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Fully Understand Leverage and Margin in 5 Minutes for Safer Trading

In forex trading, forex brokers offer you leverage to enable you to trade the forex markets using a small capital. You can start even with as low as $10. Leverage is like a loan offered to you by broker. You need to open a margin account with your broker. Some examples include 50:1, 100:1, 500:1, etc. For example, a $1000 trading capital can control a lot size of $100,000. If you […]

Timeframes and Trading Window Tricks — Maximize Opportunities with Overlap

In this video, you will learn about timeframes and trading windows. If you are a beginner in forex trading, you may not be sure about which timeframe to choose to start trading. Based on the time periods, you can categorize traders into three categories. Based on your strategy, you can decide to trade the short-term, the medium-term or the long-term. If you want to hold your trades only for a short duration, […]

Stochastic Oscillator Indicator Forex Trading | Use & Read Stochastic Oscillator Indicator

In this video, you will learn about the stochastic oscillator indicator, and how to use it in forex trading. This indicator was developed by George Lane in the 1950s. This indicator is a momentum indicator and is used to measure overbought and oversold conditions in the market. Above 80 is considered overbought and below 20 is considered oversold. This indicator is similar to the RSI indicator. This indicator consists of two lines, the %K […]

What Is Forex Liquid Market ? Forex Liquidity Explained

The forex market is the most liquid market in the world with an average daily trading volume of 5 trillion dollars. So, the spreads are very low in such a market. When you want to sell something, you need a buyer. When you want to buy something, then you need a seller. Hence, forex market is one where there are always enough number of buyers and sellers with low spreads. […]

How Much Money Do You Need to Start Forex Trading

Some traders argue that forex trading requires a big capital to start with. However, this is wrong. In this video, you will understand about how much money you need to start trading the forex markets. You can start with as low as $100. It is not about the capital. You need to gain experience to achieve consistency in trading. All you need is a demo account to start […]

Types of Analysis in Forex Trading | Technical Analysis | Fundamental Analysis | Sentimental Analysis

As a forex trader, you might have explored many strategies to gain best entry and exit points in forex trading. There are hundreds of strategies to explore. All these strategies fall under three types of analysis. Technical analysis: It is a very popular method of analysis among forex traders. It involves studying historical chart patterns to predict future price movements. It involves studying price action, using […]

What Is Slippage in Forex Trading | Slippage Explained

In this video, you will learn about slippage in forex trading. You might have noticed on your MetaTrader platform, that during times of high volatility, after placing a trade, the broker will ask you to place the trade again after issuing you a requote. Even after executing the trade, you might have noticed that the rate at which the trade is executed is different from the rate that you […]

Psychological Whole Numbers (The Support & Resistance Map of the Forex Market )

In this video, you will learn about the psychological whole numbers, and how to use them in forex trading. In technical analysis, you might have noticed on your charts that prices react sharply at round numbers. As you can see on this chart, that this resistance level with a whole number is well respected has been tested multiple number of times. Price faced rejection at this resistance level […]

Master Forex Spreads Quickly to Increase Profits

In this video, you will learn about forex spreads, and, be able to choose brokers who offer competitive spreads. In forex trading, you trade based on the value of the exchange rate between two currencies. For example, the GBP/USD pair. Here, the pound is the base currency, and the US dollar is the quote currency. It tells you how many units of the quote currency is needed to buy one unit of the base […]

Master Interest Rates and Master the Forex Markets

The forex market has a strong correlation with the interest rates. The interest rate for a particular country is seen as a strong fundamental driver behind that currency of that country. Hence, investments flow towards the currency with high interest rate. The interest rates are determined by the central banks of countries. The central bank uses the monetary policy as a tool to control inflation. Hence, they rise or lower interest rates to achieve the target for inflation […]