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Why Prices Move So Fast with Certain News Announcement

Why does price react insanely fast once a piece of news is released? Do some traders get the news faster than the others? Yes, some traders receive them faster than the others. Normally, news feeds are usually very fast with any breaking news released. Those quick moves after the news is released is due to algo traders. Trading systems are built to monitor […]

Does News Trading Work for Both Day Trading and Swing Trading?

The fundamental analysis can be used for both short-term and long-term trading. In the end, it is the market expectation that matters for news trading. The market expectation about economic release, geopolitical events, etc. In the short-term, the fundamentals are called as market sentiment. In the medium-term and long-term, it is called as macroeconomic picture. Assume that the fundamental bias for a currency is bearish Now, the market is surprised by geopolitical events that go against […]

How to Trade News | Forex News Trading Tips

You might have a lot of questions regarding trading the news. In this video, you will learn about solving the problems in trading the news. News events create huge volatility in the market, leading to huge spikes. So, you should not be caught by surprise. So, it is important that you should refer to the economic calendar ahead of time. When markets react after the news announcement, it reflects the psychology […]

How to Trade Forex News: Simple News Trading Forex Strategy

In this video, you will learn how to make use of news events to trade profitably in forex. Price moves fast up to 100 pips within minutes, right after the news release. However, you don't need to trade directly based on the news release, but you can trade after a certain period of time after the news release. Make sure that you check the economic calendar from the website […]

Is It Possible to Trade the News in Forex?

In this video, you will learn about how to trade using news events that have high impact on the forex market. You will learn how the non-farm payroll report and the unemployment report from the US impact the EUR/USD pair. These reports are released on every first Friday of the month. For example, look at the EUR/USD 5-min chart. After the release of these reports, as you can see on the chart, the market made an explosive […]

How to Trade the News — Explained

Trading the news is an essential skill for all traders. Major news announcements can often cause large price movements, particularly in forex markets. So, here are 5 key points to help you try and make the most of those moves. Do your research. Know the times and dates of important events. Use an economic calendar. It is a vital tool to help you plan ahead. There are many announcements […]

Forex Real Time News Trading

Forex rea time news trading is a way of making money on the forex market from international events and upcoming current affairs stories. Predicting the way that these events will go into effect on the currency markets can appear to be very profitable. Howeveer when it comes to financial news the major International Bnaks pretty much always make sure that they are the first to hear. When expected […]

Foreign Exchange News Keeps You Sharp

If you want to be successful as a forex trader it is essential to keep in touch with Foreign exchange news. Knowing what is happening not only in your own country but in all the major economic powers will help you to protect your investment. It is not always neccessary to be able to predict which way events will turn and you can stay aware of major events […]

Forex Real Time News Trading

Forex real time news trading is a way of making money on the Forex market from international events and upcoming current affairs stories predicting the way that these events will affect the markets and appear to be very profitable, atleast in theory. The problem is that in practice things do not often go the way you might think. The truth is that when it comes to financial news the major international […]

How to Trade News Announcements

One of the reasons that so many traders have come to the Forex market in recent is the potential to make fast money. With huge amounts of leverage available and extremely volatile price movements many traders focus on treating News announcements. As this can produce some of the fastest price changes that the Forex market has to offer. Unfortunately a lot of these traders fail. News announcements can be notoriously difficult to trade […]