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Lesson 7 — Installation and Terminal Interface

This is Lesson 7 of the series. This video gives you a web link to download the MetaTrader 4 software. Once downloaded it takes you through the installation procedure in your computer. MetaTrader 4 comes with functions for using Scripts and Expert advisors for automated trading. It also comes with a strategy tester and you can save and use templates for charts.

Lesson 6 — Session on Forex Market

This is Lesson 6 of the series. The Forex market never has any end during the week. You can trade Forex day and night because the Internet is never closed and the banks are because of the different sessions. The Asian session is the first to start on Monday morning and the banks are open in Tokyo. Then the European session starts and the London banks are open. Then the USA session starts with the banks open […]

Lesson 5 — What is the Spread

This is Lesson 5 of the series. A Forex broker lends his customer a large sum of money in case they trade at a higher leverage than 1:1. The broker gets the money back after the trade is finished and whats the broker's benefit of that. Forex broker gets the Spread from every trade. A Spread is a difference between Ask price and Bid price. For example if the ask price is 1.2654 and bid price […]

Lesson 4 — What are the Pips

This is Lesson 4 of the series. Its usually the 4th or 5th decimal place of a quotation. Pip in Forex trading is abbreviation for "percentage in point". 1 Pip = 1/100 of one percent (at the 4th decimal place). Its the smallest decimal of a currency that is counted. However there are currencies like USD/JPY for example where the second decimal counts the pip value. For example Pip value of EUR/USD at 1:10 pm is […]

Lesson 3 — What is the Leverage

This is Lesson 3 of the series. You may wonder is it possible to trade on the Forex market with small sums of Money. Yes, it is. The Leverage is a very important tool in the Forex trading that makes it possible A small sum of money is multiplied by a factor, let us say x200, so that you can trade a large sum of money that you don't need to have […]

Lesson 2 — Foreign Exchange Quotes and Types

This is Lesson 2 of the series. The Foreign Exchange quotes show you the price at which you change one currency into another one. The price can change rather fast but you can keep yourself updated in the Internet as you can see changing quotes in the example shown in this video. Basically there are two different kinds of prices, the price at which are you willing to buy, called the Bid […]

Lesson 1 — Features of the Foreign Exchange Market

This is Lesson 1 of the series. The Forex Exchange market or Fx or Currency market is the largest and the most liquid financial market in the world. With the huge daily trading volume of $4 trillion and its growing steadily. Forex trading is comparable to Stock trading. The difference is that the currencies are usually not traded at a local place like a Stock market or directly between the market participants mainly by using the Internet, because […]

Foreign Exchange Market

This is a video tutorial on Foreign Exchange Market. This market is also called Forex market or Spot Fx market. This is the market where trading of currencies take place. Participants of this market buy and sell currencies, exchange currencies or speculate. Banks, Hedge funds, retail brokers and Forex investors and Central banks are its participants.

Foreign Exchange Market

This video tutorial makes a comparison between Foreign exchange market and the Stock market. Forex market is a global market in which trading takes place between two remote countries. The Stock market is comprised within one country. There are different currencies involved with Forex market, but only one currency is involved with Stock market related to that country. One advantage of Forex market […]