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What Do You Do When There Is no Clear Opportunity in the Forex Market?

What should forex traders do when there no trading opportunity spotted on a chart they are trading? This question is answered in this video. Trading is not only about using your forex strategy, but the discipline to follow it. If your strategy don't find a suitable entry for you in the chart, then you should wait and not enter a trade hastily. It is better to wait […]

What If You Miss an Opportunity for Trading in Forex?

If you are leading a normal life to carry out other duties and responsibilities, besides trading, then sometimes you find yourself lose a wonderful trading opportunity go by. However, this is not unusual, but happens quite a lot in the world of trading. You might have missed out a big trend. You have missed that opportunity to make big money. But don't worry. You should […]

What Is Our First Responsibility as a Forex Trader?

When you start trading forex using a live account, you are not expected to trade like big banks do. Instead you should start slowly and gradually progress. The idea is you should learn to survive first, just like any other business do. You need to go through the learning curve by investing in quality forex education and practice in a demo account before going live. If you […]

Forex Strategy — Using Single Moving Average to Enter

In this video, you will learn about a forex trading strategy of how to trade using a single moving average instead of a moving average crossover. On your MetaTrader platform, you can find the moving average indicator and add it to your chart. You can choose the 10-period moving average. You can use this strategy on the 1-hour chart. When you see a bullish candle closing above this moving average, […]

Trading Is Not Complex — Here Is How Simple It Really Is

People who want to make money or aiming to sell their ideas, like to make things look more difficult or complicated, than they actually are. It is for them to benefit by selling you their idea to make it look more complicated. So, please don't worry. But trading is not a complex thing. You can analyze them and divide them into simple logical steps, that you […]

Why 90% of Forex Traders Lose Their Money

Why 90% of forex traders lose their money? The simple answer to this question is inadequate experience and lack of proper education, and training. Most people entering forex trading, think that it is a get rich quick scheme. They believe that they can make huge profits in a short period of time. However, this is not true. So, what is needed to become a successful trader. Education, […]

Be Careful About FOMC in Forex Trading

In this video, we will look at one of the most important forex news that causes high impact on US dollar and those pairs that include EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY. This news is very important because if even you are a long-term trader, trading the 4-hour or the daily chart, you should be careful about this news, because it can make some bad impact on your trading […]

How to Use Bollinger Bands — Trading Strategy

In this video, we will discuss about Bollinger Bands. We will focus on how to trade them using trends and trend reversals. But firstly, in terms of their construction, this indicator is made up of 3 lines. The center line is a simple moving average, The distance between the center line and the outside lines are measured in terms of standard deviation. So, firstly, when we get into trends, we […]

FOREX Trend Strategy

In this video, we will go through a forex trend trading strategy. The idea behind this strategy is to ride the trend to profit. It is a popular phrase, the trend is your friend. So, basically as a trader, it is best to trade the trend than to trade against it. The idea behind this strategy is to enter a trade on the retracement. Let's look at the indicators needed. 200 EMA Fibonacci indicator Stochastic […]

Maximizing Profits Strategically

In this video, we will look at how to maximize profits strategically. Analyze markets through fundamental analysis. In broad terms, fundamental analysis is the study of all the external factors that can change the price of an asset. It looks at geopolitical news like conflicts, elections, growth reports, employment, interest rate changes, etc. to ride the market movements and hopefully profit. It requires research, reading the news, studying world events, […]