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What Is Trend Reversal in Forex Trading?

In this video, you will learn about trend reversal in forex trading. You look for a trend reversal, when an existing trend starts showing signs of weakness. The idea is to catch a trade early before the reversal starts taking place. Consider an uptrend for example. It consists of higher lows and higher highs. You look for a reversal pattern such as the head and shoulders pattern on the top of an uptrend. You look for the break of the neckline to enter […]

What Are False Trend Breakouts

This video explains you about how to deal with false breakouts in forex trading. To trade with the trend, you first need to identify an existing trend. So, drawing trendlines makes it easier to spot trends. It would be tempting to sell at a top zone or to buy at a bottom zone. But the chances are highly likely that the existing trend will continue in its direction before reversing. You may […]

Explaining Trends and How to Draw Trendlines

In this video, you will have a clear understanding about trends, and how to draw trendlines properly on your chart. You can look for three types of trends in the forex market. They are uptrend, downtrend, and the sideways trend. For an uptrend, you look for the market to make higher highs and higher lows. For a downtrend, look for lower highs and lower lows. Connect at least two higher lows to draw an uptrend line. Similarly, connect two […]

How Many Hours a Day Does a Full Time Forex Trader Trade?

You don't have to be trading full time by sitting in front of your computer the whole day. So, it is sufficient if you can allocate 8 hours a day for full time trading. Still, you will have plenty of time to do other things like spending your time with your family, etc. It is good to have other sources of income. It will eliminate the financial […]

Forex Trading Strategy: How to Use Multiple Take Profits?

In this video, you will learn about how to use multiple take profits in forex trading. Based on your trading strategy, you might have used some rules for entry, your stop-loss, and take-profit level to obtain a good risk to reward ratio. But, why do you need to use multiple take profits in forex trading? You can set your take-profit level at the first area of support or resistance. It […]

Trading Strategies: How to Trade Reversals with Pin Bars

In this video, how to trade reversals with pin bars. To trade trend reversals, you should be able to identify an existing trend, and then wait for the market to change the direction. An uptrend consists of higher highs and higher lows. A downtrend consists of lower highs and lower lows. Hence, you should focus on reversal patterns to identify a potential reversal before it happens in the market. A pin bar is one of the most popular reversal […]

Trading Strategies: How to Trade Breakouts

In this video, you will learn about how to trade breakouts in forex trading. You need to practice trading strategies using a demo account and it takes time to master. When price breaks out of a range, a support or resistance level, then you can call it a breakout. You can draw a horizontal line or a sloping line to connect the lows to obtain a support line. Similarly, you can draw a horizontal line […]

What Does a Trading Strategy Consist of?

In this video, you will understand, what does a trading strategy consist of? A trading strategy is based on three components. When to open a position It is about finding high probable low risk entries in the market. It is about getting precise entries. When to close a profitable position It is about setting a take-profit level for your trading position. It could be based on several parameters. […]

Trading Consistency

Trading consistency is a term misinterpreted in the world of forex trading. Trading discipline is something ignored by many traders while they focus only on technical analysis. Markets have multiple faces. You should not give important to one aspect of the market and ignore the other. If you are disciplined, but not sure of what you are doing, then you are only going to do things wrongly in a disciplined […]

When Should Forex Traders Buy or Sell?

In this video, you will learn about when to buy and sell in forex trading. Beginners in forex trading find themselves in difficult situations to get the timing right for buying or selling in forex market. Should you buy with the trend? Should you trade the range by using support and resistance levels? So, do not attempt to defeat the market. Wait for clues and hints that the market gives you and follow the course of the market. Your […]