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What Is Technical Analysis? — Explained

Technical analysis is the study of price movements using charts. It uses historic chart data to predict the future. Patterns repeat themselves. So, you can find information about current market trends, chart patterns showing interaction of buyers and sellers, use technical indicators for entry and exit signals, etc. With all these information you can make wise trading decisions. Trading algorithms also use technical […]

Unemployment Rate in Forex — Explained & Methods to Trade

The unemployment rate is expressed as a percentage, which is the measure of tthe labor force who are jobless. It is a lagging indicator, because it follows the econnomic conditions of a country. When the ccountry's economic conditions are good, it indicates there are more jobs, hence the unemployment rate is low. If the economy is not doing good, then there are few jobs, and the unemployment rate will […]

What Is Volatile Market? How to Profit from Volatile Trading?

Volatile market is one, in which the market makes huge price movements in a short period of time. Volatile trading refers to making advantage of these huge price movements to profit using risky strategies. This kind of trading is used frequently by scalpers and intraday traders. When big events happen, then there is a significant drop or rise in the value of a currency. Here are some of the examples. When Venezuela suffered high […]

How to Read ATR in Forex — Average True Range Indicator Explained

The ATR indicator is used by traders to measure the volatility of the market by measuring the price range using a set of candlesticks. It is used for setting stop-loss and to set take-profit level. It is a very good indicator for day trading to measure overbought and oversold conditions. It helps you to measure volatility, but does not give you the direction of the market. You can use this indicator to scalp on smaller timeframes. On the daily chart, […]

Chart Patterns and How to Avoid Painful Trades

Chart patterns are extremely popular among day traders and swing traders. Some trading platforms help you to scan for chart patterns. Some popular chart patterns include head and shoulders, triangle pattern, etc. However, it is important to identify a proability along with the pattern. You should be able to identify chart patterns and enter with a breakout. They give you great risk to reward ratio for your […]

Your Emotional Side Is Destructive to Your Trading — Tame It

All traders have a personality which is a combination of emotion based and logical thinking. However, the balance of power is not always equal. When things go wrong in trading, then a chain reaction of destructive and irrational actions can be set on. Do not allow the emotional being inside you to control your trading decisions. Under emotions, your trading decision is going to be wrong and is going […]

Try This If You Think Trading Is Easy

You might think trading is easy. So, pick a direction, and enter the trade. Then you make a profit and exit the trade. It may seem simple enough. However, there are so many things that make up a profitable trader. May enter trading thinking that if others are making profit, so do they. So, you should follow rules and gain a rudimentary knowledge of the art […]

How Does the Forex Market Work — An Explanation

The forex market is also called as the interbank market, which is a loose confederation of some of the world's largest banks to trade currencies and also to speculate. If you are a retail trader, then the chances are highly likely that you will be trading using a liquidity provider, who is your online broker. Your order may not be routed to big banks due to small position size. Your […]

Find Confluence in Trading Entries and Exits

In trading, the collision of two or more things can be a blessing. It can tell you the difference between success or failure of a trade. Consider, for example, X and Y are two factors contributing to confluence. When they meet, then you have more people to look at them. Hence, confluence is an act or process of merging and you can look for a trading opportunity in these areas. Consider an example. As you can see on the chart, […]

Trading with Trend | Trend Definition and Trading Tactics

Trading with the trend is one of the easiest concepts to understand, but proves to be one of the hardest aspects in technical analysis to stick with, even for experienced programmers. As you can see on the chart, you have a simple moving average indicator added to the chart. When the price is above the moving average, then it is uptrend. When the price is below, then it is downtrend. But the way you interpret […]