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Market Entry Strategy — Best Time of Day to Trade Forex

In this video, you will learn about when to enter into a trade in forex. Forex trading is available 24 hours a day. However, it is important to trade forex during certain hours, when it is highly volatile. Successful forex trading is not only about finding a perfect entry signal. Look at this chart. As you can see, the price broke through the uptrend line. Also, […]

Trading with Rectangle Break Strategy

In this video, you will learn about the rectangle break strategy. As you can see on the AUD/NZD daily chart, this is the rectangle box marked. The market has been oscillating between the support and resistance levels for some time. At some point, the market broke to the upside. You can take a long position and place your stop-loss halfway into the rectangle. For determining the take-profit level, take the measurement from the height of this box, […]

Chase Trading Account — Traders' Bad Habits — Chasing Trades

In this video, you will learn about the mistake that traders make called chasing the trade. Chasing trades is not a good strategy. It is about investing more on something that had rallied and the arrival of dumb money into the market. One thing is mania that drew attention to the bitcoin markets. Indeed, money flowed into the bitcoin market, but it was unsustainable. Look at the monthly chart […]

The Problem of Multiple Timeframe Analysis (and the Solution!)

In this video, you will learn about the problems that traders face when using multiple timeframes for their price action analysis of the markets. Beginner traders try to change from one timeframe to another in order to find a holy grail when the market goes against them. They attempt to find support and resistance levels in higher timeframes and use them to make entries in lower timeframes. This leads to a situation called paralysis […]

The Problem of Trading Inertia

This video discusses with you about two main types of trading. The first type of trading is about being realistic with expectations, sustainable, and counterintuitive. The second type is being emotional and having trading results similar to a roller coaster experience. When you get a series of losing trades, it's a problem that you face called trading inertia. To overcome this, you need to adapt to sustainable type. You […]

How Monetary Policy Impacts on Forex Market

Announcements of monetary policy are released by the central banks. They are also released by governments. You can know about their release by looking at the economic calendar. An important one is the interest rate announcement. You can also come across press conference to happen by central banks like the ECB. Monetary policy announcements also inform about quantitative easing by the Fed. For example, if the Federal Reserve sounds dovish in its […]

Technical Analysis: The Most Important Lesson!

Many traders are unaware of the type of technical analysis that they have used for years. That is the reason for they get stuck without success. There are two types of technical analysis. They have two different outcomes. They are classified as mainstream technical analysis and scientific technical analysis. The mainstream technical analysis is used by 99% of traders. Only 1% of traders use the scientific analysis. The mainstream technical […]

Bollinger Band Moving Average Crossover

In this video, you will learn about breakout strategy using Moving Average and Bollinger Bands indicator. As you can see on the GBP/NZD chart, you have the 200-day Moving Average. Initially, it offered support, but price broke through to the downside. This is an example of a breakdown to the downside. Also, price did retest the Moving Average, and it offered resistance. After that the price fell down aggressively. Now, look […]

Trading for a Living: Is It Really Possible?

Many beginner traders ask this question. Is it possible to trade for a living? People are attracted to trading besides their daily jobs, because they see it as an easy way to make money. But they don't have the idea that how much hard work is needed to make money in trading. Yes, you can be successful and make money from trading for a living. But you must […]

How to Determine Forex Market Direction?

In this video, you will learn about the beginner strategy to determine the market direction. It involves first looking at the 30-min chart. To find out the market direction, look for the broken fractal pattern in the 30-min chart. As you can see, the up fractal was broken, and the market is hovering above this fractal. Place a horizontal line to identify this level. Now, you can start looking for buying opportunities in smaller timeframes. […]