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Fundamental Analysis and How to Use It in Forex Trading

The success of forex trader depends on many aspects. Among them is the ability to comprehensively see the situation in the financial market. Fundamental analysis is one of the main types of market analysis. It represents a study of the political and financial situation in some important countries. The financial situation of every country forms the rates of the national currency. Traders who trade according to the fundamental analysis have to be aware of the political situation of the world's major countries. A trader […]

Basic of Forex Trading Tutorial Video for Beginner

In this video, you will learn all about forex trading, simply, quickly, and interactively. Online trading cuts out the need for intermediaries such as banks. There are many trading arenas a person can choose from to start trading. The most important preparation you must do for your trading is to get proper training. Online trading is as simple as you can get If you choose the right direction, […]

Forex Market Analysis for Beginners — Forex Tutorial

In this video, you will learn simply, quickly, and interactively about using fundamental and technical analysis when trading. Economic news and important political events have the power to trigger big movements in the forex markets. By analyzing it, you can better understand how the markets are likely to move in the future. When examining economic data, you should study the previous results and forecast results. Then compare them with the actual […]

Are You Prepared to Trade Changing Markets?

Things change and in trading, this could mean higher or lower volatility, psychological makeup, and shocking news that make up the market, anything that may affect your risk to reward ratio and trading plan. Markets ebb and flow and there are times of abnormal activity that must be taken into account. We are not always going to have ideal trading conditions. It is something that we […]

Psychology of Forex Trading — Four Big Obstacles

In this course, you will learn about the decision making process of trading: simply, quickly, and interactively. Fear gets in the way of successful trading. That is why understanding and controlling your fears is so important. How do you stop your fears from controlling your trading. The answer is by developing a trading plan. Your plan should set your goals and identify the price levels and strategies you will […]

How Forex Managed Account Works

Today's investors and traders have a lot to deal with and most don't have the time, experience, technical setup or privileged information necessary to succeed. This has led to more and more investors and traders to search for new solutions to help them deal with the difficulties. There are many such solutions being offered from social trading to purchasable trading systems or even programmed asset management systems. All of the offered solutions have […]

How to Earn Money from Forex Trading

How do you make money trading money? Making money in the foreign exchange market is a speculative process. You are betting that the value of one currency will increase relative to the another. Currencies are traded and priced in pairs. Consider an EUR/USD exchange rate of 1.2131. The base currency is the euro and the US dollar is the quote currency, in which 1 unit of euro equals 1.2131 US dollars. In this example, […]

Forex 5-Minute Scalping Strategy

In this video, we will look at 5-min scalping trading strategy to trade the forex market. This is a trend trading strategy that should only be used when the market is trending. Only enter trades using this strategy when the moving averages are angling. If the moving averages are flat or you get a reversal candle, exit the trade. The market only trends about 20% of the time. Looking […]

How to Trade Forex Successfully

This video talks about how to trade successfully in the forex market. 95% of people lose money in the forex market and if that figure is startling, then you need to read up on every tip and detail you can if you want to avoid being included in that number. How to trade forex successfully is the first thing you should try to learn before you chance any of your own […]

What Is Trading? — Learn to Trade

Trading is exchanging one item for another. Today, as we use money, we trade by exchanging money for items. Trading in the financial markets is the same. Take for example, buying shares of a company. When you buy shares, you actually buy a part of that company. So, if the company grows, makes a large profit or brings out a new product, its shares will become more valuable. The person who bought […]