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Seven Mistakes Novice Traders Make — Please Avoid Them

In this video, you will look at the seven mistakes that beginner traders make in forex trading, and you will learn how to avoid them. 1. Risking what you cannot afford to lose: Trading is a very risky business. Many traders lose money as they start with forex trading. So, do not risk the money that you cannot afford to lose. It is important that you […]

Elder Impulse Trading System

In this video, you will learn about the Elder Impulse trading system. This is a very simple trading system and consists of two indicators. The first indicator is the 13-period EMA. As you can see on the left, the price is above the EMA, and indicates an uptrend. On the right, you can see that the price is trading below the EMA, and indicates a downtrend. The second indicator is the MACD histogram. A long signal is generated […]

Three Ducks Trading System

In this video, you will learn about the three ducks trading system. This is a trend trading strategy. This strategy makes use of three timeframes. It makes sure that you are entering into trades in the direction of the overall trend. A trading opportunity arises whenever the three ducks are aligned in a row. This trading system consists of three components. The first one is the tide, which represents the largest […]

How to Become a Full Time Trader? Here's a Realistic Strategy!

If you are planning to become a full time trader, then this video is for you. When you become a full time trader, then you become responsible for it like you would run any other business. You are investing money and hence you should make a profitable income out of it. You need to be able to cope to stress that comes with trading on day to day […]

Top Ten Golden Rules of Forex Trading

In this video, you will learn about the top ten golden rules that you should follow in forex trading. Avoid forex trading software that claims to guarantee returns: Losses are inevitable in forex trading. So, you should not be taken by the false claims that these companies make about unrealistic profits using their trading software. Always use a demo account: You need to practice […]

False Breakouts / Fakeouts: How to Trade them Effectively in the Forex Market!

In this video, you will learn about how to trade false breakout in forex trading. Look at this gold chart, for example. After this spike higher, the market fell back aggressively. This is what you call as a fake out. This creates a zone in which the buyers and the sellers are trapped. Also, a stop hunt happens in this zone due to high volatility. These are demand zones from where […]

Forex Trading Rules: Never Risk More Than 2% per Trade

This video focuses on risk management. It is important in forex trading that you should not risk more than 2% in any single trade. However, this rule is not followed by most beginners in forex trading. They end up blowing their account. You may have made a series of wins. However, a single losing trade could make you lose all if you do […]

What Are Symmetrical Triangles?

In this video, you will learn about symmetrical triangles. A symmetric triangle is a chart pattern formed by two trendlines converging at a common point. The upper trendline connects a series of lower highs and the lower trendline connects a series of higher lows. It represents indecision in the market that it cannot decide to break up or down. However, due to the shift in supply and demand controlling the price of the asset, at some point, the market breaks either […]

What It Takes to Be a Profitable Forex Trader — How to Trade Like a Pro?

In this video, you will learn about what it takes to be a profitable trader. Retail trader includes all the major players from stocks, hedge funds, bonds, commodities, etc. Those who come into forex trading see it as an easy way to make money or a way to get rich quick. However, it is not different from stocks or commodities. You should treat forex trading like […]

Trading USDJPY / GBPJPY / EURJPY: What You Need to Know About JPY Pairs!

In this video, you will learn about the strategy behind the yen related pairs. For example. consider the USD/JPY pair. This pair is correlated with the US stock market, gold, and the yen is considered as a safe haven currency. So, during times of economic unrest, the market becomes more riskier to invest, and fear dominates the minds of the investors. There are two types of sentiments that dominate the market. They are risk-on […]