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Risk/Reward Ratio in Forex Trading

Risk and reward ratio is explained in this educational video, using the chart examples and several types of Forex trading strategies — aggressive, moderate and risk-wise. The basics of the good money management can't exist without a proper understanding of the risk/reward ratio and the impact of its value on your trading results. That's why […]

Forex Frequency Analysis

Bare-chart Forex trading is a good approach for some traders, especially those who understand the Forex frequency analysis method. This video will explain to you the basics of the Forex chart frequencies.

Forex Fundamentals Training: Eurozone

Simple video explaining the fundamental indicators that are important for Eurozone and influence the euro-based currency pairs on the Forex market.

Jared Martinez (Market Traders Institute) Interview

This short interview with Jared Martinez from the Market Traders Institute provides insights of why the Forex market is a great option for the traders-wannabes and why personal support is one of the best ways to learn Forex trading.

Trading Around Economic Announcements

Stephen Story talks about trading during the important macroeconomic news announcements. Although, Forex news trading is very dangerous, you can watch this video to find out the advantages of such a trading style.

EUR/USD Technical Analysis — October 27th 2008

Forex technical analysis video showing the most important levels for the EUR/USD currency pair will help you to decide in what direction to trade during October 27th trading session.

Forex Video Set-Ups Analysis — September 22nd 2008

Analyze the current technical and fundamental set-ups that bear a potential profit to the traders with this free video. Get your first glance at the Forex market this week - September 22.

Forex Trading Week in Focus — September 22nd to 26th 2008

Get ready for the coming Forex trading week — September 22 to 26. If you are swing trader, daily recommendations are not of a big use to you, instead watch this weekly outlook on the possible medium-term trend changes.

Forex Video Set-Ups Analysis — September 18th 2008

Latest Forex market analysis video — watch this free video to find the best trading set-ups that can be used on September 18 trading session.

Forex Trading Example Video — 2 Forex Trades

Watch these two Forex trades in video to gain some first-hand real trading experience. All trading examples are described detailedly, so you won't need to guess why something happened that way or another. Watching videos is one of the best ways to learn trading.