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Best Currency Pairs to Trade in Forex — Most Volatile Currency

In this video, you will learn about how to identify best currency pairs that can be profitable in forex trading. You need to use fundamental analysis to find out if a currency pair could rise or fall. One example, is the non-farm payroll report, Many leading firms use fundamental analysis in their research besides using technical analysis for analyzing a currency pair. You should be listening […]

Forex Fundamental Analysis [Part - 2] — Process of Fundamental Analysis

This is part 2 of the series. In the previous video, you have learnt how the central banks use the monetary policy as a tool to control inflation to achieve price stability. Central banks increase interest rates whenever the inflation rises above the target set by them. This in turn reduces spending and increases savings. For example, look at this USD/CAD chart. On July 12th, 2017, the Bank of Canada surprised the market by raising interest rates. […]

How to Do Fundamental Analysis [Part-1] — Fundamental Analysis Basics

In this video, you will learn about the importance of fundamental analysis in forex trading, besides the technical analysis. When it comes to fundamental analysis, the first thing you should know is the role of central bank in maintaining a stable economy for a country. Central banks use a tool called monetary policy to regulate the economy, causing a currency to appreciate or depreciate. Central banks use money supply to decide how much money should […]

Fundamental Factors That Affect Currency Values

In this video, you will learn about what causes a currency to appreciate or depreciate in the forex market. The economic growth of a country plays a key role in determining whether the currency is strong or weak. When there is a good forecast for a country's economic outlook and the reports released indicates that the state of the economy is in good shape, then this brings confidence and a positive sentiment. This causes people to spend and helping the government to earn […]

What Is Fundamental Analysis — Forex Trading

What is fundamental analysis? The moment we talk about fundamentals, we need to think in terms of the factors that control the economy of a country. Examples include, GDP, interest rates, inflation, employment data, money supply in the economy, etc. Time to time this massive collection of information are released as reports. Hence we need to stay tuned to listen to news and economic events. Traders take into consideration the corresponding price action […]

Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis

In this video, we are going to discuss the main difference between the technical trading and fundamental trading. So, technical trading is based on  Chart analysis. Graphical representation of human behavior. Forex trading strategies, which is based on chart patterns. In terms of examples, what we have got here is a simple technical setup. So, in this area, we have a consolidation which is defined by the top trendline […]

Technical Analysis Versus Fundamental Analysis

In this video, we are going to take a closer look at the difference, importance, and pros and cons of fundamental and technical analysis when trading the forex market. When analyzing price action, a lot of traders set base in either one or the other camp — technical or fundamental. There are advantages and disadvantages of using both. Technical Analysis: It looks at past price movement of a currency, commodity or index, and uses that data to predict future price […]

Fundamental Analysis and How to Use It in Forex Trading

The success of forex trader depends on many aspects. Among them is the ability to comprehensively see the situation in the financial market. Fundamental analysis is one of the main types of market analysis. It represents a study of the political and financial situation in some important countries. The financial situation of every country forms the rates of the national currency. Traders who trade according to the fundamental analysis have to be aware of the political situation of the world's major countries. A trader […]

Fundamental Analysis in Forex — For Beginner

Economic news and important political events have the power to trigger big movements in the forex markets. By analyzing it, you can better understand how the markets are likely to move in the future. When examining data, you should study the previous results and forecast results and then compare them with the actual results. Movements in the market happen when there is a difference between market expectations based on the previous and forecast results and the actual […]

Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis Compared in One Minute

Before deciding whether or not to buy yourself stocks, bonds, realestate and so on, you obviously need to analyze the assets in question. There are two main types of analysis. First, technical analysis, which mostly revolves around looking at past price action to figure out what is likely to happen in the future. You look at how the price and sales volume of an asset is evolved over a period of several days, months […]