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NZD/USD on Breakout Watch | Forex Forecast

Watch this video by Justin Bennett, about his analysis on the NZD/USD pair. In his forecast, he talks about what level NZD/USD buyers need to break, as well as some key levels and a measured objective to keep an eye on moving forward. NZD/USD — As you can see on the chart, this is the inverse head and shoulders pattern formed with the neckline resistance coming at the 0.6420 level. The market made a couple of failed attempts […]

Forex Strategy for NZD/USD: Ready to Rally 200 Pips? | Watch These Two Levels

Watch this video by Justin Bennett, about his analysis on the NZD/USD pair. In his forecast for the NZD/USD pair, he talks about the possibility of the pair going much higher towards the 0.6630 level. NZD/USD — After the bounce from the 0.6350 level, the market is now seeing the retest of the resistance at the 0.6430 level. Recently, the market broke out of this descending price channel. After that, it pulled back to retest the channel […]

NZD/USD Bottom in Place? | Forex Strategy

Watch this video by Justin Bennett, about his analysis on the NZDUSD pair. In his forecast for the NZD/USD pair, he talks about a potential bottoming pattern and the possibility of this pair going higher. NZD/USD — As you can see, the pair was trading inside this ascending channel, and then broke to the downside. Looking at the monthly chart, extending a trendline from the 2001 lows, the market has now come to this trendline for a retest. […]

New Zealand Dollar and Agriculture

The Australian and the New Zealand dollar are commodity currencies. In this video, you will learn about how agriculture plays a key role in the economic growth and controls the value of the kiwi. New Zealand exports commodities such as milk, wool, meat, etc. to Asian countries. It is seen as a shopping place for many developing countries for products related to dairy industry. For example, look at this chart. There are 3 lines shown […]

Investors Disappointed with Ordinary Powell Speech

The US dollar closed the North American trade on Friday in the red, following the speech from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. The policy maker defended the central bank's intention to raise interest rates despite criticism from Donald Trump. Nevertheless, dollar bulls are disappointed as Jerome Powell spoke about gradual monetary tightening. Analyzing remarks of the Fed's leader, traders are in no hurry to buy the US currency. So, the US […]

USD Being Sold Ahead of Powell Speech

The US dollar index closed the North American trade, touching a 2.5 week low. The US currency has been weighed down by critical comments from Donald Trump about the Fed's hawkish stance on monetary policy. Besides, market participants are anticipating lower level trade talks between the US and Chinese officials. In the Wall Street session, the US dollar index fell below 95.20, where it entered a consolidation stage. […]

USD Halts Its Rally

The US dollar's rally came to a halt after the Wall Street trade had closed. The rally was trapped by the news from Washington. Donald Trump softened his stance on China's investment in the US. The President backed away from a threat to target directly China's investors. The US leader said on Wednesday that he wants the Congress to strengthen the mandate of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US to spot violations of US intellectual property rights by China's […]

USD Could Extend Gains Today

The US dollar held steady against a basket of currencies after overnight gains. The escalating trade conflict between the US and China remains the main source of market turbulence. The parties of the trade dispute have not made any sensational statements today, but investors are braced for any unpredictable development. Beijing has already warned all China's officials to get ready for a full blown trade war. The cautious sentiment among investors […]

Rising Yields of US Treasuries Prop Up USD

In the Asian trade, the US dollar rebounded to an almost 11-month high against a basket of currencies, supported by rising yields of US Treasuries. Today, the USD/JPY pair recovered to 110.60. Investors put aside their concerns about a trade dispute between US and China, shifting focus to macroeconomic events. Apart from Treasuries, the US dollar found support from a speech of Jerome Powell at the annual ECB symposium in Sintra. The Fed Chair confirmed the readiness […]

USD Picking Up Steam

The safe haven yen failed to retain the interest of investors and gave in to the US dollar in the Asian trade. The USD/JPY pair rose above 110.00. Investors have shrugged off fears about a looming trade war between the US and China. Meanwhile, yields of the US Treasuries are gradually climbing that provides the US dollar with support. Nevertheless, demand for risky assets is still low. For example, the New Zealand dollar is still […]