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Types of Analysis in Forex Trading | Technical Analysis | Fundamental Analysis | Sentimental Analysis

As a forex trader, you might have explored many strategies to gain best entry and exit points in forex trading. There are hundreds of strategies to explore. All these strategies fall under three types of analysis. Technical analysis: It is a very popular method of analysis among forex traders. It involves studying historical chart patterns to predict future price movements. It involves studying price action, using […]

Fundamental Analysis Means? — Forex Trading

To be successful in forex trading, you should use both fundamental and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis is about analyzing economic data, which reflects the health of the economy of the country involved. You can use the economic calendar and look for the release of economic data and other news events. A high impact data has significant impact on the market after it is released. It is indicated by red color. Some examples include […]

Learn to Trade Forex – 12 — Introduction to Fundamental Analysis

The fundamental analysis looks at the economy of a country and helps you gauge the strength of a currency. If the economy is doing good, then the currency will appreciate in value. Then the technical analysis helps you to identify high probable low risk trading opportunities by using chart analysis and price action. For example, if you think the value of the euro will appreciate against the US dollar, then you will take a long position in the EUR/USD […]

Learn to Trade Forex – 13 — Fundamental Trading Strategies

Fundamental analysis helps you find the strength of a currency. You have an idea that whether it would appreciate in value or not. Technical analysis helps you to find suitable trading opportunities and to reduce risk. A strategy involving fundamental analysis is to look at the macroeconomic data such as interest rates, GDP, etc. Another strategy is called as carry trade, where a trader buys a currency with higher interest rate, and sells […]

How to Combine Technical & Fundamental Analysis?

In order to be successful in forex trading, you need to be able to combine both fundamental and technical analysis. The fundamental analysis gives you a wider perspective of the market and helps you to focus in the long-term. It gives you an idea of whether the currency has an outlook to appreciate in value over the long-term. You should be focusing on the macroeconomic data or the economic release for that particular currency. For example, when a central bank cuts rates, it […]

Do You Need a Degree to Trade with Fundamental Analysis?

You need good education before you start trading forex. You need to understand the basics of fundamental analysis before you move into trading with real money. Hence, a Bachelor's Degree in Economics would be more appropriate to understand the important aspects in fundamental analysis. Also, worth considering is a Bachelor's Degree in Banking and a Degree in Wealth and Portfolio Management. You will acquire a broad-based knowledge of the fundamentals. However, this […]

Analysing the Fundamental and Technical

To be successful in forex trading, you need both the fundamental and technical analysis. Technical analysis involves reading price action and compare it with historical data to predict the future price movements. Technical traders use candlestick charts to read the sentiment in the market and identify an existing trend to find high probable low risk entries. Technical traders also use indicators like moving averages, MACD, etc. to find the momentum of the price […]

Analysing the Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Technical analysis is widely used by forex traders around the world. You can use it to find high probable low risk trading opportunities. You look at the historic price movements to predict the future. You use the price action analysis to predict the future. You can use a candlestick chart to assess the sentiment of the data in various timeframes. For example, a shooting star appearing at the end of a rally indicates weakness. Hence, you can […]

Should You Be a Fundamental Trader or a Technical Trader — or Both?

Both fundamental and technical analysis are useful in determining existing and future trends of an asset. Fundamental analysis involves analyzing the economic growth of a country, so that you can assess whether the currency will appreciate or depreciate in value. You can look at inflation, trade balance, GDP, interest rates, etc. to gauge the strength of the economy of a country. Technical analysis involves studying chart patterns like double top, triangle pattern, candlestick […]

What Is Fundamental Analysis | Forex Education — Part 5

This is part 5 of the series. Fundamental analysis is as important as technical analysis in forex trading. It gives you an idea of whether a currency will appreciate or depreciate in value over time. It helps you assess the strength of an existing trend or predict a reversal is going to happen. In fundamental analysis, you can focus on central bank meetings and their monetary policy to gauge the economy of the country. For example, when the Fed lowers […]