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Maximizing Profits Strategically

In this video, we will look at how to maximize profits strategically. Analyze markets through fundamental analysis. In broad terms, fundamental analysis is the study of all the external factors that can change the price of an asset. It looks at geopolitical news like conflicts, elections, growth reports, employment, interest rate changes, etc. to ride the market movements and hopefully profit. It requires research, reading the news, studying world events, […]

Forex Trading Using Technical Analysis

Technical analysis in forex trading is commonly used as a basis for entering and exiting trades. The most commonly used technical analysis method is by recognizing technical chart patterns formed by candlestick formations. Triangle chart patterns are one example. These chart patterns will help a trader to identify various opportunities to enter trades. Know the common triangle chart patterns. Triangle chart patterns are the most traded patterns in currency […]

Forex Trading — Explained

When we talk about forex trading, it basically means that we are exchanging currencies. So, unlike trading of stocks, first, let us discuss about how trading of stocks works. For example, you want to buy shares of Apple, currently, let us assume it is trading at $100, we receive one share of Apple, with 100 dollars in your account. But in currency, what we […]

What Is Leverage and How does it Impact Your Trading?

What is leverage? Basically, it means the amount you can borrow. So, this is a term that is particularly popular in the currency markets. So, if you come across a broker telling you that you can leverage 100:1, it means that you can borrow up to a 100 times your trading account. The leverage depends on individual brokers, but it should not be the only […]

Forex Trading — How to Trade — Doji Candlestick Patterns

In this video, we are going to discuss a candle called the doji candle. It can be quite a significant candle when we are looking at trend reversal. It has the following features. Not a reversal candle on its own Represents an equilibrium between buyers and sellers (markets do not know which way to go) Open and close are around the same level. Requires confirmation The doji candle comes in a few […]

Forex Trading : How It Works & the Basic Requirements

For some reason people think that you must acquire a formal degree and then work for an investment bank to become a day trader. In a way, it is not necessary to blame people who think like that. As soon as someone hears all the useless jargon out there about trading, it is enough to make them feel defeated and discourage. The great news is that all the jargon was created by people […]

Why Trade Forex? — Forex Trading

Beginning in 2007, an economic recession hit the US and had a devastating effect on the global markets alike. Businesses closed due to financial losses as they were faced with less demand for their goods and services. Since the banks were not lending money, most businesses could not take out any credit for business operations. This also had direct and negative effects on the stock value of most corporations. The main advantage of trading […]

Forex Trading — Using Economic Calendar and Fundamentals

News and data releases are considered to be leading indicators for the economy. They provide us with an idea of direction in which the economy is heading towards. It is because of this, they have the power to turn the market around at any point throughout the day. So, what you might see is huge spikes in the market at the time of the release. One thing you must consider is that it has the news […]

Forex Trading the News

Economic indicators are snippets of financial and economic data published by various agencies of the government or private sector. These statistics, which are made public on a regularly scheduled basis, help market observers monitor the pulse of the economy. Besides economic indicators, there are a few simple guidelines necessary to track, organize, and make trading decisions based on the data. Know exactly when each economic report is due to be released. Keep […]

What Is Forex Exchange Trading

The term forex is short for foreign exchange market, which is the place where different currencies are exchanged in a continuous fashion by millions of people all over the world. Tourists who travel from one country to another must exchange currencies in order to pay for a local product. Event without boarding a plane, residents of one country exchange currencies with another country each time they purchase a foreign product. For example, […]