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ECB Gets Ready to Hike Rate: True or False?

The single European currency is losing its recent gains today. The EUR/USD pair is trading lower. The most traded currency pair retreated from the level of 1.2360 and is heading towards 1.2260. Speculations about a possibility of a sooner than expected rate hike by the European Central Bank provided little help to the euro. Reportedly, the regulator has already started to discuss the prospects for changing the monetary policy stance and tapering the asset purchase […]

Eurozone Inflation Discourages Traders

Many analysts believe that the EUR/USD pair will fall in the near future. Their forecasts are based on several factors. Technical indicators show the formation of the bearish trend. The fall of the pair below the psychological level of 1.24 urged traders to close long orders on the pair. In addition, after Mario Draghi's statement that the ECB intends to keep the asset purchase program unchanged, sellers expect the EUR/USD pair to fall to 1.22. Today, the pair […]

Political News Absorbs the Attention of Traders

Today, European traders are selling the most popular currency pair. The investor sentiment was shaped by yesterday's speech of ECB President Mario Draghi. The central banker said that the regulator dismissed the idea of tapering the quantitative easing program in the near future. He added that no monetary changes should be done until the inflation reaches the target level of 2% and holds steady there. Tomorrow, the inflation data will be […]

European Assets Lack Demand

Today, investors refrain from buying risky assets amid the current political situation. Nevertheless, despite the US dollar decline, traders continue to sell European currencies. For example, the GBP/USD pair is approaching 1.3940. Experts forecast that the British currency will continue to decline, despite the upbeat news about the high possibility of signing the Brexit agreement. Meanwhile, the euro is falling amid ECB President Mario Draghi's statements. Mario […]

EUR Struggles to Stand Up Against USD

During the European session today, traders mostly took a wait and see approach. Still, the euro managed to remain strong against the US dollar. Yesterday, the Economic and Financial Affairs Council held the first meeting in Brussels. Mainly, the officials paid attention to the trade war threat after the US introduced the steel and aluminium import tariffs. Ministers discussed the expected problems and stated that they are ready to give an answer. Today, is the second […]

How Long EUR/USD to Recoup Losses?

The European session started with a positive sentiment. The euro is trying to recoup its losses against the US dollar. The EUR/USD pair rose above 1.23 amid weak US currency. In addition, some analysts suggest that Donald Trump's decision on the steel and aluminium import tariffs put pressure on the single European currency. According to economists, the change in tariffs that will take place on March 23rd will heavily influence Europe, […]

European Trading Assets Lack Momentum

The US dollar index extends gains, while the European currencies lack momentum. The most traded currency pair returns to the recent weekly lows. Demand for risky assets increased, so most major opponents of the US dollar are suffering losses. The EUR/USD pair retreated from 1.2320 and approached the level of 1.2280. The macroeconomic statistics from Germany increased bearish pressure on the pair. The official reports showed that the industrial production shrank by 0.1% […]

Traders Expect USD to Remain Weak

Today is rich with macroeconomic events that can influence the US dollar and determine its further dynamics. Today, the US dollar is likely to continue its decline ahead of the release of the US statistics that is expected to be weak. Analysts forecast a slowdown in both employment rate and consumer credit. Moreover, labor productivity can continue to decline. Thus, if the forecasts are confirmed, then the US dollar index […]

Safe Haven Assets Again in Demand

A new trading week kicks off on a worrisome note. Donald Trump's plans on aggressive tariff policy are viewed by some investors as precursor of a large scale trade war. The US dollar index is trading near 90.00. Now, market participants are braced for a response from China, Canada, and other countries involved in trade relations with the United States. At present, risk aversion sentiment is dominating the market as investors are […]

EUR Gains Ground While GBP Lacks Momentum

During the European session, the US dollar was weaker against the euro than against the commodity currencies. The most traded currency pair continues rising despite mixed economic reports from the eurozone. Thus, the retail sales in Germany decreased by 0.7% in January at a slower than expected pace. Experts predicted a fall of 0.9%. In annual terms, the sales advanced by 2.5% after declining by 0.2% in the previous month. However, the report on producer prices was […]