gradually recovering during the Asian trading session, after receiving support from the macroeconomic data released on Tuesday. The US dollar is growing stronger against the yen, trading at 114.00. Experts suggest that this level may be broken after the publication of the US labor market and the announcement of the results of the Fed's meeting. Meanwhile, traders analyze the data from China published by experts from Markit Research Group […]

JPY Gains Ground Against USD

The Asian trades surprised market participants. The Japanese yen managed to gain ground against its American counterpart. The USD/JPY pair plunged by 1%. However, in early European deals it was trying to recover losses, trading near the level of 113.70. The Japanese currency strengthened on the back of a fall in stock indices that lead to weakening of the US dollar. Analysts expect the US dollar to offset its losses in the nearest future. At any rate, some […]