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Forex Course: Intraday Strategy

The last lesson in this Forex video course details about the proprietary intraday strategy.

Parabolic SAR and Stochastic Trend Trading Strategy

This video offers a Forex trend trading strategy based on Parabolic SAR and Stochastic Oscillator standard indicators. It's a great intraday strategy that can be used successfully during the London and New York trading session.

Intraday Targets

This is a very interesting free Forex video lesson that focuses on such an important part of the day trading as the intraday targets for positions. Long-term targets shouldn't be used for setting stop-loss or taking profits in the intraday trading, instead the average daily pips volume should be taken in account when you set your day trading targets. Watch the video to learn.

Simple Forex Day Trading System

This video offers a simple intraday Forex trading system for the 5-minute timeframe EUR/USD chart. Like all intraday systems this one requires a dedication and a strong disciple, but if you have them - go ahead and learn this simple trading system.

London Trading Session Preview — October 30th 2008

Watch the latest London Forex trading session preview in this free video. GBP/JPY analysis using the technical indicators will help you to get the best profit from the intraday Forex market today.

Forex Daily Video Outlook — July 11th 2008

Friday Forex trading covered in this free video. If you are going to trade the last day of the week, consider watching this video to find the best intraday opportunities.

Forex News Day Trading Signal — July 11th 2008

Froex video featuring news trading signals for the intraday currency market on July 11.