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Risk of Tade War Between US and China Change Sentiment in Oil market

While the financial markets are entering the turbulence zone on the back of escalation of trade conflict between the United States and China, oil traders manage to recoup the recent losses. The Brent Crude Benchmark approached the level of $75 per barrel. The main reason behind a rise in oil prices in the news about the intentions of Russia and Saudi Arabia to ramp up production gradually. However, Iran, Iraq, Venezuelan, and Algeria stand against increasing of output. Market […]

Traders Refrain from Purchases in US Pre-Market

At the beginning of the new trading week, trading sentiment was shaped by mounting tension between the US and China. On Friday, the US President Donald Trump said that 25% tariffs would be introduced on Chinese imports for the average sum of 50 billion dollars since June 6th. In its turn, China stated it would also improve 25% tariffs on American goods, including soybeans and autos. It seems the trade war is […]

Market Foresees Global Trade Turmoil

Donald Trump is keeping investors on edge. Tumbling US stocks and turmoil on forex are accompanied by a new threat from the US President to impose extra levies on Chinese imports. The USD/JPY pair sank by 1% in the Asian session, trading at about 109.70. Today, traders prefer buying safe haven assets. Donald Trump requested the US trade advisor to prepare new tariffs at 10% on other Chinese goods. China apparently has […]

Optimism of Oil Traders to be Short-Lived

Oil traders have started the new week on an upbeat note. Investors are waiting for the meeting over the OPEC+ deal in Vienna on June 22nd. The Brent Crude Benchmark has come off the low of $75.50 per barrel and is trading above $74. Analysts suppose that the crude price will return to the Friday positions. This week, the OPEC member and non-member countries will hold a meeting, where they will discuss their […]

Traders Avoid Big Bets Amid Grim News

Traders decided to avoid big bets as fresh news from Washington and Beijing puts investors on edge. The trade conflict between the two largest global economies has nearly reached the boiling point. On Friday, the White House said it would proceed with plans to impose steep tariffs of 50 billion US dollars on Chinese goods. In the weekend, Beijing vowed to make a retaliatory response. Amid the escalating trade dispute between the US […]

Traders Cautious Before Weekend

On Friday, before the opening of the New York trades, the greenback was still holding near highs after downward correction. The US dollar index lost around 20 pips coming off 95 levels. Experts linked the decline to concerns over the trade war between the US and some other countries, including China. Trading sentiment towards the greenback was still unclear even after some macroeconomic publications from the United States. […]

Forex Trading the News

Economic indicators are snippets of financial and economic data published by various agencies of the government or private sector. These statistics, which are made public on a regularly scheduled basis, help market observers monitor the pulse of the economy. Besides economic indicators, there are a few simple guidelines necessary to track, organize, and make trading decisions based on the data. Know exactly when each economic report is due to be released. Keep […]

Russia and Saudi Arabia Ready to Get Things Under Control

Today, oil prices are trading under pressure amid speculation that the participants of the OPEC+ deal will decide to ramp up production of Crude Oil. Currently, Russia and Saudi Arabia hold negotiations aimed for taking control over stability in the oil market. But bearing in mind their intentions to get back to the previous output levels, investors expect that the meeting, that will take place in Vienna on the 22nd of June, will […]

USD to be in Demand Until End of Trading Week?

Today, Asian traders corrected the US dollar against the Japanese yen. They were focused on outcome of the Bank of Japan policy meeting. The Bank of Japan decided to retain the short-term interest rate unchanged at -0.1%. Besides, the policy makers kept the intention to buy government bonds in a volume of 80 trillion yen annually. Nevertheless, they indicated moderate growth of the domestic economy and consumer inflation. Interestingly, one of the officials voted against the ultra-easy monetary […]

ECB Shocks Traders

This week was long awaited by the market. On Wednesday, the Fed hiked its key interest rate. However, the ECB's unexpected decision outshone this event. The ECB stood pat on its zero benchmark rate in line with market expectations. It was comments on the quantitative easing program that came as a surprise for investors. Recently, the ECB Chief Economist Peter Praet stated that the central bank was ready to discuss when […]