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Economic Calendar — February 6th 2012

Latest version of the Daily Economic Calendar. Broadcast every day from the Dukascopy TV Centre, the calendar is a comprehensive schedule of news likely to be impacting the Forex market and cause the currency rates to move.

What is Limit?

Watch this free video for a short explanation of what is limit order and how to set a limit order for your Forex trades.

Cross Currency Analysis

This free Forex video talks about the cross currency pairs analysis, which uses analysis of the trends on multiple currency pairs to get the better idea of how the different currencies are doing. Such analysis can help to come up with the best trading decisions when choosing a currency pair to trade.

Secret Bar Intervals

According to the author of this free Forex video the bar intervals are very important in trading. He distinguishes 4 types of bar intervals: Minute, Tick, Volume and Range. Please, watch the video for more details and information.

Forex Technical Analysis — July 5th 2010

This free Forex video features a technical analysis of the market during the U.S. Independence Day holiday. While the markets may be slow today, some interesting positions can be taken in the major currency pairs. The analysis is based mostly on support and resistance levels.

Pennant Patterns

This free Forex video is all about pennants — what are these patterns, how do they look, how to spot them and how to trade Forex using these chart patterns. Pennants are quite frequent and thus are capable of providing a constant stream of trading opportunities.

Trading Traps

This free Forex video speaks of Forex traps — situations when what first appears to a good entry point turns out to be not so good and the market turns against you. The video also speaks about how to avoid these Forex traps by waiting for the more logically and rationally correct points for positioning the trading orders.

Forex Technical Analysis — Apirl 28th 2010

Many technical and fundamental events continue to move the markets today with almost all major currency pairs affected. Watch this free Forex video to find the best strategies for trading today.

Daily Currency Outlook — April 20th 2010

This is a mixed analysis video with a preview for the major currency pairs before the today's Forex trading session. According to the author of the video, there is no definite direction in the market today.

Forex Technical Analysis — April 19th 2010

This free Forex video offers a technical analysis overview of the today's trading session for all major currency pairs.