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How to Acquire Free Applications from the Code Base

Each trader can download any of thousands trading robots and technical indicators for free, in your MetaTrader 4 trading platform. This video discusses how to do it. The Code Base is a vast source code library, containing thousands of trading robots and technical indicators. Every day developers add their new programs to the Code Base, which can then be downloaded for free and used on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. […]

How to Order a Trading Robot from the Freelance Service

A trading robot or an indicator can be ordered from experienced developers straight from the MetaTrader 4 platform. Use the context menu command to go to the online Freelance service. On the website, dozens of new automated trading related orders are created daily. Hundreds of developers perform jobs under concluded contracts and are ready to take new orders. To create an order for a trading robot, you initially need to specify the title, the category […]

How to Control Resources and Manage Subscriptions

This video shows you, how to analyze the virtual hosting resources report and how to control your subscriptions from your MetaTrader 4 platform. Straight from the MetaTrader 4 platform, you can easily control the resources used by Expert Advisors and Indicators running on a virtual machine. This can be done by the Details command in the Navigator window. The Details window features the graphs of CPI, Memory and Hard Disk usage. High values […]

Preparing to Migrate Robots and Signals

Signal subscriptions and Expert Advisors running on your local computer are automatically transferred to the virtual hosting during migration. Therefore, make sure to correctly configure the environment in your platform before you rent a virtual machine. Please close all the charts that you do not use and delete unnecessary symbols from the Market Watch. This will prevent excessive usage of network traffic. Then run the Expert Advisors that […]

How to Rent a Virtual Hosting from Trading Platform

This video explains you how to rent a virtual hosting directly from a trading platform. You can rent a virtual server straight from the platform to copy a signal provider’s deal and ensure round the clock operation of your robots. You can do so from the context menu of the navigator window. The virtual hosting wizard contains a brief guide for the platform navigation. The virtual hosting wizard contains a brief guide for the platform migration. […]

Automatic Forex System Trading

You can be trading the most profitable currency pair and still miss out on profits. You may be trading Forex with candlesticks and making money but if you could automate your trading system you might be able to increase your income. Where automatic Forex system trading rises above your day by day online trading efforts is in the ability of automated computerized system to spot […]

How to Improve Your Forex Robot

Very often after a trade develops or buys a trading strategy they then look for ways to improve it by minimizing the losses and increasing profit. The most important aspect of any trading system is money management. A Robot built without money management is built with 2 options, trading using a fixed lot and lot calculation based on the balance. Such system based on balance sheet can greatly increase the chance of a loss. […]

Automatic Forex Trading System

If you have been online or watching TV ads you may have heard about an automatic Forex trading system. This can be a good solution for you if you are attracted to Forex currency trading because of the money that can be made. There are many profitable systems for Forex trading developed by successful traders. Infact most traders have their own system which is […]

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using Expert Advisor in Forex Trading

More than 3 trillion dollars is transacted everyday with in the Forex marketplace. One might think that the likelihood of receiving a huge profit must be pretty high. A Expert Advisor is software that carries out trades automatically depending on a specific strategy. Advantages of Expert Advisor: 1. Expert Advisor Forex is capable of trading for you 24/7 without sleep or food. 2. Forex robots can perform […]

Forex Trading — Expert Advisor

Attracted by remarkable advertised trading results a number of novice and experienced Forex traders alike turn to purchasing one of the many automated Forex trading systems or Forex robots, currently being marketed to Forex traders. They often result in trading Forex profitably and can be challenging. So why not invest in a fully automated program whose developers claim can make huge returns. Furthermore the typical prices are only $100 […]