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European Trading Assets Under Pressure

Today, the European trading assets are being sold during the European session. The EUR/USD pair lost around 1% at the opening of the European trades and then started consolidating its positions near 1.1550 level. Besides the strong greenback, some other factors place the single currency under pressure. The ECB President Mario Draghi pointed to a moderate economic growth thanks to the patient and reasonable monetary policy in the region. The benchmark rate is likely […]

ECB Shocks Traders

This week was long awaited by the market. On Wednesday, the Fed hiked its key interest rate. However, the ECB's unexpected decision outshone this event. The ECB stood pat on its zero benchmark rate in line with market expectations. It was comments on the quantitative easing program that came as a surprise for investors. Recently, the ECB Chief Economist Peter Praet stated that the central bank was ready to discuss when […]

USD Supported During European Session

The EUR/USD pair came off 1.18 level yesterday and is trading sideways near the mark of 1.1760. Market participants are waiting for the ECB monetary meeting tomorrow, the results of the meeting are rather predictable. Investors hope that the central bank's representatives will hint when they will start winding down the quantitative easing program. The inflation data from the UK was in focus during the European trades today. The annual inflation […]

EUR/USD Keeps Trading Sideways

Trading sentiment towards the EUR/USD pair remains the same, while the macroeconomic statistics from the eurozone failed to meet market expectations. The Centre for European Economic Research reported that the economic sentiment index in Germany dropped to -16.1, coming below even most pessimistic forecasts. The investing confidence turned out to be at the lowest level since September 2012. The similar indicator for the eurozone also declined to the level of -12.6, last seen in July 216. […]

EUR Again Under Pressure Before Weekend

Yesterday, traders expressed optimism as they were betting on a change in the ECB monetary policy. However, today they have a pragmatic viewpoint on the market. Traders are in a hurry to close long deals on the EUR/USD pair ahead of the weekend. Besides, market participants are discouraged with macroeconomic data. The most popular currency pair sank to 1.1760 in the first half of the trading day. The major disappointment is a drop in industrial production in the largest eurozone's economy. […]

Praet’s Forecast Gives Hope to EUR Traders

The most popular currency pair, the EUR/USD pair got back to the 2-month high after news about a possible tapering of the quantitative easing program by the ECB. Yesterday, the ECB chief economist Peter Praet said the bank's policymakers became more confident that the inflation rate will reach the target level of 2%. In connection with that, the discussion and the possibilities of gradual winding of the quantitative easing program can start as soon as next week. Remarkably, […]

ECB Gets Ready to Taper QE

Today, the euro came under the spotlight during the European trading session, approaching the 2-week high. The most popular currency pair breached the level of 1.1771 and continues rising. The market sentiment improved after a speech of one of the ECB policymakers. Chief ECB economist Peter Praet said that the Governing Council took into account, acceleration of the inflation, and did not rule out a possibility that the target level of 2% may be reached […]

European Trading Assets Recoup Losses

During the European trading session, the greenback continued to correct its movement which helped the EUR/USD pair get back to last week's highs. The single European currency is trading above 1.1720 against its American counterpart. Today, there will be no important macroeconomic news from the eurozone. The euro gains ground as worries over the political instability in Italy faded away. At the same time, traders pay less attention […]

Flash CPI Reading in Eurozone Reaches Target Level

Today, the euro came under the spotlight, rising against the US dollar on the back of upbeat political and macroeconomic news. Two Italian parties, the Five Star Movement and the Northern League did not stop in pursuing their goals and made another attempt to form the coalition government. This factor is a signal that Italy can avoid the repeat election. However, investors were more interested in the inflation data from the eurozone. According to the preliminary […]

EUR Moving Higher

Today, the euro has attempted to rise against the greenback amid the comments of the ECB' s representatives and macroeconomic statistics from the eurozone. American Investor George Soros forecasted a new financial crisis in the European Union. Sors named the strong US dollar and funds outflow from the emerging markets among the reasons for the crisis. Besides, the US's exit from the nuclear deal, Brexit, and political uncertainty in Europe also decrease the demand for the euro. However, today, […]