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Refusing to Take a Loss — How to Deal with Trading Losses?

There is an old saying that the trend is your friend. But it is important that you must catch a move earlier. When you enter a trend a bit late, then there is no point hanging on to a losing trade. Also, it would be dangerous to your capital, if you shift your stop-loss hoping that the market would come back in your favor. This could […]

What Is Multiple Timeframe Analysis in Forex?

In this video, you will learn about multiple timeframe analysis in forex trading. Multiple timeframe analysis helps you to identify the market direction by comparing higher and lower timeframes for a currency pair. Instead of entering on a higher timeframe, you can use a smaller timeframe to take a trade, to minimize risk, and use a smaller stop-loss. You can use timeframes like the 15-min, 1-hour, 4-hour, and the daily. You can use the larger timeframe […]

Fatal Mistakes of System Hopping: Risks and Consequences

In this video, you will understand what system hopping is. Those who are new to forex trading, use a trading system using a demo account, without fully understanding it. They are happy as long as they make profits. But when they make a loss, they regret the system, and go for another one. They keep doing this for a long time searching for a holy grail. For example, consider a moving […]

The Danger of Listening to Strangers

In this video, you will learn about the danger of listening to strangers in forex trading. Traders attempt to take advice when things go wrong with their trades. They go to discussion forums, chat rooms and look for advice. But this could lead to more losses as they might take advice from someone who may not be experienced in trading at all. You are responsible for your losses in forex […]

How to Use Divergence Indicator in Forex Trading?

In this video, you will learn about divergence in forex trading. If you are looking for a reversal trade, then you need to learn about divergence. You need to use a leading indicator to identify divergence. So, you can catch a new trend at the earliest point and maximize on profit. There are two types of divergence observed on the chart. Bullish divergence occurs when the price makes a lower low in a downtrend, but […]

Understanding Reversal and Market Correction in Forex

In this video, you will learn about how to identify and trade different types of market behaviors. When a market trends, it can be identified by higher highs and higher lows, in case of an uptrend. You can draw a trendline connecting the lows or use a combination of moving averages to identify a trend. Similarly, a downtrend can be identified by lower lows and lower highs. Observing a trend is subjective in nature. Because different people […]

How to Enact MFI or Market Facilitation Index Strategy in Forex?

In this video, you will learn about the Market Facilitation Index indicator. This is a technical indicator to measure volatility. But this indicator does not tell you which direction market is heading, bullish or bearish. It helps you identify various market conditions and helps you to enter, and when not to enter a trade. This indicator uses bars that are colored to indicate different activities of the market. […]

Simple Moving Average Crossover Strategy

In this video, you will learn how to use moving average crossover to enter a trade. With this strategy, there are two simple moving averages, the 50-period, and the 200-period. For a downtrend, the 50-period MA is below the 200-period MA. When the 50-period MA is above the 200-period MA, then it is an uptrend. As you can see, the 50-period MA reacts faster to price changes. The 200-period MA is responding slower […]

Fibonacci Retracement Levels Trading Strategy

In this video, you will learn about Fibonacci retracement to find out the support and resistance levels for a good trade entry. The important Fibonacci retracement levels are 61.8%, 50%, and the 38.2% levels. When price touches these levels, that is when you enter a trade in the direction of the trend. In case of an uptrend, draw the Fibonacci retracement from swing low to swing high. You get the Fib retracement levels. When price […]

Simple Trend Following Strategy

In this video, you will learn a forex trading strategy, to identify and to trade in the direction of that trend. The trend is your friend. To identify the trend is the key to success in the long-term. The trend trading setups give you great risk to reward ratio. So, what is an uptrend. You need to identify higher highs and higher lows. You can also draw a trendline to see it more clearly. For a downtrend, you need […]