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How to Use Inside Bar — Trading Set Up — Forex Trading Strategy

This video talks about a profitable trading strategy using an inside bar trading setup. The pattern consists of a big bearish candlestick formed after an uptrend. It is followed by a bearish pin bar candlestick pattern, as you can see on the daily chart. This is also an inside bar. A bearish pin bar candlestick consists of a long upper tail with a small body below. A bullish pin bar candlestick consists […]

Bullish and Bearish Three Inside Bar Candlestick Patterns Inside Bar Trading Strategy

You look for a bearish three inside bar candlestick pattern in an uptrend. The first candlestick is a long bullish candlestick. It is followed by a small bearish candlestick formed within the body of the previous one. It is followed by two more bearish candlesticks. The last one closes lower than the first bullish candlestick. You can take a short position here with your stop-loss above the highs. The take-profit is equal […]

Forex Inside Bar Candle Indicator

Inside bars provide a high probability setup with a good risk to reward ratio. An inside bar is completely contained within the range of the preceding bar. The inside bar has a higher low and lower high than the preceding bigger bar. The preceding bar is also known as the mother bar. The less common occurrence of multiple inside bars within the range of the same mother bar usually means the price is coiling up […]

Inside Bar

This video explains you about about Inside Bar with examples. It is Used to identify potential Trend reversals and Continuation trading. How to identify an Inside Bar: We have the Base candle. Followed by a candle with it is high and low forming with in the boundaries of the Base candle, creating an Inside bar. Entering and exiting a trade using Inside Bar Strategy is very easy. There are two […]

Inside Bar Forex Strategy Demonstration

This demonstration video shows the example of using the inside bar as the entry signal in your Forex trading strategy. The example AUD/JPY chart is given and some important nuances of using inside bar pattern are presented.

Technical Preview with Double Inside Bars — July 1st 2009

This technical analysis preview of July 1 trading session features USD/JPY, EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF pairs. The double inside bar pattern is spotted on EUR/CHF currency pair. It can be used for some surefire trade positions.

Inside Bar Forex Trading Trigger Strategy

This video shows an interesting Forex trading strategy for entering and exiting the positions based on the "inside bar" pattern often seen on the charts before the large market moves. You can also read a more detailed description of the Inside Bar Strategy with the entry and exit conditions, examples and other explanations listed.