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How to Install an Expert Advisor on MT4

In this video, you will learn how to set up an expert advisor on your MetaTrader 4 platform. To run an expert advisor, you need to use a windows computer with MetaTrader platform installed. It will not run in a phone that has the MetaTrader app installed. Assume that you have purchased it or downloaded for free, your EA from a website. Locate that folder that contains this EA. […]

How to Install Expert Advisor in MetaTrader

To install Expert Advisor in MetaTrader platform, switch to the navigator button in the toolbar. Then open the Expert Advisors folder in the Navigator window. Here, you can find all EAs available. Select the one you wish to add and drag it to the charts window. In the settings window, add a check next to Allow Live Trading in order for the EA to execute trades. In the Inputs tab, you can also configure your Expert Advisor. Your Experts […]

Key to Finding a Forex Trading Robot

This video shows you why a well designed automated forex trading system is going to improve the success you will have with a Forex robot, making it simpler to use and increasing your profits. Automated Forex trading means trading with software known as Forex robots or Expert advisors that automatically for you anytime of night or day. How successful the system does will depend on how well the software […]

Choosing Expert Advisor in Forex Trading

This video talks about criteria for choosing best Expert Advisor for Forex trading. A Expert advisor is a program that makes trades for you automatically. Most Forex robots are Expert advisors for MetaTrader platform. It is simply a program you install in your MetaTrader. Screenshots are usally a scam as you can probably make a statement just like that yourself. You need to have verified trading history […]

RSI Trend — Free Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 4

In this video Shaun Overton discusses about RSI Trend strategy. This strategy uses simple set of rules. If the RSI breaks above 73 we enter long and if the RSI breaks below the 27 then we enter short. The exit strategy is based on 3 ATRs(Average True Range). For this strategy to work, you need one single direction. It highlights the market has reached an extreme point […]

MetaTrader 4 Backtest — Loading Strategy Tester

In this video you will learn how to open and run Expert Advisor Scripts and backtesting in MetaTrader platform. Once the Expert Advisor scripts are loaded in the installation directory of MetaTrader they will appear in the MetaTrader platform.