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Trend Trading Strategies

We all know the saying, the trend is your friend. But is it really so? One of the most difficult aspects of trend trading strategy is to identify when a trend is about to start. Because the earlier you enter a trend, the more profits you will make. Some traders enter a trend after they can clearly see it on the chart. But doing this, they risk that a trend […]

Channel Strategy

This video is devoted to the channel strategy in the MetaTrader terminal. Channel strategy is usually used in addition to the basic trading strategies. Let's open the chart and apply the linear aggression channel to it. The channel will hardly help you open the first deal. You should have opened the deal before using any other strategy. With the help of the channel strategy, you will simply add deals in the direction of the trend every […]

Adverse Tactics

This video is devoted to the adverse tactics in the MetaTrader terminal. In this video, we will give just a general description of adverse tactics. The idea of the system is to draw the lines that will become the borders of movement in the future. It happens as follows. First, we point out the local peak and assume there will be a change in the trend direction. We place the number one on the chart. Sometimes later, the price has continued […]

Moving Average and Parabolic SAR strategy

This video is devoted to the moving average and parabolic indicator in the MetaTrader terminal. Let's study the simple strategy based on three moving averages and the parabolic indicator. Let's apply the first moving average to the chart. Press the indicators button and choose trend, moving average. Select the exponential method with the period equal to 10. We then place two more moving averages with the periods 20 and 30. Then, we add the parabolic […]

Impulse Trade of Alexander Helder

This video is devoted to the impulse trading system by Alexander Elder in the MetaTrader terminal. The essence of this strategy is simple. We buy when the price rises, sell as soon as the growth rate slows down. A necessary condition for success is to trade on the timeframe where the average price movement in the trend is not less than 10 spreads of your currency pair. For the euro, it is 20 pips. We will use […]

Larry William Strategy

Larry Williams is the symbol of short-term trading. This is the man who proves each year that hundreds and thousands of percent per annum can be earned trading on forex. In a single year, he increased his capital from 10,000 US dollars to one million one hundred and seventy thousand dollars. Let's impose two moving averages on the chart. The first moving average will be calculated on the basis of the bar's […]

Two-Period ADX Trading Strategy

With this strategy, we are using a 2-period ADX to catch low risk entries in a trending market. Rules for Long: From below the 20-period EMA, the price makes a higher swing high above the 20-period EMA. The 2-period ADX falls below 25, but price is still above EMA (signal bar). Place buy order one tick above the high of the signal bar. Cancel order if not triggered […]

Forex Trading: Is It Only for Brokers & The Rich ?

The majority of us are led to believe that we are not entitled to become rich, if we are not rich already. What is critical is doing our own due diligence instead of doing what most people do. It just seems crazy how someone can easily be dissuaded from pursuing a new career path outside of typical 9 to 5, because they are […]

How to Make Money Trading Channel — Forex Strategy — 99% Accuracy

In this video, we will talk about how to trade using channels. Here we have an uptrend and we can draw a support line which represents a diagonal, which is kind of guiding the price, and price keeps bouncing off. Now, we are going to copy this line, and put it above the price. It has the first angle as the first one and it is sitting on one of the highs of price. The price […]

Forex Strategy — Trading the Apex

In this video, we are going to look at head and base structures and how to trade the apex. So, as traders, basically, we are doing one of two things. Either we are trying to buy dips or sell rallies in the market, whether that be on a weekly or a 5-minute chart. So, basically, we are trying to find turning points in the market to buy or sell. So, if you think of it like, say you […]