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Recap of European Trades: EUR and GBP

The euro is going through selling pressure at the moment. This is due to budget issues in Italy and the headlines surrounding the Brexit scenario. The EUR/USD pair is trading at 1.1440. The trade balance report released from the eurozone looks positive. Also, the United Kingdom released macroeconomic data which also looked positive. However, the pound is going through a bearish pressure at the moment. The GBP/USD pair is trading at 1.3020.

EU Political Issues to Put Everything in Its Place

The demand for the US dollar is falling at the moment. Investors await the US retail sales data to be released. This could have an impact on the US dollar. The GBP/USD pair is trading at 1.31. As Brexit negotiations are dominating the headlines at the moment, this is causing uncertainty for the pound. The UK is due to release its macroeconomic data on UK labor market. This could have an influence on the pound. Also, the traders await the report […]

European Assets Decline amid Political Factors and Stronger USD

This trading week has begun with the demand for the greenback increasing and the euro is looking bearish. The EUR/USD pair is trading near the 1.1480 level. The pair is likely to remain in consolidation. The macroeconomic data released did not help the euro at all. The euro is also affected by the headlines regarding the budget situation in Italy. Also, the pound is looking bearish. The pound is largely influenced by the uncertainties surrounding the Brexit situation […]

European Assets Showing Mixed Trading Sentiment

European currencies have developed a bearish sentiment as the market approaches the end of the week. The EUR/USD pair is trading below the 1.15 level. However, with the absence of macroeconomic data for the eurozone, this pair is not going to do much. The pound is trading near the 1.3030 level. The pound has been largely influenced by the rumors regarding the Brexit situation in the UK. The USD/CHF pair looks like it is going to fall. The inflation […]

What Does Bring EUR and GBP Down This Time?

The US dollar looks quite bullish at the moment, against its counterparts. Also, the major European currencies are affected by this political situation. The EUR/USD pair is trading at 1.15. The political situation in Italy caused a bearish sentiment in this pair. Comments from Theresa May in a conference did not help the pound. And the pound still remains largely influenced by the Brexit scenario in the UK. The GBP/USD pair is trading at 1.12920. There exists […]

European Currencies Fail to Get Support from Political Factors

Investors should pay attention to events related to political situation in Italy. The Prime minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conti will address the government regarding the budget deficit target. However, this news did not affect much the sentiment regarding the EUR/USD pair, which is trading at 1.1540. The EUR/USD pair is also affected the released PMI data. Also, the macroeconomic data released for the pound did not sound encouraging. The British pound […]

European Traders Refrain from Buying EUR and GBP

The EUR/USD pair is trading at 1.1500. European currencies are looking bearish today. Investors are eagerly awaiting to hear from what the ECB has to say regarding their monetary policy. Any change to the monetary policy looks unlikely due to the trade war between the US and China. The British pound is looking very bearish today due to the Brexit situation in the UK. Today, the pair is trading at 1.29. The Construction PMI […]

EUR and GBP Unlikely to Rebound Against USD

The new trading week has begun with the US dollar dominating the trading scenario. So, it looks bullish at the moment. The EUR/USD pair is trading at 1.16. The macroeconomic data for the euro does not look positive. The Manufacturing PMI released for the eurozone shows poor economic growth for the region. Destatis, the agency federal statistics in Germany released report on retail sales which came lower than the expected forecasts. The GBP/USD pair is […]

EUR Bulls Loosen Grip in European Trade

The outcome of the Fed meeting brought about a bearish sentiment for the European currencies. There is a divergence in the monetary policy between the ECB and the Fed. So, this caused the long positions to be closed in the EUR/USD pair. There is a political crisis going on in Italy. The pound is greatly influenced by the uncertainties regarding the Brexit situation in the UK. Investors await a GDP report for the UK to be released tomorrow. It could have a significant influence in the GBP/USD […]

European Traders Cautious Ahead of FOMC Policy Decisions

The EUR/USD pair is going through a consolidation phase today. The EUR/USD pair is consolidating between the 1.1760 and 1.1780 levels. The economic calendar does not contain any major news releases or reports for today. Mario Draghi, the ECB President has said that the economic outlook for the EU looks positive. The GBP/USD pair is carried by uncertainties regarding the Brexit situation in the UK. The EU has rejected the proposed plans by Theresa May […]