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How to Trade a Flag Pattern in Forex — Part 1

The flag pattern is an important chart pattern in forex trading. You should use this pattern as part of your trading strategy. There are two types of flag patterns. Bull flag, which occurs in an uptrend. The bear flag is spotted inside a downtrend. The flag pattern consists of a flag pole, an area of consolidation, which resembles a flag, and finally a break out in the direction of the trend. In an uptrend, at some point, buyers are exhausted, […]

How to Trade Forex Flag Patterns

Flag formations are highly profitable trading strategies when you are able to identify one quickly in a moving market. The next two examples will teach you how to trade a flag. Let's look at the first example. Identify the main trend. A downtrend identified by lower lows with blue line. Look for formations. Flag formation found boxed in pink. Enter short at black line flag corner. Set stop-loss at red […]

How To Trade Forex Flag Patterns — Set Up and Entry — Part 2

This is part two of the series. This video shows the set up and trade entry conditions for this Forex trading system or strategy. This is a system with good solid win-to-loss rates and a very good risk-to-return profile. It has frequent set ups in all time frames. This video deals with both the entry and set up rules for the flag pattern. So, first let us have a look […]

Forex Trading With Flag Patterns — Part 1

Hendrik Vos, a forex trader takes through a series of videos to explain the flag pattern and how it can be used in forex trading. This is part 1 of the series. Many traders are looking for free trading systems. So, in this video, we will look at the entries, the exits, and the money management of this trading system. This is a profitable forex trading system and it is based on flag patterns. In this […]

Important Chart Pattern: The Flag Pattern

In this video tutorial, we will learn about bullish flag chart pattern. The actual pattern itself is pretty easy to spot on most charts. In fact, it has become one of the favorites for most technical traders and chartists. The pattern really is this, it looks like a flag that is waving off of a flagpole. And that is where it gets its name. So, we have a sharp steep […]

Forex Chart Patterns — Flag Pattern

One of the most commonly followed chart patterns is the flag pattern. The flag pattern is normally a resting phase of a longer running trend. The flag by its very definition is a continuation pattern, meaning that if the previous trend is up, the expected move is up. It also works in reverse as there are also inverse or "upside down" flags as well.