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Be a Successful Forex Trader — 10 Things You Must Have

What are the secrets to be being a successful Forex trader. 1. Stop hoping to get rich quicker. Forex is not a get rick quick scheme. 2. Look for Forex training. 3. Concentrate on trading practices. Pick one trading system and stick with it. 4. Build a support network of family and friends. Find a good Forex forum and look for good mentor and Forex coaching. 5. Develop discipline. Keep […]

Introduction to Forex

This video presents an introduction to Forex trading. Learn what is Forex market and how you can participate in it.

What is Forex and How Does It Work?

This Forex video lesson answers the most basic questions of the newbie traders — what is foreign exchange market and how does it operate? If you are still not sure about the Forex market and its meaning, this video will help you understand it better.

What Is a Forex Pip?

Another introductory video for the Forex beginners that describes the concept of pip — a basic amount of change for prices and rate in the global foreign exchange market.

Head and Shoulders Pattern

This excerpt from the free Forex video webinar by Toni Hansen gives detailed description of the Head and Shoulders chart pattern, its usage and appearance in the Forex market.

Price Patterns

From this video you will easily learn about the basic chart patterns that are used by the Forex traders to enter high-accuracy trades.

Simple Forex Day Trading System

This video offers a simple intraday Forex trading system for the 5-minute timeframe EUR/USD chart. Like all intraday systems this one requires a dedication and a strong disciple, but if you have them - go ahead and learn this simple trading system.

Understanding Forex Rollover

If you want to know what is Forex rollover (or swap, or overnight interest rate) and why is it debited or credited to your trading account each day then this video is for you. You will not only learn the source of the rollover but will also understand how is it calculated and how you […]

Introduction to Forex Rates, Charts and Trading System

In this video tutorial you'll find out about Forex rates and how to read them, you'll see how the Forex charts work and how traders use them and you'll be introduced to the simple Forex trading system that's capable of making profits in the currency market.

How Forums Can Help Forex Traders

See and listen what Forex coach Stephen Story has to say about the on-line Forex forums and communities and how they can help any trader in his learning and training process.