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How to Use Bollinger Bands — Trading Strategy

In this video, we will discuss about Bollinger Bands. We will focus on how to trade them using trends and trend reversals. But firstly, in terms of their construction, this indicator is made up of 3 lines. The center line is a simple moving average, The distance between the center line and the outside lines are measured in terms of standard deviation. So, firstly, when we get into trends, we […]

FOREX Trend Strategy

In this video, we will go through a forex trend trading strategy. The idea behind this strategy is to ride the trend to profit. It is a popular phrase, the trend is your friend. So, basically as a trader, it is best to trade the trend than to trade against it. The idea behind this strategy is to enter a trade on the retracement. Let's look at the indicators needed. 200 EMA Fibonacci indicator Stochastic […]

Maximizing Profits Strategically

In this video, we will look at how to maximize profits strategically. Analyze markets through fundamental analysis. In broad terms, fundamental analysis is the study of all the external factors that can change the price of an asset. It looks at geopolitical news like conflicts, elections, growth reports, employment, interest rate changes, etc. to ride the market movements and hopefully profit. It requires research, reading the news, studying world events, […]

Learn Forex — Timing Exits

In this video, we will look at how to time your exits. The most important thing in trading is not about how much money we can make, but how much money we don't lose. It is about preserving our capital. Let's take a look at this chart. We can enter at the bounce on this trend line. We place our stop-loss at 50 pips. Our take-profit […]

Learn Forex — Timing Your Entries

About 50% of good trade is all about timing. Enter too early and you risk being caught in the wrong direction. Enter too late and most of your profit is gone. In this video, we will go through couple of tips that will help you with timing instantly. Whether it is one minute or daily chart, the most important price is the one at which the session closes. […]

Trend Trading Strategies

We all know the saying, the trend is your friend. But is it really so? One of the most difficult aspects of trend trading strategy is to identify when a trend is about to start. Because the earlier you enter a trend, the more profits you will make. Some traders enter a trend after they can clearly see it on the chart. But doing this, they risk that a trend […]

Channel Strategy

This video is devoted to the channel strategy in the MetaTrader terminal. Channel strategy is usually used in addition to the basic trading strategies. Let's open the chart and apply the linear aggression channel to it. The channel will hardly help you open the first deal. You should have opened the deal before using any other strategy. With the help of the channel strategy, you will simply add deals in the direction of the trend every […]

Adverse Tactics

This video is devoted to the adverse tactics in the MetaTrader terminal. In this video, we will give just a general description of adverse tactics. The idea of the system is to draw the lines that will become the borders of movement in the future. It happens as follows. First, we point out the local peak and assume there will be a change in the trend direction. We place the number one on the chart. Sometimes later, the price has continued […]

Moving Average and Parabolic SAR strategy

This video is devoted to the moving average and parabolic indicator in the MetaTrader terminal. Let's study the simple strategy based on three moving averages and the parabolic indicator. Let's apply the first moving average to the chart. Press the indicators button and choose trend, moving average. Select the exponential method with the period equal to 10. We then place two more moving averages with the periods 20 and 30. Then, we add the parabolic […]

Impulse Trade of Alexander Helder

This video is devoted to the impulse trading system by Alexander Elder in the MetaTrader terminal. The essence of this strategy is simple. We buy when the price rises, sell as soon as the growth rate slows down. A necessary condition for success is to trade on the timeframe where the average price movement in the trend is not less than 10 spreads of your currency pair. For the euro, it is 20 pips. We will use […]