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EUR Holds Lower, While GBP Resists USD

Today, trading during the European session was mixed. Market participants expect important statistics from the United States, which suppresses the movement of the EUR/USD pair. The single European currency is trading under pressure ahead of the report of the US Department of Labor. In general, the forecasts for the greenback are quite optimistic. A slight decline in the number of new jobs is likely to lead to growth of earnings. If the reports are in line with forecasts, the euro […]

Euro Unlikely to Surge Any Time Soon

Geopolitical factors influenced the European session on Monday. The most traded pair on forex suffered bearish pressure. The single European currency dropped against the US dollar below 1.19 level. By the end of trades, the EUR/USD pair moved near the mark of 1.1840. Market participants are not interested in buying the euro for now as political uncertainty in Germany causes concerns. Angela Merkel fails to reach a consensus with her opponents. The Social Democrats are […]

EUR/USD Growth Can Be Capped by US Data

It looks like the EUR/USD pair started the new month and the winter period with a clean slate. The US currency failed to stay at highs against the euro. The EUR/USD pair went up by 1% and now is trading around 1.1920. The pair grew despite the fact that recently the US released strong macroeconomic data, while the eurozone published only ambiguous statistics this week. However, the indicator of the economic health of the eurozone manufacturing […]

EUR/USD and GBP/USD Forecast — November 30th 2017

In this video, the Trader Guy looks at the currency pairs EUR/USD and GBP/USD for the November 30th session. EUR/USD — We have rolled over into the 30th already, but this market ended up forming a bit of a shooting star. I think that there is support below though and eventually we will go higher. If we do break down below 1.18, I think there is plenty of support below. […]

Will ECB Hike Interest Rate?

The most traded currency pair lost ground during the European trading session. Market participants waited for the report of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development on the outlook for the global economy. The report showed that the eurozone and the United States are expected to post the fastest pace of growth. According to the forecast, in 2018 the EU GDP will continue advancing. Great emphasis was put on the ECB policy stance. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said that the European […]

EUR/USD and GBP/USD Forecast — November 27th 2017

In this video, the Trader Guy looks at the currency pairs EUR/USD and GBP/USD for the November 27th session. EUR/USD — The EUR/USD pair as you can see rallied significantly breaking above the 1.19 level. It looks likely that we will pullback, but I think those pullbacks will find plenty of buying opportunities and that is a nice opportunity to pick up value. The US Congress still cannot get tax reform […]

Traders Hope ECB Will Change QE Duration

The EUR/USD pair extends gains, confirming the fact that the concerns of investors about political uncertainty in Germany are decreasing. The current market situation proves it. The Social Democrats Party is discussing the possibility of holding talks with Angela Merkel about the possible creation of a minority parliament. This will save the country from organizations of new elections and resolve political uncertainty. Meanwhile, macroeconomic reports indicate a quite calm reaction to the political […]

All Factors Favor Euro’s Rise

Today, the euro benefits from weakness of the US dollar, just like other currencies. However, the greenback's fall is not the only driver for a rise in the most traded currency pair. Macroeconomic reports from the eurozone have boosted demand for the single european currency. First of all, let us pay attention to the statistics from Germany. The largest European economy has demonstrated good results. According to official data, the GDP grew by 0.8% […]

Political News from Germany Causes Market Jitters

As Angela Merkel was reelected for another term, political instability in Germany only increased. Talks over formation of a three way coalition government in the country collapsed. This means there are only two ways out of this situation. Either Merkel forms a minor government, or Germany's President holds new elections. Many experts see a threat of this situation to the eurozone's economy in general. However, the experts say that the region's economy, […]

EUR Remains Attractive to Investors and Extends Gains Against USD

European traders are indecisive today. The most traded currency pair is trying to resume a rally. The single European currency lacks momentum against the greenback. The EUR/USD pair is trading slightly above 1.18. The euro is likely to end this trading week near the current levels. Market participants waited for the speech of Mario Draghi, but it did not influence the investor sentiment in the red. The ECB President said that […]