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Be Careful About FOMC in Forex Trading

In this video, we will look at one of the most important forex news that causes high impact on US dollar and those pairs that include EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY. This news is very important because if even you are a long-term trader, trading the 4-hour or the daily chart, you should be careful about this news, because it can make some bad impact on your trading […]

What Is the FOMC?

The FOMC is a committee of the Federal Reserve Board that determines the direction of monetary policy. The FOMC is composed of the board of governors, which has seven members, and five Reserve Bank Presidents. The President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York serves continuously, while the presidents of the other reserve banks rotate their service of the 1-year term. The FOMC is headed by the Director of the Federal Reserve who is currently Janet Yellen, who took […]

What is FOMC Meeting

FOMC is the Federal Open Markets Committee or the policy making arm of the Federal reserve. It determines short term Interest rates in the US and it decides Overnight rate that Banks can lend each other. It is one of the most important baseline number and it is almost always a Market mover and thats why you should care. When the announcement is made you can use it to trade. […]

FOMC Announcement — November 3rd 2010

Trading the FOMC announcement of the rate decision can be quite profitable. This video analysis shows possible entry and exit levels for USD/JPY, USD/CHF and EUR/USD currency pairs.

Daily Currency Outlook — November 3rd 2010

Watch this daily currency outlook in a form of video technical analysis for the major currency pairs. It talks about getting into the profitable trading opportunities before the FOMC release today.

Forex Technical Analysis — June 23rd 2010

This technical analysis video tries to point out good entry points ahead of the FOMC rate decision and some important news related to pound.

Daily Currency Outlook — January 28th 2010

Fundamental factors has played out their role rather passively yesterday and now the technicals are moving the Forex major pairs. FOMC decision failed to move the dollar-based pairs significantly. But EUR/USD is expected to break 1.4000 level soon. Watch the analysis presented in this video for details.

Daily Currency Outlook — December 16th 2009

This daily outlook for the major Forex currency pairs comments on the yesterday's dollar's rise and also tries to come up with some technical and fundamental reasons for the consolidation of the market trend before the FOMC interest rate statement release later today.

London Forex Trading Session Preview — September 24th 2009

As the technical factors seem to be moved to the background after the yesterday's FOMC statement, the dollar rebounds and it's quite hard to suggest some opportunities based on the technical analysis. Nevertheless, this London session preview offers you 2 conservative trades for EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

Forex Video FOMC Rate Decision Analysis — September 16th 2008

This free Forex video analysis shows you the possible outcomes of today's interest rate decision by the Federal Open Market Committee. Interest rates strongly affect the currency rates - be ready to react today to get your profit.