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How to Open Demo Account for Metatrader 4

Before going live, you need to practice forex trading using a demo account for some time, until you feel confident with your trading strategy. So, watch this video to learn to open a demo account in the MetaTrader platform. Normally, you visit the broker's website, fill in your details to register for a demo account. For some brokers, you don't have to do that. You can do it right from […]

How to Install Expert Advisor in MetaTrader

To install Expert Advisor in MetaTrader platform, switch to the navigator button in the toolbar. Then open the Expert Advisors folder in the Navigator window. Here, you can find all EAs available. Select the one you wish to add and drag it to the charts window. In the settings window, add a check next to Allow Live Trading in order for the EA to execute trades. In the Inputs tab, you can also configure your Expert Advisor. Your Experts […]

MetaTrader — Push Notifications in MT4

In this video, Shaun Overton discusses about getting MetaTrader alerts on your phone. You need to have an iPhone or android phone and you don't have the source code changed to include the words sends notification in your expert advisor or your custom indicator. Otherwise, you have to go through setting up an SMS alert which is totally different, and you have to use email. This is a lot more convenient […]

Install an Indicator in MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

In this video, we will look at how to install an indicator in the MetaTrader platform. This video assumes that you have an indicator already downloaded. You have to download the file to the correct location. Local Disk C:\ Program Files Name of your broker. Experts. Indicators. If you have MetaTrader open, please close it. Restart MetaTrader to refresh the list of Expert Advisors and indicators. To apply the file you have just […]

Fibonnaci Channel — MetaTrader Terminal

This video is devoted to the Fibonacci channel in the MetaTrader terminal. To impose this channel on the chart, use the sequence, insert, channels, Fibonacci. The Fibonacci channel is probably the most difficult element for plotting on the chart. The ability to use it indicates a high level of professionalism in the forex market. The advantage of this channel is that it not only shows the boundaries of the trend, but it also shows various important levels. Having specified […]

Relative Vigor Index — MetaTrader Terminal

This video is devoted to the Relative Vigor Index in the MetaTrader terminal. To apply this indicator to the chart, press the indicators button on the toolbar, choose oscillators, and Relative Vigor Index. Subsequently, the window in which we change the properties of the indicator appears. Here we can choose the period of averaging, fixed maximum and minimum, and change visualization settings. This indicator is based on the fact that in a bullish market, the closing price is usually higher […]

Graphical objects — MetaTrader Terminal

This video is devoted to the graphical objects in the MetaTrader terminal. They are objects placed on the price chart or indicator windows that make the charts more representational with the help of explanatory and highlighting graphical elements. They help a trader conduct analysis more effectively. Graphical elements can be simple such as lines or text labels or they can be complex constructions consisting of several lines such as in the case of Fibonacci. All […]

Properties of Objects — MetaTrader Terminal

This video explores properties of objects in the MetaTrader terminal. Every object that is represented in the terminal window has its own specific properties. To get access to the objects list of properties and their values, first select the object, and then choose the properties item from its context menu. The properties window of the object consists of several tabs for different purposes like Common, Parameters, and Visualization. The coordinates of the object control points in the chart can […]

Force Index — MetaTrader Terminal

This video is devoted to the Force Index indicator in the MetaTrader terminal. To apply to this indicator to the chart, choose the indicator button on the toolbar, oscillators, and Force Index. Subsequently, the window in which we change the indicator's properties appears. Here we can choose the averaging period, type of moving average, and the fixed maximum and minimum. An interesting point about this indicator is that it was created by Alexander Elder. It calculates the bulls […]

Lines — General — MetaTrader Terminal

This video explores lines as graphical objects in the MetaTrader terminal. Lines are the graphical instruments most often used to analyze trends. The MetaTrader terminal has several kinds of these objects. A horizontal line can be used to mark price levels on the chart. For example, use it to mark support and resistance levels. One point must be set in order for this object to be imposed. A vertical line can also be […]