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What does Average True Range (ATR) Mean in Forex?

The ATR is a volatility indicator. It measures the range of the session in pips and then determines the average of the that range over a certain number of sessions. For example, if using a daily chart with a default setting of 14, the ATR will measure the average daily range from high to low of the previous 14 days. Looking at the chart, the current ATR shows a reading of 0.0153. It means that the average range for the pair is 153 pips […]

Daily Forex News and Analysis — October 17th 2017

US stocks closed higher on Monday, as gains in Telecoms, Technolgy, and Financials lifted the market. The Dow Jones rose by 0.37%, the S&P 500 by 0.18%, and the NASDAQ added 0.28% to its value. The US dollar rose against a basket of major currencies on upbeat manufacturing data, but gains were capped as investor concerns over a continued slowdown in inflation weighed on sentiment. Gold fell, closing at $1,294 an ounce. Crude Oil fell, closing at $51.82 […]

What Is the Elliott Wave Theory?

The Wave Principle was developed by Ralph Nelson Elliott. It is a discovery that social, or crowd, behavior trends and reverses in recognizable patterns. Using stock market data for the Dow Jones Industrial Average as his main research tool, Elliott discovered that the ever changing path of stock market prices reveals a structural design that in turn reflects a basic harmony found in nature. From this discovery, he developed a rational […]

Daily Forex News and Analysis — October 16th 2017

US stocks closed higher on Friday, as gains in Basic Mateials, Technology, and Consumer Services lifted the market,. The Dow Jones rose by 0.13%, the S&P 500 by 0.09%, and the NASDAQ added 0.22% to its value. The US dollar fell against a basket of major currencies after inflation data fell short of expectations, sparking uncertainty about the outlook for tighter monetary policy. Gold traded higher, supported by the dip in the dollar. Crude Oil traded higher, […]

Market Conditions — How to Identify Corrections and Price Reversals

In this video you will learn: What are the different types of market conditions? How can we identify them? What is the difference between a correction and a reversal? A trending market is a market that moves clearly in one direction, up or down. Here is an example of an uptrend. In an uptrend, the market direction can be seen by a series of higher highs and higher lows. Here is an example of a downtrend. In a downtrend, the market direction […]

Daily Forex News and Analysis — October 15th 2017

The EUR/USD pair fell by 0.08%, closing the week at 1.1820. The GBP/USD pair increased by 0.17%, closing the week at 1.3066 exchange rate. Austrians are at the poll today for a snap national election. The vote has come a year early after disputes led to the breakdown of the coalition government of the Social Democrats and the People's party. Gold rose by 0.62%, as of last week's market close, closing at $1,304.60 an ounce, Crude Oil rose by 1.68%, closing at $51.45 a barrel. […]

Which Timeframe to Trade On

This video will help you to decide which timeframe will suit you the best to trade from. In this video, you will learn; What is a timeframe? What are the characteristics of a short-term timeframe? What are the characteristics of a medium-term timeframe? What are the characteristics of a long-term timeframe? What are the different types of trading? Let us start by explaining what a timeframe is. A timeframe refers to how long it takes […]

Develop Your Own Trading Strategy

In this video, you will learn: How to overcome not knowing what is to happen next in the market? The difference between trading with a strategy and trading randomly. What does a trading strategy consist of? Price movements in the financial markets can appear to be random. However, people can and do make money by trading the markets. They do this by following what is called a strategy or system, that takes away […]

Why a Trading Journal Is Important

In this video, you will learn Why you should keep a trading journal? What information you should keep in a trading journal? Why is this important? A trading journal records your trading results allowing you to assess the overall performance of your trading decisions. This information can prove critical, especially in times when you may be experiencing negative results in your trading. During these times, […]

Daily Forex News and Analysis — October 11th 2017

Wall Street closed higher on Tuesday, as gains in the Utilities, Consumer Goods, and Financial sectors lifted the market. The Dow Jones rose by 0.31%, the S&P 500 by 0.23%, and the NASDAQ added 0.11% to its value. The US dollar fell against a basket of major currencies pressured by a surge in the euro following data pointing to underlying strength in the eurozone economy. Today, the FOMC Meeting Minutes is expected. Gold prices rose, boosted by the softer dollar and safe […]