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EUR and GBP Gain Ground Against USD

This trading week was rather hard for the greenback. The US dollar index has hit the 3-year low, plunging by 2.2%. Meanwhile, its opponents are moving with the bullish bias. During the European trading session, the EUR/USD pair came close to the level of 1.2550. After that, the quotes corrected movement and retreated below 1.25. The same situation is seen on the chart of the GBP/USD pair. Breaking the level of 1.41, the cable declined to 1.4070. […]

News from Europe Unable to Support EUR/USD

Though market participants are eagerly anticipating publication of the key reports from the United States, they have also absorbed macroeconomic statistics from other countries. Thus, today the eurozone released its economic reports. Traders were particularly interested in the GDP data from Germany, where the preliminary estimate showed that the biggest EU economy expanded by 2.3% in the 4th quarter from the previous year, while the estimate for the third quarter […]

Market Expectations Put European Assets Under Pressure

Today is a very important day for the British pound, as market participants are waiting for the Bank of England meeting aimed at defining the monetary policy. The GBP'/USD pair is trading under pressure around 1.3850. Pound bulls are taking a wait and see approach. Consensus forecast suggests that the Bank of England will maintain the key interest rate at 0.50%. However, some analysts believe that the speech of the Bank of England Governor will […]

EUR/USD Largely Depends on Trading Mood

In the early European session, bulls took a wait and see approach to the EUR/USD pair. Buyers made an attempt to support the growth of the euro against the US dollar, recently the pair almost touched 1.24. However, now, traders are waiting for the speeches of the Fed representatives, which will determine the further movement of the main counterpart of the euro. This again confirms that for now the releases of the EU macroeconomic indicators and political events has little effect on the currency. […]

Traders Turn Away from Euro

The new data on the US inflation and the growth in the yield of the US government bonds attracted the attention of investors, preventing the single European currency from recouping its losses. The EUR/USD pair dropped below the level of 1,2360. Later, it managed to correct its movement, but the growth of the euro is still limited. Market participants were waiting for the speech of President of Bundesbank Jens Weidmann. However, firstly, they focused on the data from Germany. According […]

European Trades Are Mixed: Euro Resists Pressure While Pound Loses Momentum

During the European trades, today the US dollar continued rising, but it seems that the euro bulls are not going to retreat. The single European currency is trading near the level of 1.2450 against the US dollar. The most traded currency pair dipped lower after the strong jobs report was published in the United States on Friday. Analysts say that the euro is still attractive to traders as the ECB officials have […]

Euro Bulls Waiting for US Data

On Thursday, the single European currency strengthened against the US dollar. The support for the EUR/USD pair was provided by the news from the ECB. The representatives of the European Central Bank are trying to convince Mario Draghi to define the accurate timing of the planned changes in the bank monetary policy. Now, investors doubt that that the ECB will raise the key interest rate in the near future, however, even a hint of this event can strongly support the euro. […]

European Assets Trading Under Pressure

The gradual recovery of the US dollar affects the European trading session. The forex market is also under the influence of the absence of any important macroeconomic events. Today, traders are waiting for the Fed meeting aimed at determining the further monetary policy. At the same time, a week earlier the ECB assured the market participants that its monetary policy will remain unchanged. The EUR/USD pair has fallen more than 1% and today is trading […]

US Dollar Failed to Extend Gains

The US dollar failed to extend gains during the European session. The EUR/USD pair continues to advance. The speech of ECB President Mario Draghi at the press conference encouraged traders to buy the euro. Draghi did not mention the ECB monetary policy, but he noted the stable growth of the eurozone economy. Yesterday's statements of Mario Draghi helped the US dollar to strengthen, but now the greenback is retreating from the reached highs. Market participants […]

ECB Meeting to Define Euro Dynamics

Today, atmosphere in the foreign exchange market is quite tense, as traders are waiting for an important macroeconomic event that will define the euro dynamics. The ECB scheduled a meeting to determine the further monetary policy. Investors expect the bank to maintain the key interest rate of the same level of 0%. However, traders believe that the rate will be changed. The further movement of the euro depends on the speech of ECB President Mario Draghi. According to experts, […]