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Four Types of Indicators Forex Traders Must Know

Is There a Profitable Technical Indicator?

It is highly unlikely that you will come across a technical indicator which can always generate profits in the forex market. The idea behind using these indicators is to find high probable low risk entries in forex trading. Such an indicator would only be a top secret and not for sale by any company. So, you need to focus on the fundamentals before applying your technical analysis on the charts. With […]

Catching the End of the Trend with the Andrews Pitchfork

This video looks at an interesting scenario of how the market gives interesting clues signaling a reversal is about to happen. You can use the Andrews pitchfork indicator to catch such a reversal. For example, look at this chart. As you can see, the market is in an uptrend making higher lows, and higher highs. The first retracement takes more time to happen compared to the second retracement, which takes much faster. Buyers make one […]

How to Use Average Daily Range for Entries & Exits?

The ADR indicator is used to find potential support and resistance zones, which can be used for finding high probable entry and exit points. Besides using support and resistance zones, you can also use swing points, psychological price levels, For example, look at the NZD/CAD pair. This indicator tracks the average daily range of a currency pair. It is based on a predefined look back period. So, you can […]

Moving Averages and Indicators Explained

Technical indicators are available for free on your MetaTrader platform. A technical indicator is an important tool in your technical analysis. You use indicators to find high probable low risk opportunities. Moving Average: This indicator measures the momentum in price. You can use a single or combination of moving averages to identify an existing trend. For example, when the 50-period EMA crosses above the 200-period EMA, then it indicates an uptrend. You […]

The Most Profitable Forex Indicators: Lagging Versus Leading

Traders tend to use technical indicators based on previous price action for developing a trading plan. There is nothing wrong in using lagging indicators. However, you can make use of some indicators, which are predictive of the future. For example, you can make use of the RSI divergence. Now, you can look at some of the leading indicators. Pivot Points: Pivot points are calculated based on previous day's data. They […]

Is There an Indicator That Is Profitable?

Is there an indicator that generates a reliable profit? The answer is no. You should not be relying on technical indicators alone to enter into a trade. Technical analysis is about the study of past chart data to predict the future. However, the conditions in the market are dynamic. It is continuously influenced by economic releases and news announcements. Technical indicators will not work all the time. So, you can use […]

Brief History of Stochastic Oscillator

The stochastic oscillator was created by Dr. George Lane in the late 1950s. He created this indicator with a team of analysts. This indicator consists of two lines, %K and %D, which were first introduced in 1957. This indicator basically measures the momentum of price. The idea is that the momentum always changes direction before price. You can compare it to a rocket going up in the air. It needs to slow down […]

Popular Chart Indicators

In this video, you will look at the four important technical indicators. These indicators are also known as oscillators. MACD: MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence Divergence and this indicator is used for identifying potential bullish or bearish trend reversal. This indicator consists of a fast and a slow moving average. Also, a histogram that indicates the changes in momentum. Stochastic: This indicator is used for detecting potential trend reversals. It […]

Technical Analysis Basics: MACD

The MACD indicator is an important tool in technical analysis. This indicator is available for free on your MetaTrader platform. This indicator basically measures the difference between a fast and a slow moving average. The 12 period is the slow moving average. The 26 period is the fast moving average. This indicator is used to help define trends. You can also generate buy and sell signals using the signal line. When […]