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Five Tips for Beginner Traders

For beginner traders, trading will sound like a challenging and a tough task. This video focuses on five tips that will help you improve with your trading skills. 1. Do your research: Learn the basics of the market. Decide whether you want to trade forex, stocks, or commodities. Find the best broker who offers a good trading platform, faster execution, good spreads, etc. Find out your trading […]

Should You Be a Fundamental Trader or a Technical Trader — or Both?

Both fundamental and technical analysis are useful in determining existing and future trends of an asset. Fundamental analysis involves analyzing the economic growth of a country, so that you can assess whether the currency will appreciate or depreciate in value. You can look at inflation, trade balance, GDP, interest rates, etc. to gauge the strength of the economy of a country. Technical analysis involves studying chart patterns like double top, triangle pattern, candlestick […]

The Most Profitable Forex Indicators: Lagging Versus Leading

Traders tend to use technical indicators based on previous price action for developing a trading plan. There is nothing wrong in using lagging indicators. However, you can make use of some indicators, which are predictive of the future. For example, you can make use of the RSI divergence. Now, you can look at some of the leading indicators. Pivot Points: Pivot points are calculated based on previous day's data. They […]

Two Tips for Finding High Probability Trades with Forex News

In this video, you will focus on how to find high probability trade setups using forex news without having to rely on an economic calendar. It is about tracking sentiment, understanding the context, and then trade when the market expectations suddenly change. Retail traders rely on news sources which are slow, vague, and cluttered. So, you need to focus on news feeds that focus on breaking market moving news. […]

The Forex Market Explained: Risk-on, Risk-off

A risk-on sentiment indicates a positive mood that the traders have about the market. The investors are optimistic and interested in taking more risks in investing their money. They like to invest in assets that give them a higher yield. This includes assets like stocks, commodities, and high beta currencies like the Canadian dollar, New Zealand dollar, etc. A risk-off sentiment indicates a negative mood of the investors. This indicates uncertainty in the markets […]

What Is a Trading Strategy Based On? — Trading Basics

A trading system is based on  Sentimental analysis. Fundamental analysis. Technical analysis. Sentimental analysis involves trying to find out the sentiment of the traders in the market. This is more psychological approach to the market and needs experience to find out the next move in the market. However, this method lacks solid rules to be followed. Fundamental analysis involves studying the fundamental factors like GDP, inflation, interest rates, etc. that control […]

What Does a Trading Strategy Consist of? — Trading Basics

A trading strategy consists of three key decisions to be taken for any single trade. When to open a position: A precise entry point or an entry criteria for opening a position. When to close a profitable position: You need to decide your take-profit level for your winning trade. This is needed to maximize your profit for a winning trade. When to close a losing position: The level that you wish to close a losing trade, when the market […]

When Should Traders Buy or Sell? — Technical Analysis Basics

Most traders face the dilemma, that is when to buy or sell? Should you use the trend following strategy? Or you can trade the range? Do not try to beat the markets. Instead, let the market go on its course and make a trading decision. Professional traders do not allow their ego to take over from making wise trading decisions. A trend is more likely to continue in its course before […]

What Is a Trend Reversal? — Technical Analysis Basics

A trend reversal happens when an existing trend loses strength and a new one starts. The idea behind looking for a trend reversal is to jump on a new trade at the early stages of a new trend. An uptrend is identified by higher highs and higher lows. A downtrend is formed when the market makes lower highs and lower lows. You can observe an existing trend from different timeframes. Drawing trendlines makes it clearer to identify […]

How to Practice Discipline in Trading — Technical Analysis Basics

A trading strategy is useless if you lack the discipline in following the rules of your strategy. Also, it is very important that you follow risk management along with the trading discipiline. You need to overcome your emotions and be able to analyze trading as a psychological activity. Discipline can be mastered over time. You need to do study the markets first by observing the fundamentals for the asset involved. Hence, you […]